I just can’t help believing…

…that this time, these guys here are gonna stay. There used to be others before them but there were hardly any customers and more often than not, most of the stalls were not even open…and  it did not take very long for them to close shop, one after another.

The present one, however, is enjoying brisk business with the queue for the chap fan (mixed rice) lunch…

Ah Kiet Restaurant chap fan queue

…stretching out to the pavement outside.

My missus had that…

Ah Kiet Restaurant chap fan

…the other day, RM5.00 for three picks plus rice and complimentary soup and you just need to add a ringgit more, RM6.00, if you would like 4.

I heard from a friend that in the evening, it is a chu char (cook & fry) place where you can order dishes to eat with rice. He did tell me that the chef was from some popular restaurant elsewhere, venturing out on his own here but I cannot remember where now.

I did not have the chap fan that day not because I was not keen on lining up for my food, a la Oliver Twist, but because I went back there for the sole purpose of trying some of the other things that the dim sum stall at the shop has to offer. I loved their prawn siew mai that last time I was here but was not all that impressed by their lor mai kai.

This time around, I ordered their bak chang (meat dumplings) with salted egg (RM5.50)…

Ah Kiet Restaurant bak chang with salted egg

…and it was very good – lots of meat inside and one whole salted egg yolk that was very nice and fresh…

Lots of meat & one whole salted egg yolk

I’ve had others elsewhere, not much cheaper, and though they tasted all right, the meat and salted egg in them were hardly visible to the naked eye.

Their steamed pao (RM2.40), char siew filling, was good too but the photograph I took of it came out blur and I also had this yam puff (RM1.80)…

Ah Kiet Restaurant yam puff

…which was very nice as well, crusty on the outside, soft on the inside.

I liked the pork and fish siew mai (RM4.50 for a basket of 5)…

Ah Kiet Restaurant pork & fish siew mai

…as well, just that they were kind of small and 90 sen each seemed a little on the high side.

I would say it was rather expensive in total, going for this dim sum thing – all that I had came up to over RM14.00 and I did not think I had all that much, really. I most certainly would choose to go for the chap fan for lunch instead the next time we drop by here again.

AH KIET RESTAURANT (2.317307, 111.850023) is located right behind Comfort Furniture among the shops beside the Selemo traffic lights along Lorong Ling Kai Cheng 2, off Jalan Deshon if you are coming from town or you can go in via Lorong Ling Kai Cheng 4 if you are coming down from Teku or Ulu Sg Merah. The very popular kampua mee (and fried kompia stuffed with minced meat) place, Sing Ming Kee Cafe is in that same block of shops at the other end on the left.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “I just can’t help believing…”

  1. William is by my side as I read this post and I showed him the food tray. He is truly impressed just as I was the first time I saw it in your post some time ago. We don’t have that kind of tray here at our chap fan places.

    I guess they just dump everything on top of the rice in a plate there? They do that at most places here.

  2. I like the use of these stainless steel food tray for their chap fan. Reminds me of the school boarders. I love the dim sum too.

    In Batu Lintang, we had these trays too but plastic and likewise, in Institut Bahasa, Lembah Pantai in KL…but they used plastic. I am kinda wary about hot food served in plastic, including all those colourful plates and bowls they use everywhere. I read somewhere that melamine is bad too. They should all switch to stainless steel.

  3. Your wife’s chap fun contain a lot of food for RM5! Looks good too.

    Yes, and add RM1 and one can have 4 picks – they do not seem to differentiate meat and vegetables here, any three or any four. Less than AUD2, just imagine that! 😀

  4. Wah. Chang! With salted egg some more. Nice.

    Very nice! One whole salted egg yolk, nice and fresh and chunks of meat. The last time I bought one elsewhere, RM4.50, I think, dunno now…but could not see any meat nor salted egg inside, just a slight hint in the taste, that’s all. I wouldn’t want to buy those ever again even if they are cheaper.

  5. i’m glad it doesn’t have to be chang season for us to enjoy a good bak chang! 😀

    Yes, we can eat it any time of year but not our Sibu Foochow Mooncake Festival biscuits – my cousin in Melbourne declares those are nicer than Scottish shortbread. They only make them when the festival comes around but they do make them around Ching Ming also as they say a lot of people come home from near and far and they will want to buy and eat.

  6. They must doing something good that’s why their shop is still open for business. Just wait and see if they can keep up how that prices of ingredients are on the rise.

    With that kind of crowd, I bet they are laughing all the way to the bank. Others, even with not much of a crowd, have stood the test of time. Is it that bad in Manila? You sound kinda bitter.

    It’s still ok here, this little town where life is slower and simpler, a lot more expensive in the more happening cities like Kuala Lumpur. Still, it is best to live within one’s means, live a prudent life, eat at cheap affordable places and save the more expensive classier restaurants for special occasions, no harm pampering oneself once in a while. After all, can’t cook much of anything for RM8.00-10.00 at home for 2 persons and even if we can, it is not really worth all that hassle. That too, can save for special occasions.

    This mixed rice was around RM2.00-2.50 when they first started many many years ago, known as economical fast food then. Now, RM4-5.00 here but they are earning much more these days – my girl is in her 5th year of working, earning more than what I was getting after 30 years of service so I don’t see any reason to complain. After all, it is the worldwide trend, rising prices everywhere. Can’t get anything decent for $4.00 in many countries, ringgit to dollar, without conversion.

  7. yam puff and shu mai, I would beg for this delicious dimsums.

    I’m ok with dim sum or yam cha as you guys over there call it, don’t mind having it sometimes but it can be quite pricey – can have a lot of other very much nicer things here with that kind of money.

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