Long long while…

It has been a long long while since the last time I was here…

Tung Ming Cafe

…right next door to the grocery store where I was attracted to the cartoon on their signboard by the side…

Grocery store sign

I’m sure we would all be laughing like that all the way to the bank too if we were raking in all that money, right? LOL!!!

Actually, I cannot even recall the last time I dropped by this coffee shop but thanks to my blog, I can get to find out when the first time was – it was way back in 2009!

I did mention in that post that it did not look all that appealing then and I must say that things have not changed one bit. It still looks more or less the same and is in dire need of some sprucing up, a bit of cleaning and tidying up and a new coat of paint perhaps.

The old lady is still around assisted by a younger lady – my guess is that’s her daughter-in-law…

Tung Ming Cafe kampua stall

…while her son, who looks a lot like the old lady, handles the making and serving of the drinks at the shop.

I do remember that I quite liked the kampua noodles…

Tung Ming Cafe kampua mee 1

…and also the ching th’ng mee (clear soup noodles)…

Tung Ming Cafe ching th'ng mee/clear soup noodles
*Archive photo*

…here, both of which were, in my opinion, very much like the ones I used to enjoy so much in my growing up years. Yes, we can get some very nice ones now but they may not be quite the same as the original or authentic ones that gave us so much pleasure and joy in the long gone days.

It was a Sunday that day and I went out to top up my petrol tank and check the air in the tyres to get ready to send my girl back to her school in the jungle that morning and I stopped by the aforementioned grocery store to get something. I did not have much for breakfast and suddenly, I felt like having a plate of kampua noodles next door and so I did! I don’t know whether it was a Sunday or what but there were quite a lot of people at the shop – normally, in the past, this shop did not seem all that popular.

I’ve mentioned before that the municipal council here has laid down a ruling that a mug of hot boiling water must be provided at all coffee shops for customers to sterilise their eating utensils before use (though “a section of the population” do not seem to bother at all at their coffee shops, it seems).

That morning, I got this one with the face of some handsome guy…

Handsome face on mug

…but I do not know who he is and I did not mind that it was chipped. After all, I would not be using it to drink.

On the other side, there was this…

The secret to a smile

Now, pray tell me – what would you say is the secret to a smile?

A nice plate of kampua noodles…

Tung Ming Cafe kampua mee 2


The one I had that morning was not as expensive as some elsewhere, it was RM2.80 a plate – but there are some cheaper ones going for RM2.50 only or even less elsewhere. I did not expect that as this shop is in a rather quiet section of a residential area, not in the very busy town centre…but it was good and I sure would not mind dropping by again should feel like having the same and I happen to be around there.

TUNG MING CAFE (2.307601, 111.824983) is located along Lorong Delta 10, the second shop in the first block of shops on your right, after the first one – a grocery store, as you turn into the lane from Jalan Delta in the vicinity of the houses behind the Delta Public Swimming Pool.