Look what you made me do…

My foodie-friends in Singapore, blogger Alvin and a member of his gang, Mark, were sharing on Facebook their photos of the Indonesian deep-fried crispy duck (bebek goreng) that they had here. Of course with their very sophisticated equipment, they were able to take really great photographs, definitely nothing like the ones that I take, and looking at them, I suddenly developed a craving for what they had.

That was why I headed back to this place here and actually, I did hear from the friend sometime ago that their bebek was nice just that I never got round to dropping by there to give it a try.

I ordered the bebek penyet and nasi putih, literally translated as clobbered duck with white rice (RM11.00)…

D'Santai Cafe bebek penyet 1

…which came with a very nice sambal (chili dip) and also something like kicap manis pedas (thick and sweet dark soy sauce, spicy), served separately and not in the platter proper by the side.

It was somewhat hard and dry on the outside…

D'Santai Cafe bebek penyet 2

…like it had been over-fried or something but thankfully, inside…

D'Santai Cafe bebek penyet 3

…it was all right – the meat was still very nice and juicy. However, having said that, I did not seem to be able to detect the strong duck smell so much so that I was not really sure whether I was eating duck or chicken.

My girl had their ayam penyet (RM10.00, with rice) and she said it  was all right but one thing’s for sure, it did not look like this…

D'Santai Cafe ayam penyet poster

– far from it, in fact, and all we had with our slab of poultry were a generous serving of what the lady told me is called kerimis – the egg and tapioca flour crumbs, a few slices of cucumber, two short strips of long beans and a couple of small pieces of cabbage – but no fried tofu and no tempeh as mentioned in the display.

I also ordered a bowl of sup tulang (RM10.00)…

D'Santai Cafe sup tulung

…to share and true to its name, it was all tulang (bones) with hardly any meat. Thankfully, the soup was all right, nicer than some that I had elsewhere but no, it was a bit too diluted and not something I would be rushing to order again.

My missus had the bumbu ijo ayam penyet (RM10.00, with rice)…

D'Santai Cafe bumbu ijo ayam penyet

…and no, she didn’t complain so I guess it was to her liking.

In comparison, I do feel that the sambal here is very much nicer and their steamed rice is second to none – I thought the one here wasn’t all that nice, a little on the dry side and they could have added some pandan leaves while cooking it to give it a little bit of that pleasant fragrance. Furthermore, the ones at that other place are very much cheaper too but they only have chicken and ikan keli (catfish), no duck.

Incidentally, each of our orders and those in the same section in the menu are entitled to a free drink – coffee, tea or syrup…but if they had water in the list, I would much sooner go for that. Let’s just say that I was not too thrilled about the iced black coffee that I had.

D’SANTAI CAFE (2.305748, 111.863080) is located among the shops to the right of Star Mega Mall, visible from the main road, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (road to Sibu Airport), round the corner from the newly-opened TK Hardware store there.