I didn’t know…

We dropped by here…

Sri Pelita Kpg Datu

…for lunch the other day as my girl wanted their nasi bryani which came with a complimentary papadum and she had it with their lamb shank curry…

Sri Pelita lamb shank bryani & bitter gourd

…and she also had some of their bitter gourd with it.

The mum had their nasi campur (mixed rice) and helped herself to their fish curry but I don’t know what else she had because by the time I had picked my choices and came back to the table, she had already started eating so I did not bother to take a photograph of what she had.

I went for their nasi campur too and I had their sambal telur (egg) and of course, I would not want to miss their very nice sambal petai (stink beans)…

Sri Pelita sambal petai

…and that day, I decided to give their chicken liver…

Sri Pelita chicken liver

…a try. Yes, it was very very good and I sure would want to have that again.

Other than the aforementioned, I also had their mutton curry but I was not all that keen on the meat that day – I just wanted a lot of the potatoes…

Sri Pelita mutton curry & potatoes

I don’t know how much the total was but the very friendly and generous boss, Guna, just collected RM25.00 from me, inclusive of the drinks that we had.

I didn’t know at the time but a Facebook friend, probably an ex-student working and living in Singapore and married to a West Malaysian, came back with his family on holiday and posted photographs of the roti canai they had at the town branch of this place that I went to once and no, I did not like the roti canai I had there either. Of course they did not think that one was any good so I told him to check out this place instead.

True enough, they went the following day and he shared photographs of all that they had including their thosai masala. WHAT? They have thosai masala there and nobody ever told me about it? Hmmm…we wasted no time at all in going back to the place early the very next morning to give it a try. If you’re wondering why we went in the morning and not later, the roti canai/thosai guy will be at his station until 11.00 a.m. only  after which he would have a break and resume at 3.00 p.m. in the afternoon.

Of course, my girl had the thosai masala and when they served the one for my missus, it looked like this (RM4.00)…

Sri Pelita thosai masala, extra chili

Gee!!! They do know us so very well now, it seems and they know that she likes it spicy hot, hence all that sliced chili on top.

They also gave us this dhal dip and the chutney and the very nice and spicy nasi lemak sambal

Sri Peliat dhal, chutney & sambal

…and no, I did not have to pay for it. I read that my friend asked for the sambal and was given just a spoonful and was charged 50 sen for it. Hehehehehe!!! We were early that morning and Guna had not shown up yet at the shop. Otherwise, he would surely have given us some of their fish curry gravy too – he said that goes well with thosai.

I thought we could share the two between the three of us but my missus finished all of hers and my girl, being a slow eater, was taking her sweet time. Meanwhile, I was getting rather hungry so I ordered this (RM2.20)…

Sri Pelita roti tampal

I thought I heard the guy say roti sambal and expected some sambal in it but I did hear him say that there would be an egg on top. Well, there was no sambal in it, just an egg piled on top and the actual name for it was roti tampal.

I enjoyed it very much and I loved how the yolk was perfectly done, still runny…

Sri Pelita runny yolk

My girl could only finish two-thirds of her thosai masala (RM4.00)…

Sri Pelita thosai masala

…so I finished off the remaining one-third by which time, because there was some kind of gravy in the filling, the thosai had gone a little soggy but still, I thought it was nice.

I went to the counter to pay for our scrumptious brunch and that morning, I also tapao-ed one packet of mee goreng and one of fried kway teow for my mum as I didn’t know which one she would like – it turned out that she enjoyed the mee more. The total for everything came up to RM24.50, inclusive of the drinks we had, but that very handsome and friendly, always-smiling Indian guy asked for RM20.00 only. What? Nanti Guna marah, I said but he said no, and would not accept anything more than what he had asked for. Aren’t they so very nice here?

SRI PELITA CAFE (2.293579, 111.820700) is located along Lorong Kampung Datu 11, off Jalan Kampung Datu, the first shop in the block to the right of Paramount Hotel.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “I didn’t know…”

  1. Everything looks simply delicious. That is how I like my fried egg to be, so perfectly done and plus point is they are ever so generous to give a huge discount.

    Feels kinda bad actually. I don’t mind if Guna serves us a bit of some dish sometimes to try and enjoy, no need to give discounts all the time, bless him.

  2. There’s a large variety of rotis these days – even dessert ones. But I still stick with the old school ones.

    There are? Not here. The only one that may make a nice dessert would be roti tisu, conical with sprinkling of sugar and condensed milk poured all over it. Not really into that. Here, we only have variations of roti canai, called pratha in Singapore and thosai but we do have naan and capati at that not-so-cheap Indian restaurant that I frequent.

  3. wah, that’s a flavour-packed meal with some of my favourite tasty ingredients, like petai and chicken liver. if you added some fried garlic, you’d have a super-punchy, super-robust spread 😀

    Good enough on its own. I love the beef or chicken liver at the Malay stalls but this one wins hands down, not so keen on those boiled/steamed ones at the chicken rice stalls. Sure would go for it again next time I see it.

  4. Stink Beans? I will have to Google that one!!! Always love learning new things from your blog!

    Great for health, they say…but the stink! An acquired smell, I would say – the beans are like…beans. 😀

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