When the night comes…

This place…

MUC hawker centre

…was undergoing some major renovations last year but it has reopened for quite sometime now. I’ve long wanted to drop by to see what they have in store but I never got round to doing that. For one thing, it only opens when the night comes and if you go too early, only a handful of stalls would be open. On the other hand, if you go a little later, it would so crowded and you may have to park your car quite a distance away.

This popular satay place…

ARS satay
*Archive photo – from 2015*

…has moved here now but when we were there that night, they had yet to light the fire so in the end, I decided to go to another stall…

Yong Satay stall, Dewan MUC

…which I did try before when they were at the Ramadan bazaar in that same vicinity.

I ordered five sticks of each (RM12.00 altogether)…

Yong Satay, Dewan MUC

…and yes, they were all very nice. They did not quite taste the same as all the rest – probably they had their own ways of marinating the meat, for instance, the chicken had a stronger taste of the kunyit (tumeric) and the lamb, unlike some, was not so over-marinated that one can hardly tell whether it was lamb or beef. I dreaded ordering the beef these days because it had been so very tough but the one here, though not exactly tender, was not too bad.

I did buy some satay for my brother and his children when they were back here from Auckland, New Zealand and he said that a stick like this would cost NZD2.00 each and I guess theirs would not taste as nice. The daughter had more than her fair share of the ones I bought and declared outright that it was the best satay she had ever had!

The teh-c special a.k.a. tri-colour tea…

Teh-c special

…that I ordered from one of the drinks stall was rather disappointing though.

We also had this plate of midin (wild jungle fern)…

Midin, Dewan MUC

…from one of the stalls that were open a little earlier than the rest…

Food stall, Dewan MUC

…and I could not believe my ears when told that it was only RM4.00, that plate of greens.

The ikan bakar (grilled fish), what they call black and white or hitam putih in Malay or oh pek in Hokkien…

Ikan bakar, Dewan MUC 1

…was only RM12.00 and yes, it was very nice too…

Ikan bakar, Dewan MUC 2

I certainly wouldn’t mind going for this…

Ikan bakar, Dewan MUC 3

…again the next time I drop by here.

That sure was a delightful dinner and it was so very cheap too! We would be back here again soon, of course but perhaps, I would like to check out some of the many other stalls there to see if they have anything good to offer. I was also told that they have karaoke on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. You think I should give that a go? LOL!!!

The DEWAN MUC HAWKER STALLS (2.313658, 111.825056) are located along Jalan Jasmin, off Jalan Bandong, more or less opposite the primary school there, on your left if you turn left into that road from Bandong Walk.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “When the night comes…”

  1. Both are my favourite dishes. Oh pek fish deep fried also very nice. How much is the grilled fish? The midin is quite a big portion & yet so cheap. Over here, that plate would cost about RM12 for medium size. Go for it, the karaoke.

    That was RM12 too, the fish, and it was quite a big one.

    No, the serving was quite small, midin…but enough for two. I always wish at some Chinese places, they can reduce the amount and at the same time, lower the price a bit…and not hold people to ransom and dictate how much they should eat…and pay.

    1. I mean that plate of greens would cost RM 12 for medium size ( not the fish)over here whereas yours is only RM4, so very cheap

      Wowwwww!!!! Here, at the Chinese places, a plate of vegetables would be RM8 or to the most RM10, standard price. Meat and seafood, definitely RM12 or more.

  2. That’s quite a compliment – “best satay she’s ever had” 🙂

    Relative, I guess…comparing it to what they can get over there. The prices here are a whole lot nicer too, especially after conversion.

  3. Ikan bakar for me!! Hehe.

    Satay!! Must be good for your niece to enjoy it so much.

    The ones that I usually buy, pretty nice (except the beef, so hard) and they are very generous with the ketupat. I love ketupat!

  4. It is so nice to have a variety of choices!

    We were early, only a sprinkling were open. There would be a lot more if we had gone later.

  5. Satay looks good! I like my satay meat thick but i think my dad likes it thin with crisp-slight burnt edges

    Some people love the fragrance of those burnt parts but I hear one badly charred barbecued chicken wing is equal to eight cigarettes, not a good idea to eat anything burnt, all that carbon.

  6. Wow – I like the ikan bakar, especially the sauce, which looks delicious.

    It was good but I did like how it was served at one place in Penang. They grilled the fish and served it on a banana leaf and they had the sambal by the side so I could dip and eat myself. That way I could enjoy the freshness and the taste of the fish a lot more. Maybe the next time I drop by here I’ll ask if they can do it like that too.

  7. Yes, Arthur, give a a Go.. you got a nice deep voice!

    Not anymore. Just two lines and my voice will start to crack up. Will have to wait for you to come here and I’ll take you here for you to sing your heart out!

  8. I have taken my lunch, the foods making me hungry again, hehe…

    What did you have for lunch? Ate just a bit?

  9. I am suddenly craving for satay. LOL!

    Happens to me sometimes too, suddenly craving for satay. Good thing it is easily available here and there are good ones around.

  10. ooo interesting that they charge the same price for chicken and lamb and beef … sometimes at other places, the latter two might be pricier? but guess it’s easy to standardise 😀

    That was 2015, the good old days. Note at how the price of chicken is still 60 sen…but beef and lamb have gone up, not surprised as these here are imported and with the dwindling value of our miserable ringgit, that’s only to be expected.

  11. I grew up watching the Yong’s family preparing the satay. It was very popular then. Every Hari Raya, we would order the satay from the late Uncle Yong. Glad to see that his wife continuing the legacy.

    I bought from their stall at the Ramadan Bazaar at Bandong last year (when this place was under renovation) but there was a guy selling, not these two ladies. I wonder how he was related to Uncle Yong. He certainly did not look that old to be Uncle Yong.

  12. Ikan Bakar! There is no pasar malam that I went to that I havent eaten this. I so miss Malaysia now

    Any plans to come back again? You can fly Air Asia via Gold Coast to KL. Cheap.

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