My mind’s made up…

My missus and I dropped by here

Jiali Cafe
*Archive photo*

…the other morning and I saw on the menu at the Malay stall in front – nasi lemak udang (RM12.00) with at least, 4 or 5 prawns lined up by the side and it did look really good. Of course, I wasted no time at all in ordering that but the lady told me that it was not available. “Udang habis!” she said.

But my mind was made up and I would not settle for anything less. In the end, I ordered from this stall there…

Jiali Cafe chu char stall

…their sizzling hot plate prawn noodles (RM18.00)…

Jiali Cafe sizzling hot plate prawn noodles

…which was really very nice even though they only gave two not-very-big udang galah (freshwater prawns), cut into halves…

Not big, cut into halves

…so it looked like there were four altogether.

Still, at that size and that price, I don’t think I would ever want to have it again when I can have four plates of my missus’ wa tan hor (RM4.50)…

Jiali Cafe wa tan hor 1

…which was very nice too, the fried kway teow in egg gravy…

Jiali Cafe wa tan hor

Incidentally, if anyone is thinking of dropping by here for the Ipoh guy’s chee cheong fan, the bad news is that he has called it a day. I don’t know if he is operating his business anywhere else but as far as I know, the stall here is closed…for good!

JIALI CAFE (2.292140, 111.841524) is located among the shops behind Medan Mall, Jalan Wong King Huo, a few doors away to the right of Junction Cafe,  facing the road leading to the Medan Hotel there.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “My mind’s made up…”

  1. Hmmm….{udang habis}, so fast. You must have dropped by pretty late in the morning. Both looks so yummy.

    No, we went early as I wanted to buy the kuehs from the Kanowit ladies there for my mum. This is quite typical of a few Malay stalls and shops here – you see an impressive menu but when you ask, ini tak ada, itu tak ada…and you end up ordering some mundane stuff like mi goreng or some not-very-lemak nasi lemak.

  2. The prawn noodles do look tasty and I like when they’re served on a hot plate like that.

    Yes, it was very good, just that RM18 for two not very big prawns was a little steep. I wouldn’t mind if there were actually four, the prawns that size.

  3. Lol. Mind made up to have prawns that day huh??

    I like the look of your sizzling prawn noodle. Sigh. I trying to steer from seafood for time being. Wait till my blood report comes back then I will know my cause of allergy. Hope it isn’t seafood!! Or how I live without it!!

    Oh dear!!! You haven’t got to the root of the problem yet? Thank goodness I’m not allergic to anything, just gotta stay away from bamboo shoots.

  4. The wa tan hor looks good, and cheap at the price.

    It’s catching on here, more and more people dishing it out now. Quite unheard of before, probably Cantonese and Sibu is predominantly Foochow.

  5. Will you be going back for the nasi lemak udang?

    No idea. Maybe if we happen to go that way some day and it is available, I may give it a try. Not going out of my way just for it.

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