Loved you first…


Nur Islamic Cafe

…was probably the first place, or one of the two at least, in Sibu where one could get to eat nasi bryani and yes, I did blog about it time and time again like here for instance and this was the other place at the time but it has since closed down and has now relocated to this place in town.

I remember when my girl attained straight A’s in her UPSR, I ordered over 100 packs from this shop to give my colleagues in my former school a treat at the time and that was way back in 2001, if I am not wrong.

Well, we happened to drop by again the other day and it looked like the prices had increased a bit…

Nur Islamic menu

…but RM12.00 for their mutton bryani ain’t too bad, considering that some places are charging RM15.00 for that.

My missus had the chicken (RM9.00)…


…and I must say that they were very generous with the curry gravy and there was this nice-looking acar timun (cucumber pickle)…

Acar timun

…and the dhal dip by the side as well.

Dhal dip

I had the mutton (RM12.00)…

Nur Islamic mutton bryani

…of course and no, there wasn’t all that much meat…

Kari kambing

…but I reckoned that was enough and no, they did not use the long-grained rice…

Bryani rice

…that some elsewhere are using for their bryani rice but that was fine by me.

On the whole, I thought it was still as nice as before and I sure would not mind dropping by again…provided I could find a place to park the car – this is another one of those places in town where parking can be such a pain.

NUR ISLAMIC CAFE (2.292183, 111.825945) is located along Jalan Kampung Nyabor in the Tuanku Osman area of shops, right beside the Academy Book Centre, Sibu, across the road from the RH Hotel.

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6 thoughts on “Loved you first…”

  1. To be on the safe side, chicken for me as I am afraid other meat might have any peculiar smell. Acar timun are most welcome. Love it.

    Ok with curry, all the curry ingredients and spices would drown out all the smell. Like how at some Chinese places, they fry meat like wild boar with a whole lot of serai, ginger, black pepper and all the spices – you will not be able to tell what meat you are being served! I would not go for lamb chop at those cheap stalls at coffee shops and hawker centres selling western – sure got smell one.

  2. I like my briyani cooked with the meat in the rice. I feel that curry gravy spoils the rice taste. That’s just my personal taste, I suppose.

    I had that in Penang and I think they do that in Kuching too. Yet to come across a place doing it like that here but we had the nasi Arab – it was cooked with the meat in the rice. Nice but no sign of the guy anymore, not since Ramadan. Not sure if he is ever coming back. 😦

  3. I remember this place. Had lunch there once. Went to the clinic nearby.

    Briyani is nice but very hearty.

    I guess many would have been there, always crowded.

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