I’ve forgotten when I dropped by this coffee shop…


…but I do recall that I did and it was so very long ago, probably in the 80’s, if I’m not mistaken. I remember people telling me that the kolo mee was good so I went to try. I can’t remember exactly how good it was but I think I did like it. Nonetheless, I never went back again since then as parking in that part of town can be such a pain and the thought of parking further away and walking all the way there certainly would not appeal to me, thank you very much.

However, luck was on my side that day and I managed to grab a parking space in the area behind this shop as there was a car vacating one parking lot as I was just about to go past…and in the end, I decided to drop by and check the place out.

The kolo mee stall is still there…

WANG SENG FOOD CENTRE kolo mee stall

…but it was already closed. Perhaps everything was sold out or it was their off day.

The fried noodles and stuff stall was also closed but I did hear something like they were the same people running the chu char (cook & fry) stall…

WANG SENG FOOD CENTRE chu char stall

…at the back and they would close the stall early, past breakfast and the 10 o’ clock tea break time so as to concentrate on the latter as the customers would be coming in for lunch.

The coffee looked promising…


…but unfortunately, I found it disappointing. I certainly would not rate it among the best or the better ones in town.

We had their bitter gourd omelette…

WANG SENG FOOD CENTRE bitter gourd omelette

…and I could not believe my ears when I was told that it was only RM5.00! It was good and even if it wasn’t, I had no cause for complaint. That would be at least RM8.00 elsewhere.

I saw some people at a table eating their sweet and sour fish and it looked good so I wanted that too…

WANG SENG FOOD CENTRE sweet & sour fish

We had the sweet and sour or chio/ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) and it was such a big one that I expected it to cost some RM25.00 or so. No, it was only RM18.00 and yes, it was very nicely done, I would say.

I found out that they are open every day from morning till around 2-3.00 p.m. when they would close for the day. At such prices, I sure would not mind going there again…provided I get to find a parking space not too far away, that is.

WANG SENG FOOD CENTRE (2.290256, 111.828019) is located along Jalan Wong Nai Siong right behind the Sibu Central Post Office. You can see the Sibu Central Police Station right ahead in the above photograph.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Forgotten…”

  1. I love it that you can eat out so often, Arthur, and I enjoy your posts very much.

    Yes, it is still very affordable living here despite our miserable dwindling ringgit – that lovely meal for two is less than USD6, quite unheard of in many countries overseas. We wouldn’t be able to afford travelling to those places though. 😦

  2. Long time did not eat sweet and sour pomfret. My favourite and regular order whenever I were in Open Air Market. Hehe.

    Dont remember I have been here. Maybe not.

    Probably not. So congested, hard to find parking – I don’t think many would bother going out of their way to drop by if they have not heard of what’s good there. It’s always very crowded in the morning though so my guess is many know this place well.

  3. It’s so disappointing when looks don’t match the actual taste.

    Yes, with all that froth on top, I had high hopes when the coffee was served. Well, at least the food was great…and cheap!

  4. The fish looks good. I did make a bitter gourd omelette a few days ago and enjoyed it. But I did wonder if your restaurants did any special seasonings for the omelette.

    No idea. I guess they would add salt and msg. One place had just a few slices of Chinese sausage (lap cheong) and yes, I could detect the taste in the omelette – not too strong or I would not have liked it as much. Yes, the fish was good, fresh.

  5. My kind of comfort dishes, like homecooked. Both dishes are my favourite.

    Yes, I would agree the dishes looked more like homecooked. Simple and nice…and cheap.

  6. I wanted to cook bittergourd omelette last weekend but all the bittergourds at the supermarket were too big. I have had my disappointments with kopi-o at the coffee shops. Some were diluted!

    Yes, the worst would be those at the Malay coffee shops here, like dark coloured sugar water, no coffee taste at all. I ordered Nescafe once thinking they could do no wrong and they did. Hopeless!!!

  7. The sweet and sour fish is tempting, me is no thank you to bittergourd…

    You don’t know what you’re missing. 😛

  8. Wow.. for those prices, you must go again and again! Cheaper than cooking at home, I think!

    I dunno about it being cheaper but it will definitely save all the trouble of cooking one’s own.

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