You can have it all…

My friend/ex-student told me about this place…

My Home Town Cafe

…which was once occupied by an outlet of this Singapore franchise but that eventually called it a day, including their other outlet in another part of town.

No, it did not get me all excited as this is one part of the town centre where parking can be a pain so I wasn’t in a hurry to go and check it out. However, it so happened that I spotted a vacant parking lot close by that day and I wasted no time at all in grabbing it and walking there. Besides, everytime I drove past, the place looked quite deserted and I was amazed that it managed to stay open this long.

They open at 8.00 a.m. and you can order what they have in their menu including these rice sets…

Rice sets

…and at night, opening hours from around 6.00 p.m. till 9.00 p.m., you can order dishes…

Glimpse at menu

…like at any of those not-very-big chu char (cook & fry) restaurants.

Right now, probably in an effort to push their business a bit, they have this chap fan (mixed rice) promotion, Mondays to Fridays from 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. but it seemed that they do not stick rigidly to those hours. We were there past 11.00 a.m. and they only had these dishes…

Meat & fish dishes

…and these vegetables…

Vegetable dishes

…in the food cabinet right beside the entrance…

Food cabinet

…and two more came out after a while. What I was told was that for RM5.00, one would be able to have all 10 options available daily but these two came out…

Two more

…after we had started eating so we only had 8 to choose from, together with the complimentary chicken seaweed soup…

Chicken seaweed soup

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to help ourselves – there was a lady there and we just had to tell her what we wanted and she would put them in our plates of rice. I must say that she was not very generous, far from it and the plate was rather small. I did not bother to ask whether we could have double servings or not as the lady did not seem very keen on chatting.

This was what I had…

What I had

…and my missus had this…

What my missus had

…and we both thought the food was all right, not over oily and no msg overdose unlike many of these Chinese chap fan places around town but we probably would not be dropping by again as I wouldn’t say it was anything that would get us rushing back for more and besides, my missus caught a glimpse of some guy in the kitchen with a cigarette in his mouth but she could not see if he was involved in the cooking or not. I guess there would be others elsewhere doing that same thing as well but as the saying goes, what one does not know/see would not hurt him or her.

MY HOME TOWN CAFEΒ (2.292374, 111.826991) is located at No. 22, Jalan Bindang beside the SCR chicken rice outlet in the Tunku Osman area of shops, right behind the Hong Kong Bank building.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “You can have it all…”

  1. Wow…that’s very cheap. I once ate a chapfan for RM9. 😭😭😭😭😭and there’s not even a meat dish on it!

    Oh dear!!! The Indian/Malay places may be quite expensive but I do prefer those…and yes, there’s meat – mutton especially will be somewhat pricey. The Chinese places are cheaper but kinda mild and unexciting for me.

  2. That’s indeed a good deal. For RM5, you can choose to have bits of everything. I don’t mind they scoop for me. What you & yours missus had is just nice & enough for me.

    I guess one’s appetite depends on one’s size. Hehehehehe!!!

    But actually, I do feel that if you want to do a promo, you should let people help themselves. Some will take more – like me and others will take less – like you…and they can charge for leftovers like most hotels and restaurants here.

    After all, the promo says 10 and there were only 6 dishes when we got there…and later 8, so they should let us have double servings of what we choose to make up the number.

  3. At least in Malaysia, u’re allowed to help yourself, here, all the chap chai rice, we point to them what we want, they scoop for us…

    Only at the Indian and Malay places mostly. The Chinese ones, they scoop for you too.

  4. eh, i also want the bat / flying fox meat. try for us and tell us what it’s like (or find a volunteer to sample for you, heheh) πŸ˜€

    Come, come!!! Hop over and I’ll treat you to that…and then you tell me what it tastes like. πŸ˜€

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