Let’s go back…

Last Monday, my girl had to go back to her school as she was on duty for one day. A colleague of hers who stays with his family in the school was willing to help out in the morning but he had something on that afternoon. That was why we did not have to make our way there at the break of dawn and we were even able to stop at Selangau Bazaar for lunch before proceeding to the school around half an hour away.

We agreed to go back to this same place for lunch as we did enjoy what we had the last time around. That was a week before Christmas and I could see that the helpers in the kitchen were already in the mood…

Hua Kee, Selangau - in the Christmas mood

For our drinks, we all wanted their fresh durian Belanda (soursop) juice…

Hua Kee, Selangau soursop juice

…which was very good, very concentrated and even had the flesh (and some seeds) inside.

I saw that they had these Foochow-style sio bee (RM1.20 each)…

Hua Kee, Selangau sio bee

…in the steamer so I ordered a few to try. They were good, better than many that I had had around here but no, I would not place them among my favourites in town.

The tofu soup (RM7.00)…

Hua Kee, Selangau tofu soup

…with salted vegetables was very nice, not as clear as the ones at some places in Sibu but we enjoyed it, perhaps even a little bit more.

The fried cangkuk manis with egg (RM7.00)…

Hua Kee, Selangau cangkuk manis with egg

…was good too, cheaper than quite a number of places in Sibu but we encountered a little problem with the fish.

We asked them to deep-fry, no flour, no soy sauce, nothing and just serve it like that but it came out coated like this (RM21.00)…

Hua Kee, Selangau fried bawal hitam

Thankfully, they used tapioca flour so it was gluten-free and my girl could enjoy it…and that, she certainly did.

After that lovely lunch, we proceeded to the school and later in the day, we made our way home. The weather was not very good that day, lots of rain and  lots of mud puddles all along the way so I had to go somewhat slowly and praise the Lord for His guidance and protection, we were able to go all the way there and come back home safely, all in one day.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Let’s go back…”

  1. I like this kind of comfort food, simple & yet delicious.

    Yes, simple, like home-cooked. We can get food like this at a number of food stalls in the coffee shops in town, cheap and nice.

  2. Luckily they used tapioca flour. The deep fried fish sure looks good, not oily, and fleshy. What fish is that? PTL for HIS protection so that all of you have a safe journey.

    That’s black pomfret – ikan bawal hitam. Will be going all the way to her school again this Saturday, staff meeting. 😦

  3. I haven’t thought of tapioca flour as a substitute as a gluten-free option before. It’s widely available here though so that would be a good choice.

    Rice flour, glutinous rice flour, sago flour and corn flour are all gluten-free but so far, all attempts to make cakes, cookies and bread using these have failed miserably – simply not the same and not nice. It’s just like those gluten-free cookies and stuff available at the shops – most of them aren’t nice, might as well go without. 😦

  4. That fried fish looks amazing. I must try frying fish with tapioca flour.

    The next table ordered sweet and sour fish so I think the cook just did both at one go…and then cooked the sauce to pour over theirs. We did not want that as tomato sauce has wheat in it, not gluten free.

  5. I like the tofu salted mustard soup. Must be flavourful. Ooo. Deep-fried fish. My favourite but if dine outside, we would usually ask for sauce topping such as soy sauce, Thai sauce or sweet and sour. Our current favourite is soy bean sauce.

    All those sauces, not gluten-free so we have to eat it plain, just deep-fry like that – nice also…provided the fish is very fresh, can enjoy the taste of the fish. I do know for a fact that restaurants will serve their fish steamed but if it is not so fresh, they will coat with batter and deep fry and cook the sauce and pour all over it, better this way as it will not so nice to steam it.

  6. happy boxing day and belated christmas greetings! hope you and your family and other loved ones managed to have a wonderful time together 🙂 hmm, some interesting stuff in this post … the sio bee looks like a twist on siu mai. and i’ve never seen fish fried in tapioca batter like that … am intrigued! 🙂

    Thank you, Sean. Had a quiet Christmas, posts on it coming soon, Yes, that is our Foochow-style siu mai but it has its own texture and taste, not the same. They will fry the fish in batter first and then, cook the sauce and pour all over it – if it is tapioca, then it is gluten-free. We’re off wheat flour completely these days.

  7. Can’t imagine how that durian drink smells. 😛
    Merry Christmas!

    It’s durian Belanda, soursop…not durian. Lots of health benefits, they say.

  8. All well ends well regardless of the weather… I dread driving in the rain.. maybe my old car wipers are not so good already or perhaps it is because of my eyes.. I cannot see clearly now when it rains …

    Get new wipers, not expensive.

  9. I’d be curious to try the soursop juice. I’ve purchased the leaves and made a tea. I liked it a lot, it supposedly has a lot of health benefits. That’s great that you had a safe trip there and back.

    Yes, I hear the leaves are good too but I’ve only heard about that quite recently. We only ate the fruit, straight or made into juice, before. Very hard to buy any these days ever since word went round that it is good for health, not easily available and quite expensive, if any.

  10. Soursop is very good for health. I love drinking it too.

    Luckily Melissa is still able to enjoy the fish. Quite rarely I see a whole fish being deep fried coated with flour.

    I’m ok with fresh soursop, not crazy about some adulterated ones served at some shops.

    Everywhere at the Chinese shops here, they would pre-fry the fish coated with flour – you can see it at their stalls. When you order, they would cook the sauce, like sweet and sour sauce, for instance, and pour over the one you pick and serve. I don’t think they serve it just coated with batter and deep fried like this. It was ok,
    nice but I prefer it deep-fried without the coating.

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