The very next day…

Normally, we would go to the sunset service on Saturday in one of the churches here so on Sunday morning, we could do a bit of cooking – my girl’s rations for the week and after an early lunch at around 10 something, we would be on our way to her school in the jungle.

Last Saturday, however, it rained so very heavily at around mid-afternoon and though it did ease a bit by evening, the downpour had not stopped so we decided to get up early the following morning to go to the 7.30 a.m. service and after that, we went for breakfast.

We were here…

Sri Pelita
*Sri Pelita, the extended section to the left of the shop*

…for lunch on Saturday and believe it or not, we went there again the very next day!

My girl loves the thosai here and when I asked her if she would like that, she jumped at the suggestion without a second thought. I ordered the paper-thin one…

Sri Pelita paper-thin thosai

…for her – it is usually served rolled up…

Sri Pelita, paper-thin thosai, rolled up

…like a newspaper.

I also ordered another one, the regular…

Sri Pelita thosai, regular

…to share.

Other than the dhal dip and the fish curry gravy, Guna, the nice boss, gave us this sambal nenas (pineapple)…

Sri Pelita sambal nenas

…and the prawn sambal tofu that we liked so much the day before, to eat with the thosai.

No, my missus was not really into thosai so she ordered a plate of mee mamak

Sri Pelita mee mamak

…for herself and she sure was delighted when it was served with all the chopped cili padi sprinkled on top.

I also ordered the murtabak daging

Sri Pelita murtabak daging

…which, unfortunately, my girl could not eat as being made from wheat flour, it was not gluten-free. She was moaning away and had her eyes on the corned beef…

Sri Pelita murtabak daging, corned beef

…inside, together with chopped Bombay onions. Yes, she loves corned beef very much too – I think I will have to open a can to cook for her, with potatoes added, when she comes home this weekend. She can eat that, nothing in it that will trigger the symptoms due to her gluten-intolerance.

Back to our breakfast that morning, I went to pay the bill and Guna just collected RM20 from me for everything, our drinks inclusive. As I was walking past, I saw the lovelyΒ sambal terung they had in the cabinet and I asked one of the boys to give me some of that, take away, for my girl to bring along with her but Guna came and took over and gave me a whole lot…and refused to accept any payment for it. My! My! Β I think next time, I will have to go to their other outlet in Permai so I will be able to enjoy the food and get to pay for what I eat – he is usually at this outlet, not there.

SRI PELITA CAFE (2.293579, 111.820700) is located along Lorong Kampung Datu 11, off Jalan Kampung Datu, the first shop in the block to the right of Paramount Hotel.

Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “The very next day…”

  1. Haha. After Guna reads this, he will be running to another outlet to look for you πŸ˜€

    I love sambal terung but I can never cook it right. Bought ones are always better. Sigh..

    My missus cooks it Chinese style, with minced meat or the same as cooking kangkong or paku with sambal hay bee – theirs is different and not quite like the ones at the Malay shops and stalls either, nicer. I would just steam lightly and eat ulam with sambal belacan. πŸ˜€

    I know Guna is at his other outlet at night, opens late till 11, that one so must only go for breakfast or lunch. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Haha. I would do that too. Go to another outlet. Paisey all the time like that. Lol.

    So so cheap. He only collected RM20 from you.

    I guess he is grateful that I always blog about his place, sing his praises and promote his business but business is business. I don’t mind paying for what I eat – maybe just writing off the loose change would be enough, no need for a lot of discount or letting me try a bit of what is new and nice, that’s so good already. Can’t expect anything of the sort at most other places around here.

  3. We do have a “pelita” here as well but more to nasi kandar

    That’s the nasi kandar chain, biggest in the country – I did go to their outlet, the one beside Tesco in Sg Petani…bigger than Kayu.

  4. Guess Guna will standby at the other outlet waiting to welcome you there… Hehe…

    If and when I decide to go to that one, a little out of the way, not so convenient for us staying in this part of town.

  5. Sunset services sound nice. And school in the jungle sounds neat, too! This place reminds me of some Pizza Place layouts I’ve seen…the way it’s set up…that is!

    We prefer going for the evening/night service so we would not need to rush in the morning before sending my girl to her school. I did blog aboout the conditions at the school…subtly:
    I would have loved to go and stay there if it had been nicely and regularly maintained and kept in tip top condition and there is this persistent problem with the water and electricity supply – poor administration and a whole lot of hanky panky going on, Third World problems.

  6. I like all you had especially the sambal nenas. That is an appetising dish by itself. Hope you won’t be playing hide & seek with Guna, hahaha….πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    It was good but our favourite is still the terung…and now the tofu with prawns, so very nice! My girl took those to her school in the jungle…and we just received word that she would like some more for next week. She sure enjoys them a lot.

  7. sometimes when we like a place so much , or the food there, we are bound to go back there a couple more times..

    i for one have been having this particular economy rice stall for weeks on end.

    Yes, we do that too but we tend to go more to the Malay and Indian places than the Chinese ones for their stronger, spicier tastes. The Chinese ones are rather mild, mostly so oily, salty and all msg. But we did come across one very nice one the other day – post on it coming up real soon.

  8. Those tiny red chilies on your missus’ mee mamak are very lethal! I cannot stand them, so very, very hot!

    You can’t handle cili padi? Boy! I am surprised. Even I can, not a problem at all! But I am not fond of the smell and taste – I prefer regular chili but these days, they are not hot at all usually so I would add a few of these to my sambal or my cooking.

  9. Wahhhh… I love paper tosai and the one wrapped up with potatoes inside.. masala tosai? Yesterday just took capati in fact… tomorrow I might end up eating paper tosai! hahaha…

    The power of the internet. Yes, thosai masala – we have a good one here, would go for that sometimes.

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