Passing by…

This chicken rice place…

Sibu Chicken Rice Coffee Shop

…has been around for a very long time – I heard that it is the branch of the immensely popular one in town (2.291822, 111.827655) that is always so very packed with customers spilling onto the road, so to speak. They do have quite a bit of business here too…

Sibu Chicken Rice Coffee Shop, inside

…but I had never stopped by any of the two before, not even once.

Well, that day, I passed by the shop – I was going to the bakery a few doors away in that same block of shops. This was sometime ago when the ladies were out of town so I was alone, living the life of a single bachelor, and my initial plan was to grab a chicken pie for my lunch. Yes, there were a lot – two trays, in fact…on the shelves which meant that those were booked by someone, not available for sale. In the end, I decided to just go for some chicken rice at the aforementioned place and be done with it.

I had the roast chicken drumstick…

Sibu Chicken Rice Coffee Shop roast chicken

…with the rice (RM4.80 altogether)…

Sibu Chicken Rice Coffee Shop rice

It was o.k. – after all, roast chicken is…roast chicken. I guess one can’t be much different from another and as for the rice, I thought it was just so-so, definitely not the best in town but also not the worst.

I also ordered this meat platter (RM5.00)…

Sibu Chicken Rice Coffee Shop siew yoke & char siew

…of char siew (barbecued pork) and siew yoke (roast pork). The latter was very nice with a strong fragrance of garlic and pepper that gave it an edge over some of the others elsewhere. The char siew, however, was rather disappointing but generally, I do feel that we can’t get really good char siew here or there is none around  that I’ve ever encountered that has swept me off my feet. So far, one of the few and far between that I quite like would be the one here

Chopsticks Chicken Rice char siew

The complimentary soup was good…

Sibu Chicken Rice Coffee Shop, complimentary soup

– a whole lot nicer than those so terribly watered-down versions (salted vegetable with a chicken claw in it) at many places around here that would taste almost like plain water.

I would not go out of my way for this but I wouldn’t mind dropping by, like that day, when it so happened that I was in the vicinity and felt like having chicken rice.

SIBU CHICKEN RICE COFFEE SHOP (2.310958, 111.831458), Dewan Suarah branch, is located along Jalan Dewan Suarah, on your right as you are entering from Jalan Melur, in the same block of shops as Aroma Bakery.


Author: suituapui

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10 thoughts on “Passing by…”

  1. That is a lot of meat! :O

    I love places with good complementary soup. I’ll return because of that.

    If only the rice had been really good, never mind about the char siew – no need to order that. I just heard that the shop next door serves very nice soup with what one orders. So far the good ones I had would be the dong quai soup at some kampua stalls here and the sup tulang at some of the Malay shops.

  2. I also think the same as Merryn ….too much meat. Should order a vegetable side dish to balance with. For me, the chilli dipping is the most important thing.

    Dunno if one can order any vegetable dish here or not but yes, I dunno why they are so stingy with the cucumber, two or three very thin slices, that’s all. I thought cucumber is inexpensive? I like the Malay stalls where they will give you their nice acar timun.

  3. No vege? Not even cucumber?

    Got. A few miserable thin slices, buried under the meat. And I thought cucumber is cheap, should give more. 😦

  4. This was one of our first experiences in Malaysia. We used to go nearly every week. I loved the beansprouts.

    Chicken rice? Yes, usually one would be able to order a plate to go with the meat and rice, fried with salted fish.

  5. now you have me craving for some chicken rice.. oh wait, i think I just had chicken rice a couple of days back 😛

    No problem, can have every day. Not expensive. 😀

  6. Mentioning about chicken pie, have a place in mind to go eat, but yet to go and eat…

    Went past the one here yesterday – closed! Looks like it has been closed since Christmas and will not reopen till after New Year. 😦

  7. ooo the char siew does look a bit off … but the siu yok looks ok 🙂

    Yes, rather dry, not nice at all, the char siu. Siew yoke was good. Not all that keen on going back as the rice is not all that great – I would go for the nicer ones elsewhere.

  8. I’ve always like black and white checkered flooring in restaurants like this…it’s retro/throw-back yet never gets old!

    I’m ok with anything as long as it is clean…and I’m glad that the authorities would insist on it, all must be tiled and if found to be dirty, they will close the place down.

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