Somebody went and put together some containers…

Container shops

…right next to the Giant Hypermart here…

Giant Hypermart, Sibu

…to be used as shops.

The place wasn’t quite ready yet and there were some people working that day when we dropped by.

I loved the elaborately decorated washrooms, the exterior…

Washrooms, outside

…and the use of the petrol pump nozzles and oil drums for their water taps and wash basins…

Taps and wash basins

Right now, there is a stall selling some Korean delicacy…

Gyeran-ppang stall

I did go and ask what it was, this what-they-call gyeran-ppang thing, and the nice and friendly girl said it was something like kuih bahulu (egg cake) with its special filling, cheese or lava whatever but she said it was RM5.00 each so I had second thoughts about buying any to try.

There were also one of those (bubble) tea places, a watering hole…

Saloon Bistro

…which probably only opens at night, a hair salon and this stall selling plants…

Stall selling plants

Well, I was there to check out this place…


…that someone was telling me about. It is air-conditioned inside but I chose to sit outside under one of the fans and enjoy the fresh open air.

They serve western dishes at night (but somebody went to try their lamb chop and was not in the least impressed) while for lunch, you can get the usual stuff they serve at the Malay coffee shops here…

My missus had their ayam penyet rice (RM8.50)…

JuneWestern ayam penyet rice

…that she enjoyed very much but we were wishing that the sambal had been spicy…

JuneWestern ayam penyet

I ordered this add-on, our very own Sarawak delight, the daging masak hitam (RM2.00)…

JuneWestern daging masak hitam

…and it was very good though the beef could have been a little bit more tender.

I tried the nasi lemak (RM5.00)…

JuneWestern nasi lemak 1

…and yes, it was quite lemak (rich in coconut milk), very fragrant and somehow, I thought it tasted something like the pulut (glutinous rice) in the bottom layer of the serimuka/kuih salat.

I would give them two thumbs up for their fried egg…

JuneWestern fried egg

– done the traditional way, how my mum used to do it and there was fried chicken by the side as well. I certainly would not mind having another go at it…

JuneWestern nasi lemak 2

…again should I happen to be in the vicinity, especially when we feel the food is good and the prices are more or less what they would charge at the not-as-nice Malay coffee shops.

JUNEWESTERN is located at No. 4J on the 1st floor of the container shops (2.324531, 111.853105) along Jalan Ling Kai Cheng, between Giant Hypermart and SMK Bandar Sibu.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Container…”

  1. There’s a place called “The Container” over here too, somewhere near the Spring, Jln Simpang Tiga. For sure, I will love the daging masak hitam and fried egg. That’s how it should be done, crispy edges. Sometimes ago, you have been going round looking for the best nasi lemak, does this one suits your tastebud?

    Nope, my favourite is still the one at the roadside stall at Bandong Walk here.
    His is a little bit more lemak and his sambal is extra spicy, very much to my liking. This one here is good, better than many at the shops elsewhere but it is a little behind that one.

  2. Sounds like the local cuisine tasted better than the Western. Very creative set up. Ooo. So it is somewhere near Giant.

    Yes, right beside it. I have not gone to try the western but somebody went and showed me a photograph via Facebook the lamb chop that he had. One look at it said it all!

  3. Awesome photos, Arthur, and I love the containers and colours!

    The food here would be good for you, not spicy! And there’s rice! 😀

  4. I love the decorated washroom, has been a while since I had ayam penyet..

    You should be able to get very nice and really authentic ones over there – it’s of Indonesian origin.

  5. The containers are very well done, especially that colourful washing area.

    Yes, very nice place. Will drop by again when it is completely ready and fully occupied.

  6. Those containers are quite practical and they do look very nice done up like that. That fried egg – very rare to see it done that way.

    Yes, must be fried in a wok and the oil must not be too hot. You will never get that if you use a pan – most of them do that these days.

  7. this looks like a hip zone that could attract quite a few youngsters! 😀

    Hmmmm…now you make me feel so ancient! 😀 I bet the bubble tea place would draw them all in, kids love those places – no, thank you.

  8. Thanx so much for visiting our cafe….im so sorry on behalf june cafe coz lamb chop/kambing beriani not available at this moment…from time to time we plan to make more dishes that could satisfy our customer…thanx for visiting us and come again. Happy Chinese New Year to all our chinese friends and our customers and to our business partners👍👍👍

    Thank you. Yes, we enjoyed what we had that day – will certainly try to drop by again to enjoy what you have to offer.

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