Been around a long time…

This place…

Jing Cafe

…not to be mistaken with this one in another part of town that goes by the same name, more or less, has been around a long time and I would walk past ever so often but somehow or other, I never stopped by.

An ex-student of mine is a regular here and almost every morning, he would share on Facebook a photograph of what he eats here but it was not until I heard people saying that the roti canai from the stall in front…

Roti canai stall

…was very nice that I made my mind I would check it out some day.

Yes, it (RM1.30)…

Roti canai

…was really very good and I loved the crispy and fragrant flaky layers on the outside plus the dhal dip was thick and creamy, just the way I like it.

The roti telur (RM2.00)…

Roti telur

…was good too but between the two, I felt the canai had an edge over it.

I also saw a friend sharing on Facebook/Instagram a photograph of the Sarawak laksa here and he seemed to like it very much so I also ordered that (RM6.00)…

Sarawak laksa

It was nice, that much I would say, very lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk) and a whole lot nicer after I had squeezed the calamansi lime over it and mixed it well.

There were six prawns and the usual thin strips of omelette but there was no shredded chicken, and no taugeh (bean sprouts) either. For reasons unknown, they saw it fitting to add some strips of imitation crab sticks and shredded Chinese cabbage! And they probably forgot or ran out of Chinese celery (daun sup) and spring onions so I did not get a sprinkling of those on top as garnishing.

The sambal was more like chili sauce with a very very slight hint of belacan (dried prawn paste)…

Sambal belacan

…but I was wondering the whole time whether I had imagined it or not.

Obviously, if it is something authentic that you’re looking for, like the nice ones in Kuching, this is not the place you should check out but if you’re here and wouldn’t mind the difference and are just looking for something nice to eat, you may consider this or perhaps you would like to try something else – they do seem to have a lot of options here that you can order from people in the kitchen at the back.

The chap fan (mixed rice) is mighty popular…

Chap fan stall

…especially with the people working in offices and shops around here – we saw so many of them bringing their own containers to have their lunch packed to take away.

My missus decided to go for that and this was what she had (RM5.00)…

Chap fan

…a meat and fish and two vegetables and I really must give them due credit for using glass instead of those colourful plastic or melamine plates that they have elsewhere, not a very good idea for serving hot food, and yes, she did enjoy her picks from that stall.

JING CAFE (2.292823, 111.826829) is located along Jalan Kai Peng in the middle of the block of shops right behind Ta Kiong Emporium.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Been around a long time…”

  1. Laksa doesn’t look appetising to me so chap fan will be my choice. RM5 for your missus platter is cheap. I have those glass plates but mine is brownish in colour.

    I have the brown ones too – I do think they look nicer.

  2. Hmm. Wonder going to that Malay shop for roti canai later or not? Hubby likes its fried noodle. He said he found a nice authentic Malay fried noodle around here. Haha. Maybe I would try the noodle if going there. ^^

    Gosh. Cabbage and fake crab sticks in laksa. A no-no for me. Without taugeh and chicken, it is still not laksa to me.

    I like the chap fan stall. And not expensive for what you take in your plate.

    That was what my missus had, probably just RM3.50 for one meat and two vegetables, cheap! Lots of laksa around here, even if the added ingredients are the same, the taste is not quite there. Nice, some are very nice but somehow they are not the same, dunno what sambal they use.

  3. I usually go there for the hot plate noodle from the stall kitchen at the back

    No menu but it seems they do dish out a whole lot of things from the kitchen at the back. I wouldn’t know they had laksa is I had not seen photos of it.

  4. RM1.30 for a good roti canai with creamy dal sounds very much worthwhile 😉

    I think it is RM1.00 or RM1.20 elsewhere, not too sure. Maybe like everything else, the price has gone up. 😦

  5. It’s great that people are bringing their own containers to take away food esp chap fan. I hope more and more people will do this so we don’t minimise disposal of take away boxes.

    They do have those cardboard boxes too – they go soft and soggy when used to contain something hot or things with sauce/gravy…and I am wary of the chemicals used to process the paper in the factories…plus at some places, they charge for the use of those flimsy boxes as well. Better bring one’s own containers or tiffin carriers.

  6. I wish I was there, roti telur or roti nangka was my regular snack on a daily basis. Here I cannot do that while we have Malaysian restaurants in the city imagine paying for US$8.00 for one roti.

    Yes, and NZD13.50 for a bowl of Sarawak laksa, my brother told me. *faint* Even without converting, they are way too expensive by our standard here.

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