I’ve been waiting…

…for the chance to come back here and try the mantao with mui choy stewed pork (RM5.00)…

BATARAS FOOD COURT mantao with mui choy stewed pork

…ever since I tried the one with plain stewed pork (RM4.50)

BATARAS FOOD COURT mantao with stewed pork
*Archive photo*

…and liked it a lot. I thought this one was just as good – I did not think there was a world of difference in the taste but it looked like there was not that much meat…

BATARAS FOOD COURT mui choy stewed pork

…while on the other hand, one can get to enjoy the mui choy added.

In the meantime, I spotted this stall…

BATARAS FOOD COURT nasi ayam gorneg stall

…that looked like the one at the other side of the food court before and I had tried the guy’s nasi daging hitam (black pork rice – RM6.00, chicken is a ringgit cheaper at RM5.00 only)…

BATARAS FOOD COURT nasi daging hitam

…before and I rather enjoyed it when I had it way back in September 2015 so that morning, I decided to have a go at it again. That old location is now occupied by the Malay stall from the other side so all this time, I thought he had moved elsewhere or called it quits.

It is still that same price as before but looking back, I had a stewed egg (RM1.00) with it then…

BATARAS FOOD COURT nasi babi hitam with stewed egg
*Archive photo*

I did not see any that morning at the stall or maybe, I just wasn’t looking otherwise I would surely have asked for one.

My missus ordered the braised pork fried kway teow (RM6.00) from the chu char (cook & fry) place at the back (to the right of the food court) and even though the bits of meat were barely visible…

BATARAS FOOD COURT braised pork fried kway teow 1

…it was very nice and had that lovely wok hei fragrance…

BATARAS FOOD COURT braised pork fried kway teow

…and she enjoyed it very much. I did try a bit and yes, I would say that I did agree with her on this.

BATARAS FOOD COURT (2.297349, 111.824644) is located among the shops opposite Kin Orient Plaza (where the “old’ Sing Kwong Supermarket is) along Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg, right after Coffee Code and Gabriel’s Recipe, immediately before Kampung Grandma.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “I’ve been waiting…”

  1. I like the mui choy with stewed pork. Goes well with plain porridge.

    Talking about porridge, if I do not get any better, I will be eating that tomorrow. Bad cough, a bit of flu (stuffed nose) and slight fever. Must be all the fruits…and overworked, cutting the branches from my rambutan tree. Too tired, immunity low!!!

  2. Had been a while since I had mantao with stewed pork…

    I’m glad they have it here at a coffee shop, can go for it anytime. Otherwise, will have to wait till having dinner at a restaurant and of course, theirs don’t come cheap.

  3. Is this a Chinese dish. If it is then I am yet to see it in one of the Chinese restaurants in our place.

    It is. I’m sure they will have it, places that serve dim sum, for instance. I guess you don’t frequent Chinese restaurants all that much. Mantao is steamed buns – they slice it open and stuff it with stewed pork belly. Some restaurants, they fry lightly till golden brown – very nice also, crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. There you are!!! They have it here in Manila!

  4. Mantao and stewed pork is the boys’ favourite but it has been a while since we last ate that. Must get some for them soon.

    I read that you are not feeling too good. I hope you get better soon. I am down with flu and cough too. Sigh…

    Thanks. You too, get well soon. Mine is probably a case of over-exhaustion from sawing the branches of my rambutan tree to get to the fruits…and in the meantime, I would eat the smaller ones – the big premium ones I’d give to people. I really can’t eat rambutans and quinee for a long time now – i”d fall sick…and so I have! 😦

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