Put it together…

If you see these red lanterns here, there and everywhere around town…

CNY lanterns 1

…you will know right away that Chinese New Year is drawing very near…

CNY lanterns 2

…but of course, when it comes to the one and only Payung Café here, you can expect to see something unique, something very different from the rest every year.

This was what they had last year, 2017…

Payung CNY decor 2017

…and some people wanted that same thing for the Chinese New Year decoration at their premises this year.

It so happened that I dropped by that afternoon and Peter and his boys were very busy working on it. He had all the things…

Putting it together 1


Putting it together 2

…and all they had to do was to put everything together…

Putting it together 3

…step by step…

Putting it together 4

…piece by piece…

Putting it together 5

…till it was done…

Putting it together 6

Peter never planned ahead – I had expected a rough sketch or something that he could work on but no, he just followed his instincts so of course, it would not be an identical replica of the old one. I have yet to see it on display with the lights and everything on but for one thing, the one this year is vertical as opposed to last year’s which was horizontal – probably that has something to do with the wall at the place, the space available.

While I was there, I had the opportunity to sample their durian cake…

Payung durian cake

This was their 3rd attempt at making that. The first time was very successful – I thought it was really nice but the second attempt failed to meet the mark – too much flour and not enough fresh durian cream so it was back to the drawing board and the third time around, I thought it was really very good, very fine and smooth – something like a cross between cake and bingka, not really like dodol, and like their banana cake…

Payung banana cake with ice cream

…it went so very well with a bit of ice cream…

Payung durian cake with ice cream

I don’t know if it is on their menu now or not – I have not dropped by since. Do give it a try if it is and see if you like it!

PAYUNG CAFÉ (2.284049, 111.833014) is located at No.20F, Lanang Road, Sibu, Malaysia, back to back with the multi-storey car park of the Kingwood Hotel which faces the majestic Rejang River.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Put it together…”

  1. I like the decor of the flowers. I believe they use real palm leaves and fake flowers. Durian & banana cakes as always been my favourite. Durians make into cakes I like but not tempoyak.

    Yes, my missus would buy those flowers to decorate the house too but not this year, not celebrating. Real flowers would not last so long, will wither after a few days.

    The so-called tempoyak at Payung is very different, not fermented and does not taste like it at all – actually it’s cooked durian paste with dunno what ingredients, very nice and very fragrant. You’ll love it, I’m sure. Gotta drop by and grab some more, dunno if they have any left.

  2. Anything with durian, I like…

    Bet you’ll love the cake and the so-called “tempoyak” and the durian ice cream and the durian shake at Payung then!

  3. Here the Chinese new year decor is being put up at a slow rate. I don’t see it at the malls yet except for Pavilion. I wonder where they got their dried palm leaves as they use it for the xmas tree decor too.

    He has a big garden and he also bought a big piece of land next to it to plant all his herbs and leaves for cooking the food and for decorating his cafe and he also provides landscaping services too so he has all those palms and everything growing in that piece of land. I hear there is a nice wooden house in it and his staff would stay there as and when necessary. Been wanting to drop by to see but yet to get round to it.

  4. Never had durian cake before, not in that form. Nice??

    CNY is coming soon. Love the decor. Peter did it well. Impressive.

    Yes, it’s nice but it’s not quite like cake per se, the texture. Have you ever tried the durian cake at Secret Recipe? I like that too – haven’t gone for it or anything there for a long long time though.

  5. I can roughly imagine the texture, the durian cake we have here are usually with cheese, more like durian cheese cake

    It’s more similar to that cheesecake texture than to that of cake. I love the sponge tall cake with durian cream at Secret Recipe – that’s cake kind of cake, haven’t had it for a long time.

  6. WOW! Loved seeing all the red lanterns! And Durian Cake! Nifty! I’m still trying to find fresh Durian here…it’s almost never available in my area. I have seen it one other time in Buffalo, NY, because it’s a bigger city but I wasn’t able to grab any that day. I have had frozen and freeze dried but not fresh as of yet…bummer!

    I don’t think you’ll ever get fresh ones there – they do not transport them like that because of the fragrance/smell/stench/stink* (*Delete as applicable!:D ). We get the celebrated hybrids from the mainland frozen too but we do have our own local ones which many prefer, more authentic, more natural.

  7. Yum! Yum! I want the banana cake and durian cake 🙂

    Come on over! Just a couple of days here and I guarantee you will not be able to fit into your new wardrobe and will have to buy new outfits, at least two sizes bigger. 😀

  8. I’d certainly try the durian cake as I’m a big fan of durian-derived products, not to mention just the fruit on its own!

    It was really quite a while ago since I last went to Payung, and I still remember they make really nice mushroom rolls! I even brought a few friends to the cafe to try out their highly acclaimed mushroom rolls.

    I certainly have to admit that it’s you whom actually convinced me to check out Payung after reading so many of your posts about the cafe! Needless to say, I totally enjoyed the food there!

    Hello!!! Long time no see!!! Where are you now? Some place in the UK, still? Hope you are doing well. Sure am glad to have you back.

    Yes, we always enjoy dropping by Payung – the nice food, the nice place and the nice people. Their mushroom roll is still the favourite of many – we do not eat that now as the skin is made from wheat, not gluten-free.

    1. HEY yeah! It’s really good to be back after a long hiatus! I am in Scotland currently, and I have since started a new blog!

      Oooo…Scotland! Nice…cold but nice. 😀 Ok, will check out your new blog.

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