Round the corner…

I had to go and get this

The Kitchen kampua survival kit

…for my cousin from Brisbane, Australia who would be coming to town that weekend but they do not open on Saturdays and Sundays nor public holidays.

These are the ingredients needed to toss the noodles in the preparation of a plate of kampua mee and as it may not be so convenient to cart the heavy packs of noodles home, this is the practical solution, just that one would have to use the dried egg noodles sold at the supermarkets instead. Of course, it will not be the same as the original authentic mee but I guess when you are so far away from home, you do not have much choice. As they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

Well, since we were in the vicinity, we decided to go right round the corner from the collection centre and stop by here for their chap fan (mixed rice) lunch

One O One chap fan. meat selections

Priced now at RM7.00 for two meat and three vegetables…

One O One chap fan, vegetable selections

…up by 20 sen from RM6.80 previously, the guy explained that it was to solve the problem of having to prepare loose change for customers. Interestingly, egg and also tofu are categorised as vegetables here, not meat.

My missus had the cangkuk manis with egg and also some chives with egg and some green vegetable and for the meat choices, she picked the stewed pork leg…

Missus' picks 1

…and also the ang chao (η΄…η³Ÿ) bak (meat cooked with the lees or the residue from the red yeast rice in the making of our traditional Foochow red wine)…

Missus' picks 2

…which they served separately with the rice so they could give a bit more of the sauce/gravy.

For my pick of vegetables, I had their brinjal fried with minced meat and soy sauce, their very nice tofu with whatever on top and also the green gourd (I think in Hokkien, they call it pek kuaΒ or pek pu, literally translated as white gourd) with fried tofu

My picks 1

…and I also had the stewed pork leg…

Stewed pork leg

…and I asked for the chicken curry…

My picks 2

…to be served with the rice, gravy and all.

Everything tasted fine including the somewhat diluted/watered-down Chinese-style curry and at RM7.00 per head, I would not say it was very expensive. They certainly were very generous with everything, including two huge chunks each of our meat choices. At the Malay places that we frequent, one chunk/piece would be RM2.00 each so that would be RM4.00 already plus RM1 for the rice leaving RM2.00 for the three vegetable choices and there is also a free flow of iced tea or orange cordial and complimentary soup – that day, it was sweet corn.

A friendly reminder here if you are thinking of dropping by for the same, they only have this on weekdays – Tuesdays (their off day is on every Monday) to Fridays from around 11.00 onwards excluding public holidays and for some reason, they do not have this during school holidays as well.

ONE O ONE CAFE (2.305823,111.84837) is located in the Jaya Li Hua Commercial Centre along Lorong Pahlawan 7C, opposite the wet market, among the shops on the other side from the Sibu Bus Terminal area.

Author: suituapui

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12 thoughts on “Round the corner…”

  1. Sometimes I am also confused as how they categorised their dishes. Anyway, I seldom go for chap fan but my hub will sometimes frequent chap fan stall. Both choices are great and indeed they are generous with everything. Did they scoop the dishes for you or you did it yourself.

    They did that and the guy was so generous. We would not have scooped so much…and who knows they may count one big scoop as two servings and charge extra?

  2. Kampua survival kit! Haha. That is nice idea to check into flight.

    Gosh. So many dishes. That is why I love chap fan. And the chicken curry looked good too. Hmm. Look like business must be very good. Not available during school holidays!

    Yes. My cousins in Kuching would buy the Lee Fah laksa noodles, keep the noodles, bring/send the sachets to their children in the UK – they can use their own bihun there.

    The curry was ok, what I would usually call Foochow curry, very diluted, not pedas but ok sometimes for a change. πŸ˜€ Yes, a lot of people after 12, we got there after 11.30, already a lot of people!

  3. Wahhh..good la you.. really make effort to inform those who are going to this place… which day is closed and all that…

    Have to, otherwise they come all the way…and they cannot get what they want, so sad.

  4. I can’t focus on the words, my eyes are too busy with the food. And I can hear my stomach rumbling.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ That bad? You must be very hungry!

  5. A Kampua Survival Kit, so cute! I heard from my brother that his East Malaysian friends rave about kampua mee and how they missed it so much when they were studying in KL.

    Yes, they’re all like addicted to it. Sure must eat before going somewhere, even if it is on a week-long tour somewhere and as soon as they get back, they must stop on the way from the airport to their homes. I’m ok, not like that – in fact, I do prefer Kuching kolo mee, the good ones, that is.

  6. Kampua survival kit is genius. Locals who gets to eat freshly prepared kampua wont feel it but those overseas will appreciate it much.

    Chap fan for me is always the same thing – chicken curry, bittergourd and tofu. Itu sahaja. If got sambal petai then will definitely take.

    Indeed. Mainly for people living overseas – it seems the shallots in Oz and NZ are different, very big like our smaller Bombay onions. Their spring onions are huge too, like leek…and they only use the bulbs, throw away all the leaves. What a waste!

    No sambal petai at the Chinese chap fan places here – we can only get them sometimes at the Malay stalls and shops and yes, I would definitely help myself to that too.

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