One day after another…

We have not been here for a long long time as it used to be very crowded and we thought the food was not all that great when we dropped by the first time but there were hits and misses on our second and third visits and when we went there again for the third time, we liked the beef noodles at a stall there – some said she was the sister or somebody related to the guy here, our favourite beef noodles place in town…and I think we went there for the last time for the char kway teow that we used to enjoy a lot before when they were some place else but that time around, we were not all that impressed so we never went back again.

The aforementioned beef noodles stall is no longer there and in its place now, there is this kampua mee stall…

Bateras Food Court Weison kampua stall

…which used to be here and I noticed it was enjoying brisk business at its former location though I did not get to try anything there.

That morning, my missus ordered their pian sip, dry (RM2.80)…

Bateras Food Court pian sip

…and she asked for the dumplings to be tossed in chili sauce. Personally, I did not think it looked all that great but she said it was nice.

I ordered the stewed pork leg rice (RM7.00)…

Bateras Food Court stewed pork leg rice

…from this stall…

Bateras Food Court stewed pork leg stall

…and it turned out that it was actually black vinegar pork leg. It was good and at least, I got a whole lot of meat compared to what I got here and there was an egg too…

Bateras Food Court black vinegar pork leg

…though I was wishing that they had stewed it along with the meat so it would be nicely browned, not freshly cooked and all white like this.

I saw this…

Bateras Food Court mantao with stewed pork belly 1

…at this stall…

Bateras Food Court mantao stall

…and I could not resist ordering it (RM4.50)…

Bateras Food Court mantao with stewed pork belly 2

…as well and yes, it was very nice. For one thing, it worked out to only RM1.50 each which can be considered as very cheap compared to the steamed bak paos (meat buns) in town at prices ranging from RM2.00 and above, usually with some minced meat filling and they may not be all that nice. There is also the stewed pork with mui choy (preserved vegetables), RM5.00 per set but I did not order that. Another time, perhaps. I was quite put off at this place that night when for reasons unknown, they refused to serve us mantao with the mui choy stewed pork. Well, let them do as they please – I can always come here for it anytime I feel like eating that…and it is a whole lot cheaper here too!!!

As we were leaving, I saw the sambal sotong nasi lemak photograph at this stall…

Bateras Food Court The Westernian's

…and I thought it looked really good. So, the very next day, we came back here again and of course, I ordered that (RM7.00)…

Bateras Food Court sambal sotong nasi lemak

…but the only saving grace was how they fried the egg the traditional way with all that golden fringe and I do like it this way. The rice was all right, not really lemak but at least, it was not hard and dry. Unfortunately, the sotong (squid)…

Bateras Food Court sambal sotong

…did not taste all that great. I had expected it to taste like the usual nasi lemak sambal but no, it was completely different and at best, I would say it was o.k. and I did not think it was anything I would go back for again.

Incidentally, is there such a word as “westernian“? And other than that, actually, I was wondering about that halal bit too.

My missus went to the chu char place at the back…

Bateras Food Court chu char

…and ordered this plate of Foochow fried noodles (RM4.00)…

Bateras Food Court Foochow fried noodles

…and she said it was quite good even though it did not have that coveted wok hei fragrance.

The food court is not as crowded as when they first opened – in fact, I thought it was rather quiet or maybe at past 11, we were a little too late for breakfast and 10 o’ clock tea and a bit too early for lunch.

BATERAS FOOD COURT (2.297349, 111.824644) is located among the shops opposite Kin Orient Plaza (where the “old’ Sing Kwong Supermarket is) along Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg, right after Coffee Code and Gabriel’s Recipe, immediately before Kampung Grandma.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “One day after another…”

  1. I was about to commemt on the word “Westernian”. What a name. And it serves nasi lemak? Thought Western food as in its name.

    I like your black vinegar pork. So meaty. And I do agreed on the egg. Prefer it stewed together for extra flavour.

    Yes, see my reply to Sharon and the rest below.

  2. Westernian, at first thought, it sells western foods…

    It does. All western food…except the nasi lemak. Maybe the name is a combination of western+asian = westernian?

  3. I like the vinegar pork leg and agree that the egg should be stewed together to give a lightly brown colour but on the other hand, I like the fried egg with golden fringe in your nasi lemak set. Not much ingredients in the Foochow fried noodles.

    See my reply to Phong Hong below.

    That’s usually the case here , for RM3.80 or RM4.00. Don’t expect a lot of added ingredients, not even green vegetables and that’s not that expensive! Tsk! Tsk!

  4. Stewed pork leg for me anytime hee..hee… I agree, the egg would have benefited from being stewed with the meat.

    I have a weakness for stewed eggs. Seeing it freshly boiled, plain white, was a disappointment. Don’t mind that with mee sua but not with what I had.

  5. Hmm the dry pian sip with chili sauce really did not look great

    My sentiments exactly. If I want it dry, it has to be dry, not half submerged like that. I think they add a bit of soup so they will not stick together – they do that at some places but no, I don’t like that. 😦

  6. I know I’ve said this many times before… but those prices are incredible. Pian Sip for less than one Aussie dollar. You can’t even get a small candy bar for that price.

    I guess standard of living here is low and in a way, that is a blessing.

  7. I love pork, Arthur! And when I have eggs, I love them sunny side up. 🙂

    I love it when they fry it the traditional way like that, in a wok. Not fond of the ones where they do it in a pan, the way a sunny side up should be, but I’m ok if that is what I can have. I love eggs in any which way.

  8. I think the noodle dish looks best of all the photos.

    I also thought it looked good when it was served and my missus said it tasted good too. If only it had that much coveted wok hei fragrance.

  9. The noodles look good, though pity there wasn’t enough ‘wok hei’, because that’s what makes the dish! 😀 The kueh tiao is good too at this place, always one of the more popular stalls.
    Really enjoy reading your blog, but have never dared to comment till now haha 😀

    Thanks for the compliment and a warm welcome to you. Do keep dropping by and feel free to comment, would love to hear from my readers anytime.

    Yes, the kway teow has been a hit since time immemorial – ever since my girl was much younger. We did try once:
    but we thought there are others around town now that have an edge over this one.

  10. I know most people love that wok hei fragrance when eating ‘big fry’ stuffs but William dislike that. He likes clean flavours. Even when eating CKT he’ll insist to have it without that wok hei aroma.

    Oh? I like the fragrance but usually, if something is well-cooked, lots of nice ingredients, it can taste really good too.

  11. That third dish looks like a deconstructed barbecue pork buns, I bet they were delicious! Looks like the fat is meltingly soft

    Those are mantao – steamed plain buns which is basically steamed buns or paos, we call them, with no filling. Up to you to stuff whatever thing inside and eat – my favourite is the stewed pork belly, of course.

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