I was here recently and I thought I saw a sign on top of the ice cream machine that said RM5.00 and I was shocked, thinking that the price had gone up so much. Then, I saw a Facebook friend sharing photographs of what she ate there and I asked her so as to confirm but she said no, it was only RM3.50. Phewww!!! Obviously, I was mistaken and had jumped into conclusion too quickly without looking carefully.

I dropped by again last Saturday as I wanted to try the nasi Arab that my aforementioned friend had there and of course, I had to order the gula apong ice cream…

YS Cafe gula apong ice cream

…that I enjoy very much. To my delight, it was only RM3.00, the same price as before. I guess my friend had one of the toppings with hers and thus, had to pay 50 sen more. It is 50 sen per topping be it crushed peanuts, Nestum or whatever but no, I would never want those with mine. I would not want those extras to drown out the very nice original unadulterated taste of the ice cream.

The nasi Arab with mutton curry…

YS Cafe nasi Arab kari kambing 1

…that I had was a disappointment as far as the rice went. I thought it was kind of bland even though my missus insisted that there were hints of some herbs used in the cooking…

YS Cafe nasi Arab kari kambing 2

It certainly was a far cry from the one from the Pakistani guy here or the African guy’s Moroccan or pili pili rice here but both of those places have been closed since Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month – I don’t know if they have called it a day or they have moved elsewhere.

To give credit where credit is due, I thought the mutton curry was good so I bought some of it home, RM8.00 for a bowl of some 3-4 chunks of the meat…

YS Cafe kari kambing

…but my girl thought it was just so-so, nowhere as nice as the Bangladeshi lamb curry here or the mutton curry with the bryani rice here. For one thing, it was extremely oily so when I took it home, I had to let it sit for a while for it all to settle so I could pour away all the oil on top.

My missus had their nasi Arab with ayam percik

YS Cafe nasi Arab ayam percik 1

…and though the chicken looked great…

Nasi Arab ayam percik 2

…it wasn’t anything special, something like roast or barbecued honey chicken. I would prefer ayam percik with a bit of gravy that would go so very nicely with the rice.

When I went to the cashier’s counter to pay the bill, I was in for a shock! What my missus and I had were RM12.00 EACH! Honestly, I do not recall having anything that expensive at a regular coffee shop before – the Pakistani’s one was RM10.00 and even though I thought it was a little steep, it was very nice and was quite worth it. The two options at the African’s stall a stone’s throw away were only RM9.00 each…and considering that we were not all that impressed by what we had, it is most unlikely that we would be coming back for more.

One thing I would say about this place is despite the crowd – there is always a lot of people at any time of day – the service is great, very efficient and the ever-smiling young eager beavers are very nice and friendly.

YS CAFE (2.310715, 111.820735) is located at the corner of a very nice block of shops at Wisma Hamimas, on your right along Jalan Kampung Nangka if you are driving along that road from Simpang Tiga. 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Mistaken…”

  1. It has been ages since I last had gula apong ice cream. I am like you, no toppings, always go for the original. Owh, it was extremely oily, can see the layer of oil floating. Ayam percik looks good.

    It was nice but not quite like the ayam percik I had before and there was no gravy to go with the somewhat dry rice. Yes, so very oily that I could just pour it all out just like that. I really wonder why it has to be so oily, chicken perhaps as there is oil coming out of the fat and the skin but lamb should not be that bad.

  2. The ayam percik is so tempting…

    It did look good and tasted good too, that much I would say about their chicken. If only the rice had been as nice.

  3. I agree the Ayam Percik looks delicious, but the rice looks a bit dry and hard here. It would be tasted better with gravy from curry mutton.

    Yes, my missus had to help herself to the gravy from my mutton curry – would not have been able to eat it just like that, so dry.

  4. Ice cream looks very yummy. This reminds me of my two babies who enjoys ice cream. It is their favorite.

    Kids, don’t they all love ice cream? What joy it can bring to them. 😀

  5. The ayam percik looked good. Hmm. Nasi Arab? I would prefer briyani with the curry mutton.

    Bryani sure is tastier…if this is what nasi Arab is supposed to be like. I would much sooner go for our own nasi lemak, nasi minyak/kuning, all those instead. And RM12 in a no-class-at-all coffee shop for one of those is ridiculous!

  6. RM3 for that ice cream is still ok, you’re right – especially since a mcdonald’s sundae costs more! 😀

    How much is theirs? My girl loves theirs, with salted caramel, and keeps going for more. I’ve yet to get to try it.

  7. RM12 is enough to pay for two plates of chicken rice here.

    Isn’t it strange sometimes when the food is not up to our satisfaction yet the crowd still seems to making a beeline into that place?

    Exactly! I just cannot understand why. Sometimes, I wonder if there is anything wrong with my taste buds…or maybe, it’s the feng shui.

  8. The chicken does look great, sorry that it was nothing special.

    The chicken was good. It was the rice that was a let-down…and the price!

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