All sold out…

We went back to this coffee shop that day as I thought of ordering their very nice sio bee (meat dumplings) that we bought home the last time we were here. They were very nice but I did not take any photographs then so I thought this time around, I could have it steamed there and then and served piping hot and enjoy eating it on the spot and blog about it. Unfortunately, they were all sold out and from what I could see, they were in the process of making some fresh ones. Good grief! Looking at the mountains of sengkuang/mangkuang (turnip) and Bombay onions, it sure looked like they would make a whole lot each time.

A lady was there and from the sprinkling of Mandarin that I could understand, she also wanted to buy the sio bee but was told to come back the next day. It sounded to me like they would make fresh ones on Mondays which would be ready for sale from Tuesday onwards…which stocks last.

That morning, they had these (RM1.10)…

Yong Chuan Fish Noodles stuffed tofu puff skin 1

– tofu puff skin stuffed with pulut (sticky rice) with bits of shitake mushroom and carrot and probably a bit of meat too…

Yong Chuan Fish Noodles stuffed tofu puff skin 2

I did not think they looked all that enticing so I was not tempted to order any. However, my missus bought some home and I got to try them. No, I would say they were as nice as they looked, nice but not really something to get excited about.

My missus ordered their zhao chai hung ngang (RM6.00)…

Yong Chuan fish noodles zhao chai hung ngang

…that her sister had the last time and was going on and on, singing its praises but she was not as impressed – she said she would prefer the tom yam one that she had then. Perhaps she likes it spicy, that’s why or we have grown used to those stronger exotic tastes so anything else would pale in comparison.

I spotted the stewed egg that last time but I did not get to try so this time around, I asked for one…

Yong Chuan fish noodles stewed egg 1

…and I was so surprised when I cut it open…

Yong Chuan Fish Noodles stewed egg 2

The yolk was orange and looked like salted egg yolk but no, it did not taste anything like salted egg. It was not like the regular stewed egg either and yes, I thought it was really very nice.

The lady said it was kampung (village/free range) egg and together with the kampua mee with stewed pork…

Yong Chuan Fish Noodles kampua with stewed pork

…that I had, the total came up to a whooping RM5.00! I looked at the display of photographs at the stall and a plate of kampua mee was priced at RM3.00, same as here but so very much nicer than what the old lady’s daughter there dished out. I suppose that would mean that the egg was RM2.00 each then? Golly gee!!! I don’t know the price of these eggs at the market but regular stewed eggs would usually be RM1.00 each. Seeing how it was double that amount, I sure would think twice about having it again.

The kampua mee was cheaper than some places but more expensive than others but it did stand out, a head above most of the rest – I sure would not mind having it again the next time I drop by here.

YONG CHUAN FISH NOODLES HOUSE (2.308016, 111.848896) is located among the shops on the right (next to WikiTea) along Lorong Sena 8, off Jalan Sena, directly opposite SMK Deshon.

Author: suituapui

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9 thoughts on “All sold out…”

  1. If I were to look for a veganized version of the tofu puffs what would I look for or Google? Is there a name for them you have there?

    First time seeing something like this, maybe they came up with the idea themselves. I guess you can create your own – the Japanese have sushi in tofu skin or bean bag. I think they are called inari sushi.

  2. That tofu puff with glutinous rice is new to me.

    The egg does look like salted egg. The yolk is so orange!

    That is probably their original recipe, never seen anything like it before.

    As for the colour of the egg, see my reply to Irene below.

  3. First glance at the egg, I thought it was fake. The yolk is so orange in colour. Stuffed tofu something new & interesting.

    Fake eggs are of this colour? Go google and see. The kampung eggs at Flavours are also of this colour – they get direct from the egg farmers, real kampung eggs, and some can be very small – not all so big and standard size like the commercial ones packed in 10’s in plastic sold at the shops and supermarkets.

  4. Tofu with sticky rice, I never see and try that before, very special indeed. It must a kind of dimsum.

    Something like it, probably their own original. Not really so nice, if you ask me, Can eat only.

  5. I was surprised by the egg too. It was very orange in color. Not similar to the ones I have here in our place. Maybe the egg is more expensive than the usual egg that’s you got whopping 5 RM bill.

    Yes, I think it was RM2.00 each, double the price of one regular stewed egg.

  6. ooo, that tofu skin thingy is actually kinda interesting to me. have not quite seen something exactly like that before. could be an interesting textural and taste contrast between the crunchy skin and the glutinous rice stuffing 😀

    It did not really tickle my fancy as the taste was somewhat mild. Would probably like it better if the filling is something like lor mai kai.

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