The same one…

We dropped by here for lunch the other day – we had some pretty good stuff from their chap fan (mixed rice) spread a couple of times before so we went to have a look. Unfortunately, what they had that day did not tickle my fancy so I went to check out the kampua mee stall instead. I remember we had some beef tripe noodles, soup, from that stall before and it was very nice but the guy said he did not have anything else other than the noodles and the pian sip. For one thing, he did not look like the people running that stall before – there was a not-so-young lady, I think.

On the other side to the extreme left of the place, there were two new stalls, one selling Sarawak laksa and the other lor mee and a whole lot of other things. I did not feel like having laksa so I ordered the lor mee (RM4.00)…

Eco-Delite lor mee 1

…from the latter.

No, it was not quite like the lor mee I used to enjoy long ago, the one with the slightly sweet gravy with some taucheo (salted beans) and thickened with corn flour but this one…

Eco-Delite lor mee 2

…was very nice too and it reminded me of the Hailam lor mee

Eco-Delite lor mee 3

…that my friend, Eugene, took me to eat in Penang or the one I had in Petaling Jaya and it was as good as the other one I had before from a stall on the other side at the back but that one had a guy doing everything. When I went to ask, the lady told me it was the one and the same – they have moved from where their stall was before.

My missus went and ordered the char-chu mee (RM4.00)…

Eco-Delite Foochow-style char-chu mee 1

…from the chu char (cook & fry) place at the back, the people doing the chap fan there.

Char-chu mee, literally translated as fry and cook noodles…

Eco-Delite Foochow-style char-chu mee 2

…is actually our Foochow-style noodles, soup.

As stated in the name, the noodles…

Eco-Delite Foochow-style char-chu mee 3

…are fried first and then the soup is added, letting it boil a bit too cook and once done, it is served. The one here was really good, I could detect its lovely fragrance the moment it was served and for one thing, they certainly were more generous with the ingredients than a lot of other places.

The old guy who looked kind of mid-eastern, selling the very nice murtabak that I had once is no longer there and I did walk to the other food court/coffee shop a stone’s throw away and the people at the stalls there did not look all that familiar either. Maybe some of them have closed shop too or moved elsewhere, I wouldn’t know and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the former – times are hard, our miserable currency keeps shrinking, prices of petrol and everything keep soaring and if you keep jacking up the prices, people will just stop coming. Heads I win, tails you lose! Period.

ECO-DELITE CAFE (2.330846, 111.855645), that includes the food court/coffee shop section to the left, is located along Jalan Ulu Sg Merah among the shops on your left a short distance after you turn right at the roundabout along Jalan Ling Kai Cheng after Giant Hypermart.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “The same one…”

  1. I totally agree with prices going up these days. Eating out easily burns a hole in our pocket these days that is why I cook on weekdays. We only eat out on weekends.

    You have to pay for what you eat kah? So nice to be a blogger over at your side – getting all the invitations to events, eat for free and get paid to blog about it some more. I sometimes see bloggers on Facebook ranting about how fussy some are, insisting on the number of followers and offering to pay so little, adding insult to injury. Gee!!! If I get to eat FOC, I would be very happy already…but unfortunately, there is no such thing here plus mine is not a money-spinning blog.

    Thankfully, things are still quite affordable here – save the fancy cafes and restaurants for special occasions. One just needs to know where to go for what’s cheap and nice but there are simply too many here, not all are nice and some can be more expensive than most. My missus and I have lunch outside every day…and what we had here that day was RM8.00 only in total, less than USD1, less than AUD/SGD1.50. Hard to cook for two at home for only RM8.00.

    1. Yes, when there are only two of you it makes sense to eat out. I now have 4 of us with little Ayden eating a bigger portion than me hence I cook on weekdays.

      With regards to the getting paid to eat and blog, I am not in favour of that as to me, food is subjective. I am happy if they want to host us but they need not pay us for that. I only accept payment for blogging jobs when it comes to product or service reviews.

      Oh ya!!! There are 4 of you, double the number…and the amount. Can get VERY expensive especially at the classier upscale joints.

      At the most, I only get free treats, bigger servings and discounts and even those, at only a few places.

      I would agree it is subjective – I say nice, I like…and others slam me and insist that it is otherwise. Just the other day, I said something I had was just so-so, couldn’t smell the fragrance…and somebody, though he did not say it directly, hinted that I had a flu and a blocked nose and was no connoisseur of the dish. I have always said that one man’s meat is another man’s poison – to each his own and I do not expect everyone to agree and accept anything I say as gospel truth…and they are free to express their own views and opinions, no need for personal attacks, be it direct or indirect.

  2. Both type of noodles look good. Monday to Thursday, I won’t cook lunch as son is having his outside and so is me & hubby. Only cook for dinner but for Friday I have to cook as son is coming back for lunch ( long lunch break).

    We do cook for dinner usually and on Fridays, I may cook something nice for my girl when she comes home. Saturdays, we eat out mostly at my girl’s favourite places and Sundays, my missus would cook the rations for my girl for the week in her school in the jungle and we do buy some of her favourites from outside for her too.

  3. I’m not particularly fond of sauces thickened with cornflour, I’d much rather it just be naturally thick or thin – I find cornflour sometimes thins out the flavours.

    I think they have that in Chinese cooking but the amount varies depending on how thick one wants the sauce/gravy to be…like those sweet sour dishes even though there is cornflour already in the tomato sauce used.

  4. Ah, back to vicariously enjoy your meals again, after being away for a few weeks.

    Yes, where have you been all this while? Hope all’s good at your end.

    1. Everything’s fine, thanks. Been offline, as we’ve been on a ship cruising. Internet on a ship is too slow but very expensive!

      Ooooo…how nice! I’ve never been on a cruise before.

  5. The lor mee looks more or less the same as the lor mee here…

    I guess this is currently the style everywhere, same in Penang and PJ too, no longer like what I used to eat in my younger days.

  6. This post reminded me…I’m out of Chives! I need to get more!!!

    Chives? My girl loves chives but I find that those we have here these days lack the unique fragrance. These days, chili is not hot, bitter gourd is not bitter…the times sure are a-changing.

    1. That makes sense! I’ve been reading articles about how the soil quality and other atmospheric issues are causing our fruits and veggies to taste less flavorful and be less nutritious! YIKES!

      Sighhhh!!! The sign of the times. 😦

  7. I love lor mee, its like a comfort meal to me, sad to hear it was not like it used to be for you.

    This is very nice too just that it is a different version. Some people prefer this, not the slightly sweet ones that I used to enjoy before.

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