Tell me…

Pray, do tell me what the name means…

Hao Ke Lai Cafe & Rest

…for all I know is hao means good and lai means come and somebody told me that ke means guest or customer so the literal translation of the name in Mandarin would be good customer come. Well, if it actually means something else, then I stand corrected.

This coffee shop has been around for a long long time and business has always been very good. The fact that it is located beside one of the private medical centres in town and in the vicinity of all the doctors’ private clinics sure helps a great deal in bringing in the crowd, I guess but yes, there are some who would drop by here for the sole purpose of looking for something to eat, not that they are visiting anybody or need some medical attention.

I had the kampua noodles from this stall…

Hao Ke Lai Cafe & Rest Noal's Noodle

…in this coffee shop once and yes, it was good.

However, the other day, I decided to try something else and ordered the pork rib noodles (RM6.50)…

Noal's Noodle pork rib noodles 1

The dish comprised some stewed pork ribs served with mee pok (the flat noodles)…

Noal's Noodle prok rib noodles 2

…tossed in the sauce or gravy from the stew.

That sure looked like a whole lot of meat on top but upon eating, I found that some of them were in fact pieces of  tauhu pok (tofu puffs). Nonetheless, I thought it was nice, a welcome change from the usual stuff, and I rather enjoyed it…

Noal's Noodle pork rib noodles 3

…but for RM6.50 a bowl, I guess I would not be in a hurry to come back for more of the same. Perhaps I will try something else on their menu instead.

HAO KE LAI CAFE & REST (2.292095, 111.836698) is located along Lorong Mahsuri 1B, off Jalan Pedada, in the block of shops to the left of the Rejang Medical Centre, main building.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Tell me…”

  1. good is 好 (hao). The chinese character used in the shop name is hao hua meaning luxury. perhaps they used the wrong word. we find it difficult to get a bowl of noodle under RM6.50 nett in KL.

    RM6.50 is a bit steep here – can easily get something just as nice or even nicer for a lot less, around RM4-5.00 perhaps.

    Oh? Now the plot thickens? So what does the name mean as a whole? That this is a “luxurious” place (probably referring to the wide choices of food available here) for customers to come to…or luxury (good fortune) will befall customers who come and eat here? What I do know is that if your Chinese name is “not good”, they do change the characters to something that is more auspicious but sound the same.

  2. I’m afraid I’m of little help in helping you with the meaning of the name. I do know that those noodles look scrumptious though.

    They sure looked good and tasted good too but I would not say it was all that sensational, not to the extent of getting me to fork out RM6.50 willingly for another round anytime soon.

  3. If you didn’t tell, I would think that was very generous amount of meats on top. Not beancurds. Lol.

    Mostly meat, maybe two-thirds. If it had been all meat, that price would have been reasonable as pork is more expensive now.

  4. I thought there was a huge amount of meat, until you said some were tauhu pok!

    Only two or three, the rest all meat but still, that somehow gave a not-very-good impression like they’re trying to pass off the tofu as meat. Bad idea!

  5. The pork ribs noodles looks great and certainly looks like a lot of meat from the pix. Frankly speaking, I love tauhu pok whether in stew pork ribs or rojak.

    Yes, the tofu pok was nice…just that placed together with the meat, I had expected it to be all meat.

  6. That is a generous amount of meat for your meepok served. The price is justified.. hope it is as nice as the price.. 🙂

    It was nice but no, it did not sweep me off my feet. Somehow or other, it did not get me all excited. No WOW factor!

  7. If u didn’t mention, I will have thought they are generous with the amount of pork rib…

    I would say they were quite generous and I would not mind a few pieces of tofu pok among the meat either, if only the overall taste had been exceptionally good, not just the usual soy sauce stewed pork kind of taste. I had something nicer here: and it was only RM5.00.

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