Come over…

2017 is Visit Sibu Year and Bubu


…the friendly crocodile, is the official mascot.

I stumbled upon this very nice display at one of the shopping malls in town the other day. It probably has been there for sometime, just that I did not drop by…or walk past that way and hence, I did not see it before this.

I thought it was very nicely done – I could see the buah dabai (our local black olives)

Dabai and all the rest

…and the duku or langsat and it amazed me to see how cleverly they managed to replicate the hairs on the rambutans. Can you spot our famous/infamous delicacy, the sago worm?

There is the buah manggis (mangosteen) and buah nangka (jackfruit) in this section…

The Hornbill and more

…and the pitcher plant aka monkey pot alongside a nice carving of the Hornbill, our state bird, and you can see the midin (wild jungle fern) here, there and everywhere.

Well, it is already September, less than four months left in the year so what are you all waiting for? Come over and find out for yourself all that this little town has in store for you.

If you come over now, there is a new attraction, a new pasar malam (night market) at the Sungai Merah Heritage Walk…

Sungai Merah

…where the Lovers’ Bridge is located…

Lovers' Bridge

One of the NGO’s here has set up this structure…

LOVE Garden

…in the vicinity…

Lock the Love

…so couples can attach their pairs of padlocks…


…onto the frame. I think I did see them selling those at a stall/booth close by so no worries, you do not have to bring your own.

As for the night market proper, I don’t know if we were too early that day or many of the booths/stalls were still vacant, yet to be rented out. There was one selling soya bean products…

Soya Bean stall

…and another one specialising in the bak kua (barbecued sliced pork)…

Loong Kee

…one of the better known names in Kuala Lumpur.

I was glad to see this guy wearing a mask…


…while doing the grilling. That is a good hygienic practice, I must say. Unfortunately, he was not doing it over some hot burning charcoal…

Pork satay

…but nonetheless, my missus did buy the pork satay (RM2.00 per stick) from him to try. It was very tasty but a bit too salty for our liking.

You can get to enjoy some fried chicken at this stall…

MR Fried Chicken

…if that tickles your fancy and there is kompia

Kompia stall

…our so-called Foochow bagel, at this one and there are chicken claws…

Chicken claws

…available here. Eyewwwww!!! No, thank you!

This one selling rojak and kompia and a lot of other fried stuff as well seemed to draw quite a lot of people…

Free testing

…and as I went closer to have a look, I could see what the attraction was. Free testing! No, I did not bother to sample anything – by then, I was feeling a bit hot and uncomfortable so we decided not to go any further. I think there is a stall further up selling roast chicken or duck or whatever – I could see something like that in the distance and no, we did not feel like having that either.

The sun was setting…

Setting sun

…when we crossed the bridge and went back to where I had parked the car and left.

As far as pasar malams or night markets go, I do feel that the main one in the town centre has an edge over this one – for one thing, there are a lot more things, especially our local Sibu/Foochow delights and on the whole, it is more interesting.

Having said that, you may want to check out this one if you are keen but most people who come here will probably stay for a weekend and maybe a day or two more so they may not have the luxury of time. Besides, if one is staying at a hotel, chances are he or she would be at the town centre, quite a distance from here and it would not be so convenient to drop by unless one has one’s own transport…or a local resident, be it a relative or a friend, to bring them here.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Come over…”

  1. i saw the sago worm! , lol, lovely rambutan hairs 🙂

    nice spot in sibu to check out.. if i ever have the chance to go over.

    What’s keeping you? Everyone can fly! You’ll find it very cheap and very nice here, great for a brief holiday.

  2. What a beautiful sight. Everything on display was very nicely done. Yeah!!!…my favourite braised chicken claws, thank you. That’s a lot to look, see & enjoy.

    Aha!!! Now I know one thing that you like but for me, it’s a no…no…no!!! Chicken claws!!! Eat! Eat more! They say it is full of collagen, will keep you looking young. Muahahahaha!!!!

  3. I’ve seen a real sago worm in Sabah. There is a similar one in Australia which the Aboriginals eat, called the wichetty grub. I don’t think I can eat these wriggling creatures!

    I tried once but no, I did not like it. Couldn’t get over that geli-geli feeling inside me. They say it is so nice, so lemak…like chicken butt – I am no fan of that either. No, thank you. They can have them all, none for me. 😀

  4. Heheh, my grandmother, mom and sister would all say, yes, thank you, to chicken claws! 😉

    So they all look young, all that collagen? 😀 You’re like me then, no, thank you…never mind chicken or duck.

  5. Yip. I spotted the sago worm. On the log.

    Indeed very creative decor. Bubu, the crocodile. Buaya doesnt sound cute. Bubu it shall be. ^^

    Love your last photo. The sun setting.

    Sunset snapshots always look nice, somehow. Yes, never mind even if it looks cute – a buaya is a buaya. 😀

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