Where do you come from…

That night, I went searching for this place…

Restoran Muhajirin

…after I saw somebody sharing on Facebook some photographs of the noodles available there.

I tried their kopi serbuk Muhajirin, black (RM2.50)…

Kopi serbuk Muhajirin

…which was not too bad with a kind of nutty sort of taste so it was different from our local coffee but I thought it was quite nice.

I asked the people where the guy was from and they were not too sure – some of them said Lanzhou but probably they arrived at that conclusion from the name of the la mian, his handmade pulled noodles…

Restoran Mhuajirin noodle chef 1

I watched him fold and twist and twirl the dough and pull until the strands of noodles miraculously appeared…

Restoran Muhajirin noodle chef 2

I asked him, “你哪裡來的?” (Where are you from) and he replied, “中國,” (China) so I probed further, “中國在哪裡?” (Where in China?) to which he replied, “新疆.” (Xinjiang)

My missus had the pulled noodles…

Restoran Muhajirin pulled noodles

…with braised beef (RM8.90)…

Restoran Mhuajirin pulled noodles with braised beef

…and it was very good. The soup was great too and the beef was really nice and tender.

I picked their sliced noodles with clear beef soup (RM7.00)…

Restoran Muhajirin sliced noodles in clear beef soup

…but I did not like the noodles, hard and chewy in some parts and the soup was somewhat light, not thick enough for me.

Those of you who are not into wan sui/daun ketumbar (coriander leaves), be forewarned that they do add those so you will have to tell them not to do so. I know a lot of people here, unlike the people in Kuching, do not like the smell – they say it smells like bed bugs.

We also had their dumplings, beef (RM7.90)…

Restoran Muhajirin beef dumplings

…but no, I did not think they were anything to get excited about. I certainly would try something else instead should I happen to drop by here again.

RESTORAN MUHAJIRIN (2.325989, 111.840810) is located along Lorong Sg Merah 2, off Jalan Teng Chin Hua to the left of its traffic lights junction with Jalan Igan, with the RHB Bank, Sg Merah branch, on the opposite side of the junction, back to back with the Mega Store Supermarket.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Where do you come from…”

  1. Eh I didn’t know you speak Mandarin that well. I also don’t like the sliced noodles if they are hard and tough to chew. I think I will like the beef dumplings because from your photos the skin looks thick and chewy soft.

    I’m quite conversant in the language now as most everybody everywhere is speaking it…and the problem is, they are monolingual.
    Looks like it’s not just here: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/has-mandarin-replaced-hokkien-in-penang#ZkmoUtveIbrvMW4A.97
    That was why I did not like the dumplings, too thick and too chewy and the filling was rather disappointing too.

  2. I prefer thinner skin and more filling in my dumplings; fried or steamed types.

    There is one beef noodle over here. Heard from a friend it was good. The chef from China and he made and pull his own noodle. Hubby tasted it once and he said the broth was nice and thick with thick chunky beef. I did not take photo that time as not feeling 100% well so no post on that. ^^ maybe time to revisit.

    So far, here, only what my missus had would get my thumbs up. Would go back to try the “sate” – somebody told me that is very popular in Xinjiang.

  3. Beef noodles look good! Pretty cheap too for that portion

    Yes, pricing is reasonable. Would need to improve on the taste, the clear beef soup especially.

  4. Both bowls of noodles looks pretty good….and a big NO to wan sui, smells like cockroaches to me…..but my hub & daughter love it much. Not easy to find in the market these days.

    Oh? I thought ALL Kuching people love wan sui. I have acquired the taste so I do not mind it so much but not my missus nor my girl – they still don’t like it and a lot of my cousins in Kuching too. It seems we can buy it at the market in Sibu now, no need to get by special order from Kuching anymore for laksa or popiah.

  5. I’ve always wanted someone to teach me how to pull noodles like that!

    It looked real easy but no, I wouldn’t want to try, thank you very much. 😀

  6. Wahhh..now they import cooks from China!! Introducing more China food.. come, come! A common sight too in Johor itself…

    Many who have been to China complained about the food there, not nice at all, better to eat instant noodles in the hotel room, one must not eat Peking duck in Beijing, go for the ones in Hong Kong bla…bla…bla…but we have had chefs from Shanghai or dunno where else and they’re not bad at all.

    The ones here, the general feeling is that we have places serving better beef noodles in town, just that they do not use those made-on-the-spot pulled noodles…and I did not like the dumplings – lots of better ones around here.

  7. I am always fascinated by those pulled noodles! I wonder how they do it, lots of practice I suppose.

    Seemed so very easy, so very fast! I wish I could do that too.

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