We have not been here

Sri Pelita Cafe price tags

…for a while now for no particular reason but this is one of our favourite places in town when it comes to Indian/Malay kind of cuisine and my girl loves their thosai but they only have that till 11.00 a.m. so we can’t order that for lunch. Their other outlet in the town centre has closed down now but they have another one in the Permai area and according to the Indian guy that day, that one opens till late, up till 11.00 p.m. at night.

One reason why I like this place is how they keep their food in this cabinet…

Sri Pelita Cafe food cabinet

Looking at the knobs, I think this doubles as a food warmer to keep everything warm though maybe, not those dishes on the upper racks…

Sri Pelita Cafe food on the racks

…and it is good that they take the trouble to keep it covered all the time. When there are customers, they will remove the sliding doors with mosquito netting for them to look around…

Sri Pelita Cafe curries

…and pick what they fancy…

Sri Pelita Cafe all the rest

…and as soon as they are done, they will put the doors back right away unlike some places here where the food is left there exposed the whole time.

We decided to go for the nasi campur (mixed rice) that day and my missus had this (RM6.00)…

Sri Pelita Cafe missus' picks

…with a special request for only half the usual amount of rice they would give.

She had the sambal terung (brinjal)…

Sri Pelita Cafe sambal terung

…our favourite in town by virtue of its very very nice sambal, different from all the rest elsewhere and a whole lot nicer.

She also had the sambal telur (egg)…

Sri Pelita Cafe sambal egg

…which had the same sambal and of course, that made it very nice too and together with the two, she had their cangkuk manis.

Likewise, my girl had the sambal terung as well – she loves brinjal no matter how it is done and she asked for their nasi bryani that came with one piece of papadum (RM9.00)…

Sri Pelita Cafe nasi bryani fish curry with sambal terung

…and she had their fish curry with one piece of the brinjal and one of the ladies fingers in the dish.

I did not feel like having the bryani rice so I had the plain, just like my missus, and I also asked for half of the usual serving (RM8.00)…

Sri Pelita Cafe my picks

Of course, like everyone else, I had the sambal terung and I also had the sambal telur…and as always, I just can’t resist salted egg when I see any and along with the three, I also had a slice of fish.

We certainly enjoyed our lunch that day and I must say what we had was much cheaper than what I had at another place here just a few days earlier. Needless to say, for all those aforementioned reasons, rest assured that we would definitely be coming back here again.

SRI PELITA CAFE (2.293579, 111.820700) is located along Lorong Kampung Datu 11, off Jalan Kampung Datu, the first shop in the block to the right of Paramount Hotel.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Reasons…”

  1. I like the fact they keep their food covered. I am really afraid of flies flying around food as I’ve been down with food poisoning too many times.

    I love what Melissa had. I’d take briyani rice anytime over plain rice. Haha.

    I like bryani too, just that I did not feel like having it that day.

    I did notice how over at your side, those shops and stalls would just leave the food in the trays all exposed just like that. You should see those not-so-nice-looking ones at the roadside across the road from the teacher-training institute in Sg Petani where my girl was and all the flies neatly lined up, perched on the sides of the trays. I almost fainted! Two things that amazed me – all the years she was there, there were no serious outbreaks/cases of food poisoning…and there were flies on some trays while none at all at some, dunno why.

  2. I like what you & your missus had but yours is a bit too much for me. Your missus selection, just nice, not too much or little. Ngam ngam hor.

    That’s her usual – just one meat and two veg. Maybe she took a bit too much cangkuk manis, that was why she was charged RM1 more.

  3. Hygiene is important. I would not like to see a single fly on the food.

    Curry fish is my option. Long time no nasi campur.

    I had the best Indian fish curry on Saturday night, so very nice but I did not take any photograph so I would not be blogging about it. Place was too dark, any photo would not turn out nice. I will have to go again one of these days, lunch time and take photos that will do the dish justice.

  4. Good that they put price tag, so far I have not seen any mixed rice over her putting price tag on each dishes…

    Like those nasi kandar places in the peninsula. You point and point and they pile everything on your plate and they will always tell you to eat first. When you’re done and you ask for the bill, the total will give you a heart attack!

  5. The dishes do look tempting. I would zoom in on the curries and any of the spicy stuff.

    I’ve been going round eating all this stuff so much so that now I find a lot of cuisines, Chinese included, rather mild…or bland, even. So unexciting.

  6. a pretty spicy meal! it’s really hot in kl this week, so maybe i’ll forgo the spicy food for this month 😀

    Don’t complain! I bet you would not want the storms we’ve been experiencing lately, whole roof of a block of shops blown away, a parked car be the side turned turtle by the strong wind and a motorcycle landing on the top of somebody’s house. Scary.

    I did hear that spicy stuff is in fact cooling, makes you sweat but that will help lower your body temperature. Lots of stuff are in fact “heaty”, some types of meat, chocolates – those are the things to avoid in hot weather.

  7. Somehow I’m a bit wary of unhygienic food outside and I love how this store took great care of the food! It also gave the patrons more confidence with the cleanliness!
    Aiya.. I gotta skip nasi campur for a while till my tooth recovered fully. Enjoy eating ya!

    That bad? I had mine done and was able to enjoy eating right away!

    Yes, cleanliness is of utmost importance. The city or town councils must be very strict about it, no hanky panky. Some places in some states are so very dirty it is really disgusting but of course, there are people who will tell you that the dirtier the place, the nicer the food. No, thank you. I’m not taking any chances.

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