Only in the night…

I miss dropping by here for lunch but it has been a while since I last did that for the simple reason that they no longer have the nasi campur/mixed rice lunch with all the delightful ethnic specialties that I do enjoy a lot. It is business as usual at night though but you don’t get the same menu as in the daytime.

It’s actually just a stall at a coffee shop here but the place is nice and comfortable enough and service is great. As you go near the place, you will here the soft soothing sounds of the ethnic stringed instrument, the sape. That day when we dropped by, they had one on display…

Sape, hornbill

…in the shape of a hornbill with all the lovely intricate carved designs…

Intricate carvings

…on the instrument.

This is new on their menu but available only upon special order…

Anak Borneo crabs and prawns
*Anak Borneo’s photo on Facebook/Instagram*

…and since I did not put in a request ahead of time, I did not get to try that.

Another item that is relatively new on their menu would be their tilapia marinated with their special terung assam sauce, grilled over hot burning charcoal to cook to perfection. Well, they did not have that when I dropped by before (at night) and I did suggest that they could have some fish instead of all that meat, probably something like the wrapped-in-banana-leaf ikan salai and they came out with this…

Anak Borneo Tilapia 1

…which I ordered for our dinner that night…

Anak Borneo tilapia 2

It was absolutely delicious (RM20.00)…

Anak Borneo tilapia 3

..and I certainly would want to order it again the next time I drop by here, just like their lokan (RM10.00 for 12)…

Anak Borneo lokan

…cooked over hot charcoal, opened and served with their special ginger oil sauce with bits of chili and spring onion. That is absolutely out of this world!

I did not feel like having the pansoh (meat cooked in bamboo) that night nor the ribs or the chicken wings but I did ask for their pork belly (RM10.00)…

Anak Borneo pork belly

…and we also had their dabai fried rice (RM3.50 each)…

Anak Borneo dabai fried rice

We certainly enjoyed the dinner to the max but I was wishing the whole time that they could have a vegetable dish, at least, to go with all that meat…or perhaps, they can prepare some sambal belacan and anyone interested can ask for an ulam platter with raw vegetables like cut cucumber, long beans, ulam raja and so on. That would be nice.

While we were there, they were sitting down for dinner themselves and yes, they had this bowl of pumpkin…


…and one huge tray of roast chicken…

Roast chicken

…with the pickled cucumber and carrot by the side. I went and snapped some shots of them and they insisted and serving me a bit of each to try. Hmmm…if that is what the staff gets to eat every day, I sure would not mind applying for a job there. Hehehehehe!!!!

ANAK BORNEO (2.293072, 111.836789) is located at the Fortune Commercial Centre (Lorong Chew Siik Hiong) at the CHAMPION CORNER coffee shop that faces the back of the Rejang Medical Centre along Jalan Pedada.

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7 thoughts on “Only in the night…”

  1. The fish looks absolutely appetising. It would be nice to have the pumpkin & pickled cucumbers to eat along with the dabai fried rice. The workers are so well fed too.

    They do give the pickled cucumber but obviously, they are not very generous. I would want a lot more veg than that.

  2. Lovely sape.

    The tilapia with terung assam sauce must be tasty. I could imagine the taste now. Lol.

    Oooo. Dabai fried rice.

    Yes, the tilapia was really good. I too was impressed at the sight of the sape, unique and very nice. Had not had their dabai fried rice of some time, missed that too!

  3. Roast chicken….I love it! And I really like the intricate details on that instrument, Arthur!

    Yes, it sure is a beauty, isn’t it?

  4. The dabai rice interests me, but there’s probably no way I can get it here.

    Probably not. I do have some fermented/salted ones in the fridge, skin removed for frying rice (so it will not be all black and will look nicer), just a bit reddish like theirs. I guess they also used the same preserved dabai – not in season right now. I do prefer the fresh ones though – yellowish and very lemak, tastier.

  5. This place does really live up to the name Anak Borneo, with the dishes they offer here 😉

    Yes, the sole place here that specialises in ethnic Dayak cuisine. Not to be missed, anyone visiting Sibu/Sarawak.

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