On the spot…

If you remember, I did mention in some previous post that I would pack some meals/dishes for my girl to take to her school in her jungle to eat there but the other day, she mentioned in passing that most everything would be a whole lot nicer if eaten on the spot.

Well, that goes without saying, I guess. Anything that is reheated and eaten some days later would not be as nice as eating it freshly cooked and served piping hot. That was why when I suggested dropping by here…

Payung by candlelight

…last Saturday evening after the sunset service at the cathedral down the road, she said yes, without any hesitation whatsoever.

I guess everyone would be able to tell which place we went to…

Payung decor

…for dinner that night.

The ladies had the “krongdong” juice (RM7.00 per glass)…

Payung krondong juice

…or buah kedondong (ambarella) juice to be exact. The way they spelt it made me think of the very nice, soft and soothing keroncong music/songs playing softly in the background when you are dining here and it sure helps enhance the ambiance of the place.

They were out of their papaya salad and my girl asked for the herbs salad (RM8.00)…

Payung herbs salad

…instead, not my favourite but I was ok with it.

They wanted the belimbing prawns (RM17.00, with rice)…

Payung belimbing prawns

…and Peter, the boss, took it upon himself to cook that specially for us, with extra prawns, no extra charge and extra spicy – that was why it was reddish in colour.

Here, you can see Andy…

Payung Andy

…one of Peter’s boys, cooking the same dish for the people at another table and it was the usual yellowish colour…

Andy's belimbing prawns

Of course, that would be nice too, just not (as) spicy.

Somebody ordered the green curry chicken…

Payung green curry chicken

…that night but no, we did not have that.

We did not have their butter chicken…

Payung butter chicken

…either. I remember having that a long time ago and though it was nice, I would not say I was all that overwhelmed by it. It certainly looked a whole lot better and nicer now so perhaps, I would ask for it on our next visit.

The ladies also had the otak-otak (RM13.00, with rice)…

Payung otak otak

…which I must say is a whole lot spicier than before now and of course, that’s the way we like it!!!

So what did I have that night? Well, I saw some people at another table having their beef spaghetti (RM17.00)…

Payung beef spaghetti

…and it looked really good. I had that before but the beef was sliced then and it was hard and tough so I did not really enjoy it. This time around, I noticed that they had cut the meat into little cubes, not chopped or minced, and yes, it was definitely more manageable and very much nicer this way.

My girl wanted to eat that so much but she could not as the spaghetti was not gluten-free but she tried the meat and the sauce and she loved it so very much! I asked Peter if I could buy the sauce and use it for the gluten-free pasta that we have in the house and he said he would cook it himself one of these days, specially for my girl. We certainly are looking forward to that!

PAYUNG  CAFE (2.284049, 111.833014) is located at No.20F, Lanang Road, Sibu, Malaysia, back to back with the multi-storey car park of the Kingwood Hotel which faces the majestic Rejang River.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “On the spot…”

  1. I like to drink kedondong juice too especially when there’s satay and bbq chicken! Hehe…

    They say it has some health benefits, like sour sop juice. That is why it is hard to buy now, always sold out.

  2. As always, food at Payung are great. The belimbing prawns makes me drool. I prefer pamelo salad to herbs and the ladies make the right choice to have kedondong juice, very refreshing drink.

    They said the one at Payung was a whole lot nicer than elsewhere – I wouldn’t know though as I did not try. I would prefer their pomelo salad too but my girl wanted the herbs. I guess that’s good for health.

  3. Unless…. the food is curry, stew or soup… then it’s even better the following days.

    Curry’s good the following day, not the same but some like it better. Stew and soup, I guess those will depend. I like them freshly cooked and served.

  4. Ahh this place…. tell you what, Airasia having an event at Sibu soon and too bad I could not join due to work commitment (clashes with my company event). Would see you next week otherwise T_T

    Next week? They had a sale last Saturday, I think. Of course I did not bother to go – 10% of the published fares on their website which is nothing really. I do not know why they bother – everytime they have promo cheap fares, Sibu is always left out, only KCH, BTU, MYY, BKI…all the rest except Sibu. Why? Because all their flights in and out of here are always full. I wish everyone would boycott them, teach them a good lesson.

  5. Beef spaghetti. That looked good. Everything else looked nice too. A delightful dinner with the ladies.

    Yes, it was good. Loved their belimbing prawn and tom yam prawn spaghetti too – like no other, very very nice!

  6. Very nice choice going to Payung! Love all the dishes there…

    Been so long since that time when you all went there. Come, come! Round up all your friends, come on over for another round of the best we have in town, old and new!

  7. Extra spicy is something my family can’t consume anymore – most of the older aunts are unable to tolerate fiery fare anymore 😉

    My missus is the one most into that – if not spicy, then she will say it is not nice.

  8. Fresh is always best and that is why I have stopped cooking ahead for my weekday meals.

    You have? You used to cook way ahead…for the whole week! We do cook for our girl meals for a few days but she may or may not eat it all – sometimes she prefers to cook her own.

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