Extra day…

Last week, my girl’s school took an extra day off on Thursday, a cuti peristiwa (occasional holiday) and since Friday was a public holiday (Awal Muharram), she got to spend an extra long weekend at home.

She liked the chap fan (mixed rice) here but most of the time when she was home, they did not have it. I did mention in my previous posts that they do not have it every day, only on week days and not on weekends and public holidays nor during the school holidays – those times when my girl would be home.

That was why I jumped at the chance to take her there…

One O One spotted dick

…last Thursday even though we just went there ourselves quite recently.

Unfortunately, there did not seem to be a lot that she could eat so she took the batter-coated chicken drumstick, not gluten free, to give to me…

One O One chap fan - my girl's picks

…and she cast caution to the wind and took the pork with dried chili in soy sauce. The fried tofu with the white/green gourd and the fried long beans with egg were all right and so was the omelette.

I thought the steamed egg looked very nice…

One O One steamed egg

…so I asked for that and indeed it was, VERY nice and my girl liked it too so I let her have most of it.

I had the tofu that I had the last time again…

One O One chap fan - tofu & sesame seed chciken

…as I liked it a lot but no, there’s soy sauce in the dish as well as the sesame seed chicken that my missus had too…

One O One chap fan - missus' picks

…alongside the fried tofu with green/white gourd and the pork and dried chili in soy sauce and she also asked for a serving of taugeh (bean sprouts) and some green vegetable.

Like on our previous visit, I asked for the rather diluted chicken curry to be served on top of the rice…

One O One chap fan - chicken curry

…and seeing that in the end, the poor thing did really have much to eat, I gave most of the cabbage and long beans to my girl and some of the chicken too.

The cangkuk manis with egg and also the chives came out later otherwise she probably would want to have those but nonetheless, she did enjoy the lunch, RM7.00 per head for two meat and three vegetables with a free flow of complimentary soup (sweet corn) and iced orange cordial and/or tea.

ONE O ONE CAFE (2.305823,111.84837) is located in the Jaya Li Hua Commercial Centre along Lorong Pahlawan 7C, opposite the wet market, among the shops on the other side from the Sibu Bus Terminal area.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Extra day…”

  1. Good to know that she got a chance to try the chapfan though not all the dishes were out yet. Food looks good and is good value at RM7 only for rice, 2 meat and 3 vegetables, soup and drink.

    Yes, she’s been wanting to go for this for a long time now but every time we went, it was not available. I do think it is reasonable priced compared to the chap fan at the coffee shops and the best part is that unlike most/many of those places, the dishes here all taste great and it’s not oily plus I do not detect an overdose of msg in all of them.

  2. I like egg in any form. The steamed egg looks smooth & silky. Price is quite reasonable per pax with free flow of soup & drink.

    Dunno what the going price is now at the chap fan places, maybe RM4.50 for one meat and two vegetables like what my missus had here:
    minus the complimentary soup and the free flow of drinks…and this is a very much nicer place too, not one of those regular coffee shops.

  3. The chap fan items look pretty good especially the drumsticks. Poor Melissa, so many dishes are off limits. Does she suffer ill effects if she takes a little bit of soya sauce like when she ate the pork with dried chilies?

    So far, she did experience some rashes on the back but we did not really know the root cause – what she ate and when. Thank goodness she did not have all the horrible symptoms she had last year when she did not know she was gluten-intolerant and was eating away.

  4. For chap fan, I prefer to go coffeeshop than to food court, as food court are more expensive and not that nice…

    Don’t think there is any food court here – some, they call food court but they still look the same to me, coffee shops.

    1. The food court over here, usually inside shopping mall with air con…

      We don’t have any, maybe a small one at one place but nothing nice there. I hear they are going to start one, a big one – will go and check it out.

  5. Just order the whole tray of steamed egg la LOL

    I would have asked for three servings of that, forget about all the other vegetable options, if I had known then that it was that good! I wouldn’t mind buying home if they sell in takeaway containers like tofu fua.

  6. The steamed egg looks very professional cooked! So smooth and silky looking… sometimes it is cheaper to take a meal outside than cooking, especially chap farn… for a few ringgit, our meal is done!

    Yes, when it comes to chap fan, it sure saves a lot of money and trouble too, as long as it is not too oily, salty and has lots of msg. That is the problem at most of such places.

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