Better than I thought it’d be…

I bought these packs of instant noodles…

Ibumie mi goreng sambal udang

…at a supermarket the other day for the simple reason that it was selling at RM3.90 for a pack of 5 packets and the cheapest available (a different brand) was RM2.90 but I saw that one would get a spoon with this one. I did not think much of it; I thought it would be one of those cheap spoons that would bend when you try to use it to eat some meat that is a little too tough but I felt RM1.00 extra for that is quite all right.

I took two packs, thinking that I would have a pair, and went to pay for them at the cashier’s counter and asked for the free gifts…only to be told that they were inside. Gee!!! I really must learn to read everything more carefully.

When I got home, I saw on the pack that one would get either a spoon or a fork and by some stroke of good luck, I got a pair…

Free gift fork and spoon

…and they were really very nice. I liked the design with the gold pattern on them. I must say that RM1.00 for each of them is very cheap!

I was in for another pleasant surprise when I cooked the noodles…

Mi goreng sambal udang, cooked 1

…and had it with a fried egg, sunny side up, and some leftover roast chicken, garnished with some finely chopped Chinese celery/parsley (daun sup) from my garden. They were very nice with a hint of the udang kering/hay bee (dried prawns) in the ingredients provided inside each packet.

I wouldn’t mind buying more…

Mi goreng sambal udang, cooked 2

…should I feel the urge to stock up again but I guess I would just have to be happy with a set of the lovely fork and spoon. I sure would not go and buy 10 more packs so that I would have a nice set of 6. It would probably take forever for me to finish 50 packs of the instant noodles, never mind how nice they are.

Author: suituapui

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9 thoughts on “Better than I thought it’d be…”

  1. You are so lucky to get a pair. Love the spoon & fork. Sometimes Lian Sin fragrance rice also has free gift inside the packet, spoon only.

    Spoon only? I think I have the fork too. Theirs very big, very smooth and shiny but no design. This one is much nicer.

  2. So nice to get exactly a pair of fork and spoon. The dry instant noodles look so tasty! They are my Achilles heel. Perisa sambal udang means apart from the hint of hay bee taste, it also has a hint of sweetness, right?

    Yes, the kicap manis, just like in the original flavour. The hay bee fragrance is very mind, not over-powering. What I like is it does not have that canned or bottled sambal smell and taste.

  3. Yes. Lucky you to get a pair. And indeed they are lovely.

    Like the pairs we would get when we buy rice. The gift is in the rive pack and they are not cheap as they are thick and good stainless steel quality.

    Have not try this flavour but I did bought once the original flavour of this brand. Not bad but my kids dont like it. They complained spicy even though I did not add the chilli.

    My! Your kids must be true-blue Foochow. Like me, when I was small – I would rinse my curry chicken drumstick in water before eating. 😀
    I wonder where the spiciness came from if you did not add the chili. Their original flavour is not as nice as Indomie from Indonesia, a little milder. This one is good, I liked it. There is chili powder given separately but only a bit – I added some more chili flakes of my own.

    We have quite a lot of the rice ones, very good quality indeed but they’re plain. These are much nicer.

  4. Yea this brand of mi goreng is nice… I havent tried this prawn flavour one before though. 🙂

    Ibumie, the Malaysian spin-off from the Indonesian original, Indomie which I feel has an edge over this brand but this flavour is very good. Sure wouldn’t mind having it again.

  5. I got to get a packet of Maggie mee the next round I go supermarket, mine finishing..

    Maggi, you mean? Not my favourite. Very cheap there?

  6. What a good deal, Arthur!! For RM3.90 you have noodles and the utensils.. just yesterday I bought Cintan tomyam for RM4.65 for 5 packets. No spoon nor fork! And you made your meal look so yummy.. mine was all greens and one beaten egg… 🙂

    RM4.65??? So expensive? Gee!!! Here, the prices for instant noodles range around RM3 something only, some Indonesian ones even cheaper. I think the made in Sibu ones are more expensive, over RM4.00. 😦

  7. That is a very nice pair of fork and spoon. Arthur, you can really make great looking sunny side up. I fail to master this, can never get it right. Half-boiled egg yes but not sunny side up.

    I still have that Sarawak Laksa you sent me. Havent got time to try it as we’ve been really busy the past weeks but soon we’ll be free with the exams over and the school holidays approaching. Looking forward to cook and taste it.

    Yes, I could see you’ve been busy. Holidays round the corner but not too sure if you will be so free, promos here, promos there, promos everywhere – Christmas is coming…and promos for Chinese New Year have already started. Crazy! Hope you’ll find time to try the laksa.

    I prefer fried egg, old school style but sometimes, lazy to take out the big wok so just use the pan to fry sunny side up. Heat up pan and oil, add egg and turn down the heat when partially cooked, wait till the uncooked white on top gets cooked completely, the yolk still soft and runny by which time, there will be a light golden fringe but not as fibrous and nice as frying it the traditional way.

  8. Lucky you we only have Indo Mie here

    There’s Maggi there. I’ve tried and I found the ones there are nicer than the ones here. I would not bother buying ours, not nice – others are nicer but some will only go for it – old habits die hard, the first ever brand of instant noodles that we had in the market a long long time ago.

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