Some of them…

…are really very nice, my ex-students, but unfortunately, not all of them are. Some do not even bother to acknowledge you or they just pretend they do not see you or worse, they do not know you at all, which brings to mind the story of the Ten Lepers (Luke 17:11-19) in the Bible.

Well, one evening…

Evening, Rejang Esplanade

we dropped by here, a stone’s throw away from this structure of the iconic symbol of Sibu, the Swan…

The Swan

…because I was quite sure that my girl would love some Korean just that she did not want to say it it – I guess by now, she knows pretty well that I am not really into it though I would not mind going for it once in a while as the ladies do enjoy it very much.

When we got there, she said she would like the beef bibimbap

Loco Kitchen bibimbap

…only and we could order the other non-Korean dishes on their menu instead.

We had the sea cucumber with egg…

Loco Kitchen sea cucumber with egg

…but they had those imitation crab sticks in it and if I’m not wrong, there is wheat in those (and no crab) and besides, I think there were bamboo shoots in the dish as well so I would not touch it for fear of a gout attack.

The taugeh (bean sprouts) with salted fish…

Loco Kitchen taugeh with salted fish

…was nice but we absolutely loved their sambal sotong

Loco Kitchen sambal sotong

I sure would want to order that should we happen to drop by again.

It so happened that some of my ex-students were having their dinner there too that evening and when we were done, I went to pay my bill only to be told by the boss that it had been settled already by the boys. Well, they’re men now…but to me, my boys will always be…my boys and yes, some of them are really very sweet and nice. It is the likes of these, I must say, that sure makes it a lot more worthwhile being…a teacher.

LOCO KITCHEN 韓江小廚 (2.284411, 111.832114) is located along Lorong Lanang 2 somewhere in the middle of the block of shops opposite Li Hua Hotel, Sibu.