I think most everywhere else, when you have sotong kangkong, you will get the sauce poured over everything in the plate like this…

Sotong kangkong, Thomson Corner
*Archive photo*

…but not in Sibu.

I do recall in my growing up years, we would get the sauce served in separate individual bowls…

Sotong kangkong, Sibu style

…for us to dip and eat and enjoy but I do not get to see them doing it all that often anymore.

I knew of one stall at a coffee shop along Ramin Way, opposite the now-closed-down Star Cineplex but I never got round to dropping by to give it a try as parking in that part of town can be such a pain. Eventually, I noticed whenever I drove past that the stall was closed all the time so my guess was either they had wrapped up their business or moved elsewhere. Then, I heard that it was the latter and the guy…

Sotong kangkong guy

…is here now…

Sotong kangkong stall

…at the coffee shop to the right of the Sibu General Post Office…

Yalin Coffee Shop

I loved the sweet potato and prawn fritters and everything else…

Sotong kangkong platter

…but personally, I would prefer more calamansi lime and sugar in the sauce to make it a little bit more sweet and sour as in my opinion, it fell a little short on these two counts. I feel that the sauce here is nicer – I wonder whether they would mind if I ask them to serve the sauce separately like this but all in all, this was good too so I wouldn’t mind dropping by for more…

Sotong kangkong, double

…should I happen to be in the vicinity.

I know there is a stall at the hawker centre on the 1st floor of the Sibu Central Market where they serve the sotong kangkong the Sibu way, just like this too but I am not particularly fond of the place so I wouldn’t know if I would ever drop by to give it a try.

YALIN COFFEE SHOP (2.290902, 111.827723) is located along Jalan Kampung Nyabor, to the right of the Sibu General Post Office – the first one in that block of shops there.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Separate…”

  1. My favourite kangkong sotong and first time seeing it being served this way, sauces in separate individual bowls. How much does that plate cost? Not cheap, I guess.

    Yes, and the first time I saw it with sauce poured all over everything was in Kuching – Open Air. Still there, I think and still very popular, if they are the same people, that is.

    That was a double serving for two persons – RM12.00, RM6.00 a plate, single serving. Pretty reasonable considering that cuttlefish does not come cheap anymore and there was quite a lot of everything in the platter.

  2. that’s quite a substantial platter – i’m personally not a sotong fan, so maybe this wouldn’t be my first choice – but i can help to eat the prawn-potato fritters 😀

    I’m no fan of cuttlefish nor squid…but will eat. My girl loves them. Would rather go for the prawn and sweet potato fritters too, anytime.

  3. Just like in salad dressing I like all sauces to be served separately.

    Oh? They usually pour it all over the salad, don’t then? Some even toss it well before serving.

  4. I remember going to Bedok in the old days to have something very similar, if not the same dish. Memory’s a bit blurred by now, though.

    Bedok! I remember I had my first taste of Singapore’s chili crabs there, 1970…or was it 69? Some eating place by the beach. Dip French loaf or baguette in the sauce/gravy and eat. So so so nice!

  5. Yummy. Sotong kangkong with generous sauce and crushed peanuts on top.

    Aha!!! Typical Kuching lang! That’s how you like it, eh?

  6. This is definitely a first for me, to see the sauce being served separately. Over here everything is covered in sauce and peanuts which I love coz I am so lazy to go dip dip myself. But I guess for others who doesn’t like to have too much sauce, then having it served separately will be a better option.

    Hmmmm…hopefully, nobody with his half-eaten piece of sotong decided he would like more sauce with it. Hehehehehe!!!!

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