Take my time…

I cooked some fish curry not too long ago and my girl loved it! I did mention in my post at the time that I only used half of the packet of instant curry paste and half of the can of coconut cream so the other day, I took them out of the freezer to cook some more…

My fish curry, bawal hitam

…but this time with ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret). However, I did not have most of the ingredients that I added before, just some brinjal and tofu puffs.  Nonetheless, it was good and once again, my girl enjoyed it very much.

I can’t remember exactly now but it was definitely several months ago when I bought this pack of beef satay…

CCK beef satay

…20 sticks altogether…

20 sticks

…from a supermarket here. It was so long ago that I cannot even remember the price but I guess it was not expensive, otherwise I would not have bought it.

It is a product of our local Sibu company that imports and sells all those frozen stuff here, there and everywhere – I even saw their shop…

CCK in Seremban
*Archive photo*

…in the peninsula in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

My girl asked me a couple of times why I had not cooked them yet, knowing how I can’t seem to stand seeing things sitting idle in the freezer or fridge or in the pantry but this time was an exception to the rule. Somehow or other, I was taking my time and did not seem to feel the urge to get down to it.

The sticks of satay were all pre-marinated so I did not have to go through the chore of doing that but they were frozen…


…and I had to take them out earlier to let them defrost slowly.

No, I did not grill them over hot burning charcoal in a barbecue pit – I just used a pan…

Grill in a pan

…basking them with cooking oil using some of the stalks of serai (lemon grass) from my garden, ends bruised well, and turning them over time and again, like how I would often see them doing it at the stalls.

I made sure that some parts were well-grilled…


…and slightly burnt on the outside, still o.k. on the inside. That would give the satay the added fragrance and taste.

Once they were done, I served them with some canned satay peanut sauce…

Served with peanut sauce

…that I bought, Sunstar Brand. This is the brand that we use these days, not as good as the one we used to love, but it is not too bad. For reasons unknown, the company has seen it fit to stop producing the very nice satay peanut sauce even though I do see some of their other products like canned chicken curry, for instance, being sold at the supermarkets and shops.

As for the satay, for one thing, the chunks of beef were very thick and it was quite tender, not tough at all, unlike the ones sold at the shops and stalls. I have already given up buying any from them as it would be a struggle trying to eat theirs – just like leather, unlike their chicken or lamb!

On top of that, it tasted very nice and we certainly enjoyed them very much. I sure wouldn’t mind buying some more and you can be sure that the next time around, I would not be taking my sweet time in getting down to cooking them.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Take my time…”

  1. Never know there is such type of sate. Am not observant I guess. Used to buy Wee’s brand satay sauce but now it seems is not in production. I think nowadays the only Satay sauce on the shelves is Sunstar brand. Bought one tin not too long ago. Your satay looks good.

    In fact, I did not think it would be any good, probably just like those from West Malaysia – they do have frozen ones too. You’d get those at the Malay shops and stalls and at hotels, ok…not great. These are nicer.

    Yes, I do not see Ayam anymore either – Ayam is also nice but yellow in colour. Sunstar is nice but the taste is not quite there, wee’s was the best!

  2. Grilling is not my forte at all. Nice photos, Arthur!

    According to the instructions, one can just pur them in the oven but then again, if one does that, one would not be able to bask the sticks in oil and turn them over and over again so much.

  3. Used to have one CCK shop nearby and I bought my chickens there but it moved to somewhere near Batu Kawa emart and I never been there.

    I did not know they have frozen satay then.

    I love the fish curry. Black pomfret would be my choice too.

    My girl’s favourite fish. I am not particular, don’t mind others as long as they’re not the farmed ones with the horrible mud small and not so fond of those with a lot of bones too.

    I did not know CCK has satay too, was surprised when I saw it at a supermarket here. I seldom go to their shops since I usually drop by the supermarkets, will just get everything from there, no need to go here and there.

  4. Never use curry with fish but I have with chicken

    Use this brand of instant paste for seafood if you want to cook fish – very nice, nicer than most, if not all, of the shops in town. The meat one for chicken and beef is really good too. I never bother using the other brands after I discovered this one.

  5. We buy frozen pre-marinated satay too, from a shop near us. They’re called Mr Satay, or something similar, and make the satay in the shop. It’s very good and they sell the sauce as well.

    I wonder where the country of origin is. Malaysia? If so, those would be from the peninsula then. We do get those here too and some Malay shops and stalls will give you 2 or 3 by the side of your plate of rice or noodles. Not bad too, those. I was hoping there would be a pouch of satay sauce in this one but there was none. I know for roti canai or roti pratha, some brands will give the dhal dip or curry gravy in a pouch inside the pack.

    1. I think they’re Malaysian. We also buy frozen pratha, but I’ve never seen those with a pouch of gravy.

      Not all, some. We have a wide range of choices here. They do mention it on the outside of the packs if they have it inside.

  6. I love coconut cream in curries. I bet it is lovely with fish.

    It’s creamier than santan/coconut milk…but we often use evaporated milk instead in our curries – will not go bad so quickly in our tropical heat.

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