On the sunny side of the street…

It looks like this place takes Wednesdays off every week – we went there on a Wednesday but it was closed. There was a notice on the door saying that they were taking the day off and business would resume the following day, Thursday.

I was not keen on venturing some place else so we just dropped by this shop

Sunny Cafe

…a couple of doors to the left at the end of that same block of shops.

I think the last time I was here was in October, 2016 and I loved the mee jawa from this stall…

Sunny Cafe stall

…there and I would always ask for the special – for 50 sen more, one would get a few of their lovely prawn fritters. Their halal kampua mee is good too and yes, if you go for the special, you will get the prawn fritters as well.

My missus had the kampua mee (RM3.00)…

Sunny Cafe kampua mee

…that day but no, she did not want the special so it came without the prawn fritters.

I asked for their nasi lemak special (RM5.50) and got one fried egg…

Sunny Cafe nasi lemak & fried egg

…and one fried chicken wing…

Fried chicken wing

I could tell that they used the same batter that they would use to fry the prawns for the fritters but no, I did not get any of the latter.

Sadly, the rice was not lemak – I could detect a very faint hint of the santan (coconut milk) in it, barely noticeable, I must say and I don’t think any pandan (screwpine leaves) was used in the cooking.

However, on the whole, it was all right as I could eat the rice with the sambal and everything else that came with it and to my delight, they gave two of this salted fish…

Sunny Cafe nasi lemak, sambal & salted fish

Normally, elsewhere, I would get one only.

I do think the one I had here was nicer, RM6.50 with a special request for their ayam percik and I did enjoy their nasi ayam a lot more, same price – RM5.50 too so I probably would not go back here for the same…

Sunny Cafe nasi lemak

…again unless that other place is closed like that day, Wednesday.

SUNNY CAFE (2.318936, 111.831762) is located to the extreme left of the block of shops among those in between Jalan Tapang and Jalan Tapang Timur towards the end of Jalan Kampung Nangka, on the left – RTM Sibu is located right across the road on the right.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “On the sunny side of the street…”

  1. Did not venture much to that part. I don’t remember this shop.

    Hmm. The nasi lemak looked nice. RM5.50 was reasonable. Lemak or not, as long the sambal is good, it is alright with me.

    Yes, it was quite good actually. This area is getting quite popular now with that very nice nasi kerabu shop two doors away, always packed, if only it would open regularly and the Indonesian ayam penyet franchise round the corner.

  2. I love these old cafes , they surely gone thru the good and bad times and usually can dish out good food! The dry Kampua noodles looks so different from those normal ones you show us!

    Must be the shredded chicken on top – I am not fond of that, boiled. They should use roast chicken instead, never mind if it is breast. I guess they are also more generous with the garnishings – the fried shallots and spring onions compared to those at the non-halal Chinese kampua stalls so you can guess which would be nicer, a lot more fragrant.

  3. You have very good memories, still can recall when was the last time you venture there. My memories are far from you, hahaHa…😄😄😄

    The good thing about having a blog – I can track back and see what happened when.

  4. “Sunny” always holds cheery connotations for me. I’d give it a second look solely based on the name 😉

    Nothing very “sunny” about this place, just the name. A coffee shop, that’s all it is and not a very nicely-kept and pleasant-looking one. 😦

  5. Halal kampua mee? Thats interesting

    Lard-free, pork-free! That should appeal to you! True-blue kampua lovers would frown upon it as there is no lard smell in it – but actually, there may not be any lard smell in the non-halal one these days. Lard is too expensive and if they scrimp on the not-cheap-either shallots in preparing the shallot oil, it may not be as fragrant…and will lose out to some of these halal ones here and at some other places around town.

  6. Yea there’s a new place here which sells pretty good sarawak laksa but they only open when they feel like it.

    Sounds like our sole nasi kerabu place in town – I just went again today and yes, they were open. The boy said something about waking up late so they decided not to open – you believe it or not…and not feeling too well. Tsk! Tsk!

  7. That’s pretty cheap for nasi lemak with egg & chicken, maybe cos they had to cut down on santan to keep the cost down? haha.

    Or that is their standard – generally here, the nasi lemak is very disappointing, does not live up to its name.

  8. so it has now come down to counting your fish fritters on your nasi lemak eh? heheh..

    Slow down, boy, you’re going too fast. I was talking about prawn fritters, not fish…and I was counting the salted fish, not the fritters.

  9. I like nasi lemak and there is a nice place near me which does a nasi lemak with beef rendang for about A$10. On weekends the Chinese grocery shops sell nasi lemak bungkus for about A$5 each, but these are nowhere as good as the first one I mentioned.

    We have pretty nice ones, the nasi lemak bungkus at the Malay kueh stalls but one would know which the good ones are. Only RM1.00 a packet and RM1.50 if it has sambal sotong. Not a very big packet though so usually I would have two at one go.

    The nasi lemak at the other shop is much nicer compared to this one, more lemak and more fragrant and there, I can ask for their very nice ayam percik.

  10. So far, those nasi lemak I eat, no salted fish…

    We have it here but usually they give only one. Cheap salted fish, RM2.00 for a big packet…but somehow with salted fish, one’s appetite gets a lot better. 😀

  11. The nasi lemak looks pretty good and I see that they fried the egg the way you like it.

    It was good on all counts…except that the rice was not lemak so I don’t think I would want to go for it again should I ever come back here again. I’d much sooner have their mee jawa or kampua special.

  12. I don’t understand why these nasi lemak sellers can’t cook rice with enough lemak and fragrant pandan leaves. These are the two most important elements for a good nasi lemak yet it is very hard to find one that can do that.

    Is it because if they use a lot of santan the rice will go bad faster hence it is difficult to sell?

    Indeed!!! Why call it nasi lemak when it is not lemak? Some are like plain rice, not much difference – can call it nasi sambal or whatever then. 😦

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