Some of them…

…are really very nice, my ex-students, but unfortunately, not all of them are. Some do not even bother to acknowledge you or they just pretend they do not see you or worse, they do not know you at all, which brings to mind the story of the Ten Lepers (Luke 17:11-19) in the Bible.

Well, one evening…

Evening, Rejang Esplanade

we dropped by here, a stone’s throw away from this structure of the iconic symbol of Sibu, the Swan…

The Swan

…because I was quite sure that my girl would love some Korean just that she did not want to say it it – I guess by now, she knows pretty well that I am not really into it though I would not mind going for it once in a while as the ladies do enjoy it very much.

When we got there, she said she would like the beef bibimbap

Loco Kitchen bibimbap

…only and we could order the other non-Korean dishes on their menu instead.

We had the sea cucumber with egg…

Loco Kitchen sea cucumber with egg

…but they had those imitation crab sticks in it and if I’m not wrong, there is wheat in those (and no crab) and besides, I think there were bamboo shoots in the dish as well so I would not touch it for fear of a gout attack.

The taugeh (bean sprouts) with salted fish…

Loco Kitchen taugeh with salted fish

…was nice but we absolutely loved their sambal sotong

Loco Kitchen sambal sotong

I sure would want to order that should we happen to drop by again.

It so happened that some of my ex-students were having their dinner there too that evening and when we were done, I went to pay my bill only to be told by the boss that it had been settled already by the boys. Well, they’re men now…but to me, my boys will always be…my boys and yes, some of them are really very sweet and nice. It is the likes of these, I must say, that sure makes it a lot more worthwhile being…a teacher.

LOCO KITCHEN 韓江小廚 (2.284411, 111.832114) is located along Lorong Lanang 2 somewhere in the middle of the block of shops opposite Li Hua Hotel, Sibu.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Some of them…”

  1. My student thought I have sore throat that day and passed me a sweet to eat, so sweet of him. Yes we might run into mischievous students but of course there are some who are so sweet that they just melt your heart

    Same as you, I am not really into Korean food but don’t mind having it once in a while

    That makes two of us then! 😉 I don’t mind them being mischievous, especially when most of mine were boys. I was in a boys’ school for 19 years.

  2. Though I am not into Korean food but taugeh with salted fish & sambal sotong foR me, pls. So blessed to have such sweet students.

    Indeed, one of the perks being a teacher. You’re like me then – not into Korean either. The sambal sotong was really good – I sure would want to order that again when we drop by here another time…and I sure was glad they removed the tails of the taugeh. Some chap fan places…or char kway teow stalls do not bother at all.

  3. Hmm. Sea cucumber with egg?? That was unheard of. Never had that before.

    But I would enjoy the bean sprouts with salted fish. And the sambal sotong too.

    That is what we call kay hu chi (fake sharks’ fins) – same recipe as the sharks’ fins, fried dry but they replace the offensive stuff with sea cucumber instead…and normally they use tang hoon (glass noodles) instead of those imitation crab sticks. Was very popular at one time, maybe in the 90’s, a welcome change from the soup version and a lot more suitable for serving at buffet parties.

  4. it’s marvellous that you left such an impact on your students’ lives that they remain grateful to you after all these years. it’s a reminder that you had a meaningful career that made a difference 🙂

    I would like to believe it is so. 😉

  5. I wouldn’t mind that sambal sotong with some beer!

    Unfortunately I’ve gone off beer…and for that matter, all alcoholic drinks, after the gout attacks resulting from a few mugs of beer. Tiger.

  6. You can also make your own Bibimbap at home, quite easy

    I guess we do, something of the sort with my missus’ own homemade kimchi…and I’m not fan of kimchi. 😦

  7. Sambal sotong, I like it…

    I’m sure this is nothing like the ones you’ve tasted – different from the usual we have had before elsewhere, very nice.

  8. The sambal sotong with the lime made me salivate! What a wonderful dinner, especially when it is blessed with your “schoolboys!”

    Indeed…and as they say, “The best things in life are free.” 😀

  9. The food looks yummy indeed but recently my threshold of tolerance for chilies is sloping down, making me unable to eat much spicy food, perhaps it’s my gastritis, too much staying up late, eating in irregular hours. Worthy of mention, though, I had Korean food the other day too, Beef Bulgogi claypot rice.

    You’re right, some students treat us as transparent when we bump into them in town. But I was lucky like you last Sunday,treated to lunch by an ex national public speaking champion, the son of Susan Soh. He was so polite and humourous. I felt so much appreciated by his gesture.

    Ahhhh!!! My friend, Susan! Have not heard of/from her for a long long time, nor our mutual friend, Marina. Funny how they were teachers in a premier school but they did not put their children there with them.

    Sounds like problems a lot of teachers face these days, gastric problems. Possibly the result of irregular eating or no square meals owing to work or other reasons.

  10. Since you did not eat that sea cucumber with egg and I guess Melissa did not neither, who ate it? Your wife?

    That is very nice of your ex-students to secretly pick-up the bill. It is no surprise as I’m sure you are truly someone who plays a very important role in their schooling life growing up.

    I certainly hope so. 😉

    Yes, the mum had it all. Somehow she managed or we could always tapao home, otherwise.

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