Don’t know where to go…

I guess everyone is familiar with my daily routine now – we would go to my mum’s place in the morning and spend time there with her till past 11 or around noon when we would go some place for lunch before coming home. That way, we would not need to cook lunch in the house, just dinner.

The problem arises when I really don’t know where to go especially when I try to avoid going to the same places and eating the same things all the time. If I do that, either I have nothing to blog about or I will be blogging about the same ol’ places and the same ol’ things. Having said that, if I am not wrong, this is the dilemma that many face even though they may not be bloggers – sometimes, one simply does not know where to go and what to eat.

Well, the other day, I had to buy something from the hardware store round the corner so we dropped by here, my favourite chicken rice place. Yes, I’ve blogged about this place many times already but thankfully, there are many stalls in that shop so I would be able to order something different some of the time.

I noticed that now, one would have to help oneself to the complimentary soup…

Chopsticks complimentary soup

…if one is having the chicken or barbecued/roast meat rice, not that their soup is anything to shout about. Usually, I would just leave it untouched so if this is the case, I probably would not bother to go and get it.

That day, I decided to go back to the chu char (cook & fry) stall at the back but no, I did not feel like ordering the guy’s dishes to eat with rice. I did see some photographs of some vegetable dishes at the stall priced at only RM6.00. Now, that, I would say, is very cheap. Vegetables usually go for RM8.00-10.00 or more elsewhere.

We decided to just order the set rice dishes and my missus asked for the kung pao chicken with rice (RM6.00)…

Chopsticks kung pao chicken with rice

…and she did enjoy that. If only the guy would give a few thin slices of cucumber and/or tomatoes so it would not be an all-meat and rice dish.

I decided to try his ngor hiang (meat roll)…

Chopsticks ngor hiang 1

…and yes, it was really very good…

Chopsticks ngor hiang 2

–  very meaty inside, not a whole lot of onions or whatever like some that they are selling around town. It did not come cheap though, RM5.00 each so I guess I would not be going for it all that often, just once in a while perhaps.

For my set rice dish, I had the salted fish pork…

Chopsticks salted fish pork

…with rice (RM7.00)…

Chopsticks salted fish pork with rice

The guy said that he was charging RM1.00 more because of the salted fish but in actual fact, even though it was nice, I could hardly taste the salted fish. Ah well!!! For one thing, pork is more expensive than chicken so I guess an extra ringgit is fine.

After our lunch, we went to the hardware store and I got what I wanted before we made our way back home.

CHOPSTICKS CHICKEN & RICE (2.312434, 111.845917) is located in the Delta Mall, Jalan Pedada area of shops, facing the church along Lorong Taman Seduan 8, off Jalan Gambir.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Don’t know where to go…”

  1. I face the same problem as you, sometimes don’t know where to go too when I am not teaching, because nothing to buy, so I just go around taking photos of the Christmas decorations. I can relate with you on that.

    I like the Ngor Hiang you had.

    I cannot imagine next time if I retire, will I feel bored going to the same places again and again. Really must find something to do, such as picking up a hobby, lucky for me, I still read books, so reading can occupy some of my time.

    That was why I took up gardening, great way to pass the time and a good way to exercise too! Can be fruitful too – just harvested some of my sweet and juicy and crunchy rambutans yesterday:

    My rambutans, 2017

    Sibu is such a small place – I really cannot imagine having nowhere to go in Singapore.

  2. Just recently I came across a chicken rice shop that one had to help oneself to the complimentay soup too. Was wondering why they can’t help to bring over since they are bringing the chicken rice to us. Doesn’t make sense. Back to the food, the ngor hiang looks good.

    Maybe it is because there are a lot of people like me – will not touch the soup so it will all go to waste…but can’t blame me – the soup here is not nice, with one chicken claw in it. Eyewwww!!!!

  3. Kung Pao chicken and ngor hiang are my favourite dishes.

    All good, just that RM5 for one ngor hiang is a bit on the high side – can have two plates of kampua mee at some places here. Maybe can order for special occasions instead of going through all that trouble to make our own.

  4. It would be nice of the set meal came with some vegetables.

    I do recall my missus having something like that before, some veg dish by the side in the platter – extra charge, of course.

  5. i like meat rolls that are very fleshy and textured … when it’s not too smooth, still a bit coarse, so you can taste that it’s real meat 🙂

    Sounds like the ones my missus makes. 😉 😉

  6. Over here, self-service soups only applicable for chap fan places. Other than that, soup will be served together when they deliver our food.

    So far I’ve encountered this at only two chap fan places here. For one thing, this soup counter is quite far from the main chicken rice one and nobody seemed to be keeping an eye on it. What if customers of the other stalls, like us that day, go and help themselves too? I wouldn’t do that, of course, knowing that the soup here is always not nice, like H2O.

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