All day…

No, it wasn’t pre-planned or anything, not our intention at all, but it so happened that last Sunday, we had western all day.

When I got up in the morning, I decided to make some pies for breakfast. No, I can’t use shortcrust nor puff pastry as those would not be gluten-free. I just made some  mashed potatoes and used that as the cover as in cottage or shepherd pies. There wasn’t any beef in the freezer either but there was minced pork so that would have to do and I used that to cook the filling…and in no time at all, the pies were ready…

My pies

Around lunchtime, I wanted to drop by the hypermart here as I saw in the newspapers that they had some beef on sale over the weekend and we decided we would go here…


…for lunch as it would be very convenient for us to do that. This place is located inside that same mall.

My girl had her favourite here, the grilled Norwegian salmon with lemon butter sauce (RM30.90)…

CafeCafe@Giant grilled Norwegian salmon with lemon butter sauce

…while the mum tried their grilled chicken with mushroom sauce (RM19.90)…

CafeCafe@Giant grilled chicken with mashroom sauce

I thought the fish looked thinner than before and somewhat overdone but my girl said it was all right and enjoyed it very much. She had the grilled chicken before but she said it was a bigger slab and it was not well done inside and she did not enjoy it then – the one the mum had that day was good though and my guess is she would want to order that the next time we come here as no batter, hence no wheat flour, was used in the cooking.

I had their crispy chicken chop (RM19.90)…

\CafeCafe@Giant crispy chicken chop

…with maltaise sauce…

CafeCafe@Giant maltaise sauce

…but it looked kind of hard that day like it had just been taken out of the fridge or something. I would expect it to be creamier and thankfully, it tasted fine. Well, my girl liked this before but she would not be able to enjoy it now as the chicken was coated with bread crumbs.

That night, we went round looking for some place to have dinner and ended up here…

Eco-Delite Cafe
*Archive photo*

…but unfortunately, we were directed to a table where the light was way too dim for me to take some decently nice photographs.

I had their braised lamb shank (RM39.90)…

Eco-Delite Cafe braised lamb shank

…which was at best, all right. I would always expect my lamb shank to be served on a bed of mashed potatoes but sadly, there wasn’t any. As for the taste, I think I would prefer the one at this other place which incidentally, was also cheaper, RM33.90 the last time I had it – up from RM31.90 the previous time and I wouldn’t know if they have raised the price again.

My girl had their grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce (RM9.90)…

Eco-Delite Cafe grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce

…which she said was all right though I did not see her getting too excited about it and the mum had their beef burger (RM15.90) but all the snapshots I took of it did not turn out good, not that the two above were all that great. I do wish they would turn up the lights at such places and maybe, turn them down later, say, after 9, for those staying on for drinks and those who would prefer a more romantic atmosphere.

Personally, I do feel that what we had for lunch had an edge over what we had for dinner especially when considering that price wise, they were more or less the same – I had to fork out over RM70 at both even though there was a 15% discount at the time at the latter for National Day.

CAFE CAFE@GIANT (2.325540, 111.853538), is located on the ground floor of the Giant Hypermert Megamall located to the left of SMK Bandar Sibu along Jalan Ling Kai Cheng while ECO-DELITE CAFE (2.330846, 111.855645) is located further  in, to your right at the roundabout ahead and at the shops on your left a short distance ahead along Jalan Ulu Sg Merah. 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “All day…”

  1. interestingly the chicken chop at the dinner place costs half the price of the chicken chop at the lunch place 🙂

    Yes, I only noticed when I was writing the post. The place did have some items on promotion before, very very cheap – maybe this was one of them. That is why a lot of people flock there for dinner, affordable western and it is not too bad, generally. I wouldn’t say it would get me all excited…but it was o.k.

  2. By now, you should know I am a typical Chinese amoi. Among all you had for the whole day, I like your homemade pies.

    Yes, even though I did not follow any recipe, it did not quite taste western…somehow. I did add some herbs like a bit of the rosemary in my garden even.

  3. I like lamb shank too and yes, like it on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes

    That’s usually how it is served, so every time, I would expect that. Once I do not see it, I would deduct some marks already, two thumbs down!

  4. First time I heard about maltaise sauce after googling it sounds delicious but I agree with you that does not look right especially if its made with hollandaise sauce, it should not curdle like that 🙂

    It was all right when we had it before. This time around, I thought it looked like it just came out of the fridge. 😦

  5. Like Irene, I am not so much a fan of western though I take it once a blue moon… Yes, like Irene again, I like the potato pies you made! They look so tempting… yummmssss!

    Me neither. Nothing like our own Asean/Asian cuisines! Will go for it sometimes for a change with my girl, but you will not see me going for it on my own.

  6. I actually prefer my pies without a crust and I really like adding sweet potato to the potato mash.

    I’ve had that before, once in Penang and once here, sweet potatoes in the mashed potatoes. Yet to try that myself.

  7. I wouldn’t mind Western all day but not everyday. Haha.

    Love your homemade pies.

    Cafe-Cafe. I tried the lamb before. Like the lamb chop with mint sauce. Did not try its lamb shank; not sure it is any good.

    I think I’ve had enough western for a while now. Besides, I do not feel like is one place serving western cuisine now that is to die for. Same with Japanese. The lamb shank was from the other place – don’t think I’ve ever had the lamb chop at Cafe2.

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