Someone to take your place…

We dropped by here the other day – we don’t do that very often as the place is always crowded and there is difficulty in finding a place to park the car. There are so many cars all around the building,  spilling onto the roads around the place that it makes me wonder if it is a-car-a-person kind of thing so if there are 20 cars, then there are only 20 people inside.

It was fine that day as we went at around 11.30 a.m. and there wasn’t any crowd there and parking was a breeze. I spotted them selling this homemade popiah (RM2.50)…

Happiness Cafe popiah 1

– spicy and non-spicy, both going for the same price so of course, I picked the former to try.

Yes, it was very nice…

Happiness Cafe popiah 2

…and had a slight hint of crushed peanut and fresh ground chili in it. I sure would not mind having another go at it should I happen to drop by here again and they are available.

The kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) here (RM1.70)…

Happiness Cafe kopi-o-peng

…is very nice and that morning, we decided to check out what this stall there…

Happiness Cafe stall

…had to offer.

At one time, the people there were selling dishes with their own-made fish balls, bay ka/ikan tenggiri (mackerel) no less and yes, we did try some of them and yes, they did have some very good stuff. The coffee shop owner said that they were their crowd-puller but soon after that, they were gone! I don’t know if they had decided to call it quits or they had moved elsewhere. Well, someone has taken over the place and it seemed to be an extension of the Sarawak laksa stall right next to it but I am not particularly sure as I did not bother to ask.

I ordered the lor mee (RM5.00)…

Happiness Cafe lor mee 1

…and the broth turned out to be something like that of stewed soy sauce pork and a very watery one at that, not thick and nice. They certainly were very generous with the meat…

Happiness Cafe lor mee 2

…though and at best, I would say it was all right, something one might consider having when there but not anything to get me rushing back for more or for that matter, to go back there with the sole intention of eating this.

My missus had the tom yam hung ngang with the big freshwater prawns (RM12.00)…

Happiness Cafe tom yam prawn hung ngang 1

…which was quite nice too though it was kind of mild and lacked the strong taste of the usual ingredients one would expect in tom yam, the serai (lemon grass), the daun limau perut (kaffir lime leaves) and what not so it wasn’t all that fragrant.

For one thing, I must say it was very cheap as they gave TWO prawns…

Happiness Cafe tom yam prawn hung ngang 2

I’ve had fried noodles, Foochow style, with these prawns added and got only one cut into halves to make it look like two and for that, I had to fork out some RM15.00 or more!

I don’t know when we will be back here again and if and when we do, perhaps we would give some of the other options a try.

HAPPINESS CAFE, (2.306608, 111.827179) formerly KONG MA MA, is located along Lorong Delta 4, off Jalan Delta. The left turn into Lorong Delta 9 will lead you straight to the Delta Public Swimming Pool.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Someone to take your place…”

  1. Oh yes, I love the popiah. All others looks pretty good too.

    Can’t seem to find any good ones around here lately – this one was good.

  2. Usually the lor mee here is 三层肉。。。

    Oh? Some people would love that, others would be put off by it.

  3. two prawns for rm12 is sooooo cheap! wish we could get that kind of pricing here.

    Yes, yours was RM90. Here, that giant size would be around RM30-50, much bigger than these here.

  4. The homemade popiah sure looks fresh.

    It was but homemade, not made on the spot. Already noon and the coffee shop owner said to smell and see first in case it was not good anymore.

  5. Would not mind to have 3 popial rolls as a meal (2 might not be sufficient for me) 😛

    My! My! You’re such a small eater! I would need 6, at least, if I am not eating anything else.

  6. I love that sort of popiah, not a fan of the fried ones. Too bad there aren’t any stalls selling that at my place.

    The Malay stalls here have the fried ones, hollow inside, hardly any filling. I wouldn’t bother buying those.

  7. it’s been a really really long time since i last had popiah. i love the malaccan popiah which has pieces of crispy pork lard laced inside 😀

    Seems to be a favourite over there, the crackle or the pork rinds. They’re in your KL Hokkien mee and even, in the char kway teow at some places. I don’t recall seeing those in anything over here.

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