Looking at the crowd here every day, this place sure seems very popular among a lot of people. We did give it a try once and no, what we had did not sweep us off our feet.

I did ask around what the attraction was and some said that the halal kampua was the best in town – I wouldn’t know how true that would be as I had never given it a try. So far, my favourite would be the one here

Sri Pelita halal kampua, daging
*Archive photo*

…or perhaps, here as well, the special with the lovely prawn fritters.

Well, the other day, sometime last week, my missus and I stopped by for lunch, more because of the convenience of its location than anything else, and yes, it was just as crowded as ever.

We decided to give their nasi campur (mixed rice) a go and this was what I had…

YS Cafe nasi campur

The sweet and sour fish…

YS Cafe sweet and sour fish

…was very good while the midin (wild jungle fern)…

YS Cafe midin

…was a tad overcooked but it was all right.

The brinjal was fine by me too…

YS Cafe terung

…but there are a lot elsewhere that are a whole lot nicer. I did not quite like the sambal, mostly because of the quality of the belacan (dried prawn paste) used.

I had two halves of their salted egg so all in all, I had three meat and two vegetable choices and the total came up to a whooping RM7.00! My missus just had the fish and two vegetable options and was charged RM4.50. Considering that the food was just all right, we probably would choose to go elsewhere instead the next time we feel like having nasi campur with some of the local Malay delights.

I did not have the gula apong ice cream here that day, the one that I really enjoyed a lot but I thought RM3.00 for that little cup was a bit pricey, considering that we can go for a plate of kampua noodles for less than that…but that day, I thought I saw, in one passing glimpse, that the price had gone up to RM5.00 a cup plus 50 sen for each topping. I hope I did not see correctly – at that price, I certainly would have no second thoughts about not having it…ever!

YS CAFE (2.310715, 111.820735) is located at the corner of a very nice block of shops at Wisma Hamimas, on your right along Jalan Kampung Nangka if you are driving along that road from Simpang Tiga.