We’re here…

We were here

Dragon Door

…for lunch that day – my girl had not been here before and as we happened to be going past that way, I thought we would stop by but unfortunately, my friend, Philip, was not around. Nonetheless, with our sprinkling of Mandarin, we managed to order this plate of cangkuk manis, fried with egg…

Dragon Door fried cangkuk manis with egg

…that my girl said was particularly nicely done and she also liked the pork…

Dragon Door pork

…that we had the first time we were here and their own-made tofu…

Dragon Door tofu

…that I did get to try that time when we had dinner here.

Yes, we did have a good lunch. The servings were big, enough for 5-6 people, I think but there were just the three of us and the best part was that it was so very cheap – RM31.00 only for 3 persons, inclusive of rice.

We sure wouldn’t mind dropping by again sometime.

DRAGON DOOR (2.279520, 111.839882) is located along Jalan Aman, among the (new) shops on your left if you are coming in from Jalan Wong King Huo or on your right if you are coming from Lanang Road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “We’re here…”

  1. I like the fence! I imagine that creeper vine covering it eventually.

    No, thank you. They always grow faster than you can trim them, so hard to keep up. You should see my neighbour’s creeping all over his fence – if he did not have a stainless steel one, I bet it would rust in no time at all.

  2. Cheap! Like what you guys had.

    Did you finish all the dishes? Or tapau leftover home??

    Yes, we managed to finish but we were so full we decided to skip dinner and went for a light supper later that night instead. Come back tomorrow to see my next blogpost on that. 😀

  3. The food here looks good & to my liking. Huge portion especially the cangkuk manis. Best part is still the price.

    Yes. Next time I would just order two dishes, enough for three…and that would be even cheaper.

  4. cangkuk manis eh. it does look like those “paku pakis” dish I’ve tried before.

    Nope, completely different things. You will find some cangkuk manis in a bowl of pan mee. They’re probably called sayur manis there, the smaller version of it from Sabah.

  5. Both the tofu and pork looks very nicely done.

    Yes, the food here is pretty good, and at that price, I sure would not mind coming back for more. Very packed at night though, may have to wait a long time but it is all right to drop by for lunch. Not many people, food was served real fast.

  6. Pork and tofu both look really good. I am not familiar with the vegetable, I think.

    Not sure if you are familiar with (hand-pulled) pan mee – they usually give a bit of the vegetable as one of the toppings in a bowl of that. It is sweet, hence the name manis. They plant this in Sabah for export so that is the type that is more commonly found in the peninsula. They call it sayur manis, a small stunted version of our cangkuk manis. Dunno if there’s any in Singapore or not.

  7. I like the own made tofu…

    You’ll love all our orders, I’m sure – no bitter gourd and not spicy. 😀

  8. I prefer the homemade tofu and the pork too

    Have you ever tried the veg? Can get it in Taiping? I hear it is not commonly found there so many are not familiar with it. It is very nice, sweet, one of my girl’s favourite veg.

  9. What pork dish is that? Looks like char siu but breaded

    It’s marinated with something – could be red lees or tau joo (fermented tofu) or whatever and deep fried, not breaded.

  10. Indeed more than enough for 3 persons… Very cheap.. I had chicken rice with my 3 kids and the bill came to RM50 for the four of us.. 😦

    Chicken rice, that expensive? Here, a platter for 3 is around RM20, include the rice and drinks, not up to RM30.00.

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