Different ways…

My Facebook friend, Lucas, dropped by my house to pass me this…

Dabai paste

He cooked the dabai (our local black olives) and went through the chore of peeling off the  skin and using the very rich and creamy inside to make the paste which he said would go so well with bread.

I’ve done that before but I only needed a few to cook my dabai fried rice. It was very nice, much nicer than using the salted/fermented version but because it was so tedious, I never did it again. That day, since I had this paste, I decided to use a bit to fry some leftover ethnic brown rice that I had in the fridge…

My dabai fried rice

…and yes, it turned out really well.

I thought it would be nice with chips or nachos like those avocado guacamole dips but I did not have any in the house so I had it with some Osborne biscuits and yes, it was really good.

Of course, Lucas did not go home empty-handed – I gave him some of my best-in-the-world rambutans

My rambutans

…but initially, I did not get any comment from him so I did not really know what he thought of it. Later, he told me that when he got back to his workplace, his workers ate all of them and did not even leave one for him. Oh dear!!!

I did give some to the people at the workshop I go to too that day when I took my car for its routine servicing. Initially, nobody batted an eyelid – I guess durians would draw a whole lot more attention, not rambutans but the boss tried one and he exclaimed, “Ha mik angmotan chee leh anay ho ciak eh?” (What rambutan is this, so very nice?) and he kept eating one after another. Everybody rushed for it and the whole bagful was gone in no time at all. LOL!!!

I have been plucking the fruit and giving to family and friends and of course, everyone loved it so much. Unfortunately, the tree has grown very high and wide so it is rather difficult to get to the fruits – I would have to saw the trunks to bring them down to pluck them. I wonder how long it will take to grow back and start bearing fruits again – the last time I had it trimmed and got all those parasitic plants and wild orchids on the branches cleared was in March last year and it did not take all that long to grow back again and yield a bountiful harvest.

Of course, I gave some to the wonderful people at Payung who had helped me with the tree twice already – Andy, in particular, likes it very much and talking about the café, I did drop by the other day and they had this (RM19.00)…

Payung Cafe butter chicken spaghetti 1

…on the menu now, their very nice butter chicken served with spaghetti.

I’ve always enjoyed the dish with rice and they came out with this idea of serving it in a different way – with pasta. There were a whole lot of tomatoes…

Payung Cafe butter chicken spaghetti 2

…in the gravy so it came across like a very mild version of the bolognese sauce…thankfully! I am not a fan of this tomato-based pasta sauce especially when it is too strong on the tomato and comes across like tomato sauce straight from the bottle.

I enjoyed it all right but I was not crazy about having to wrestle with the bones – I mentioned that to Andy and he said that they were just trying it out and in future, they would use deboned chicken cubes instead like the meat in their chicken or beef spaghetti.

PAYUNG CAFÉ (2.284049, 111.833014) is located at No.20F, Lanang Road, Sibu, back to back with the multi-storey car park of the Kingwood Hotel which faces the majestic Rejang River.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Different ways…”

  1. Very bountiful harvest you have. So many bags of rambutans to give away.

    The spaghetti looked good. I also would prefer deboned chicken. Easier to eat.

    Yes, there turned out to be a lot – still some left but I don’t think I’m up to it anymore, not feeling very well, over-exhaustion. 😦

    I did mention that and they said they were just trying out the new dish. If it is well-received, they will switch to deboned chicken meat cut into tiny cubes. I like that a lot more than how most people would do it – using minced meat.

  2. Your fried rice looks good. From the description of the rambutans, I bet it is the super grade ones. Oh kesian, Lucas didn’t even get to taste one, hahaha….😄😄😄

    Yalor!!! And now that I’m not feeling too well, what’s left on top will just have to be left there to turn black and dry up, nobody to help me saw the branches and pluck the fruits…and throw the leaves and wood away. 😦

  3. The best rambutans in Sibu 🙂

    I will prefer debone chicken too…

    Many would agree with you. Ironically called Singapore angmotan, don’t think you can get these there.

  4. Get a small chainsaw – it makes life a lot easier when you have to cut some branches off.

    The handheld type looking like a short rifle? I’ve seen it being used, maybe on tv or somewhere. I wouldn’t mind getting one of those just that I don’t think I’ve seen it being sold here. They’re battery-operated, I guess?

    My saw is really very good too, so very sharp and can cut the branches so very easily. I’ve never had saws like these, not much effort required, so pleasantly surprised…and they’re a little over RM10.00 each, AUD3.00. When not sharp anymore, can just throw away and buy a new one. No love lost!

    1. You can get mains powered ones, battery ones or petrol motor ones. I use a mains powered one. Only about A$100 here.

      Will look out for it, maybe I will stumble on one nice one. The thing is there may be many around just that I do not frequent such shops so I dunno of such things.

  5. My dad’s old house has an old rambutan tree… too many ants and i did not even bother to walk near lol

    Mine had a lot once but thankfully, this year, it was so good, hardly any. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

  6. Of course the workers won’t bat an eye first, they must be waiting for the boss to give green light … baru all will go for your rambutans.. hahaha… Boss must try first ma.. anyway, nice food in Payung, as usual!

    Not in the case of my Facebook friend, Lucas, poor thing! The workers ate all the rambutans and did not even leave one for him!

  7. It’s good to have friends cooking for you or giving you food. They’re the best kind. 🙂
    Hey, I love pasta!

    My girl too but these days, she can’t eat those anymore, will have to cook her own gluten-free ones at home.

  8. now you make me lust for rambutans … gosh, it’s been ages since i sank my teeth into a sweet, succulent rambutan 😀

    Come on over! You can help yourself to all those high up in the sky. 😀

  9. Another thing I miss, the rambutans! I can only get them in cans here

    Come over at the right time of year – there will be so many some people will just leave them on the trees to dry up and wither away. Just too many and it does not help one bit that other fruits like durians will appear around that same time so the poor rambutans will have to take a back seat.

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