She loves me…

My girl would get a lift from a colleague every Friday after school and head back to town. The latter would drop her off at some place convenient and the mum would go and get her…and the two ladies would go for a very very late lunch, around 3.00 p.m. and then, they would go shopping at the shops and supermarkets for fresh supplies and rations for the week ahead.

Usually, they would stop by the one that brings in all the imported stuff and my girl would come home with some of the biscuits and cookies for me to enjoy like these…

Hazelnut biscuits

…for instance, made in the Netherlands…

Made in the Netherlands

That day, she also bought me these…

Amsterdam butter cookies 1

…a product of Amsterdam…

Product of Holland

Yes, they were nice…

Amsterdam butter cookies

…but no, I did not think they would come anywhere near the celebrated Danish ones. Our local Tiger Brand cookies would be just as nice or perhaps even nicer…and even though they may not be all that cheap anymore, at least, they would be a little cheaper.

I keep telling her not to buy any for me and if she must, just get those Malaysian-made ones that are more affordable and I would enjoy some of those just as much but she insists that she derives much pleasure from getting them for me to eat.

Of course, if she goes and buy these…

Butterfingers pure butter shortbread

…pure butter shortbread, made in Australia…

Australian made and owned

…like what she did when she was home over the weekend, I shall not protest as they are indeed very nice (in my opinion, much nicer than those even more expensive Scottish ones) and worth indulging in but of course, considering the price, one would need to limit it to once in a long while, not every week.

Whatever it is, as the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts!” Never mind whether it is nice or not, cheap or expensive, her thoughtfulness and her gesture of love and affection are what would matter the most and should indeed be very much appreciated. Well, that’s my girl for you!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “She loves me…”

  1. Long time never eat those Danish Biscuits which is my favourite, as scare of sore throat

    Oh? You get sore throat from Danish cookies? Danish pastries, perhaps…all the deep fried stuff like those Taiwan street food, for instance.

  2. I agree with you that our local Tiger brand cookies are just as nice as the imported ones.

    Yes, I love the milk ones in particular.

  3. That a sweet girl! Pure butter shortbread sounds perfect coffee dipping material.

    Yes, with the delightful fragrance of the butter, each bite never fails to give such sheer pleasure, I must say.

  4. I have a weakness for Scottish shortbread…but I rarely have it. They look great, Arthur! And the butter cookies look nice as well.

    Why rarely? Is it very expensive there too? The authentic Scottish ones cost a bomb here and the prices keep going up – it’s a wonder there are buyers! Not affordable at all, or at least, not to the likes of me. These Australian-made ones are very nice too, may even be nicer and not as expensive but still, they do not come cheap. You would not see me buying them but my girl insists on getting me some to indulge in and enjoy once in a while.

  5. Didn’t know netherlands is famous of biscuits, shall check it out when i’m there πŸ˜›

    You’re going there? When? I know one thing Amsterdam is famous for and I am pretty sure you’re going to check it out! Hehehehehe!!!

    1. somewhere in october… no not gonna check that out, i prefer asians πŸ˜›

      Good time to go, autumn, not winter yet. Hmmm…variety is the spice of life, no? πŸ˜€

  6. Yes. It is the thoughts that count. Very good girl; am sure you are proud of her.

    Hmm. The cookies make me think of Amsterdam. Haha. I love the place. And no, we did not buy any cookies or edible stuff back from there. Lots of fridge magnets from Amsterdam. ^^

    Did you check out the (s)exciting spots there? Hehehehehe!!!

    1. We walked pass only. Haha. My hubby kept telling the others in the tour group of the exciting place when we were in the red light district.

      Wahhhhh!!! He’s such an expert in those things kah? Muahahahaha!!!!

      1. He was in Amsterdam in March so he knew. He was like the 2nd tour guide in Paris and Amsterdam since he had been to both not so long ago.

        I love going places with people to show the way – not like a case of the blind leading the blind. That is why I would prefer going to places where there are family or friends.

  7. Shortbread is nice, the price don’t come cheap, once in a while ok…

    In SGD, should be a lot more affordable, I think.

  8. You’ve raised such a lovely child, very thoughtful in spirit and generous in heart. I hope you feel very proud of her (I’m sure you do!) πŸ™‚

    I am! Very very proud & I thank God that I have been truly blessed.

  9. Oh, I bet she does! Papa is the king of her heart, eh? I used to love munching on biscuits when I was younger but not anymore. But sometimes when I do get a snack attack, I can eat a whole packet of Oreo cookies 😦

    I’m not a fan of Oreo’s, so sweet. I will eat for tea or supper, will not be munching away at odd times. My life is so regimented. Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. I am not a fan of butter rich cookies.. too sweet for me.. but those homebaked ones, I like… but if too hungry, one or two pieces of these butter cookies can be filling…

    One or two pieces? You’re such a small eater! I eat these for pleasure, for enjoyment…not for anything filling. If I want filling, I’d go for kampua. πŸ˜€

    Sweet? Not the Kjeldsen’s Danish ones nor the Scottish shortbread – in fact, they may be a little salty with the salted butter used in the making, so very fragrant. If you want to talk about sweet, talk Oreo’s…or Famous Amos and all the chocolate chip cookies – those are extremely sweet. Maybe you are more into those savoury ones like cream crackers, Osborne or Cabin?

    Any idea if those Scottish shortbread is cheaper in Aberdeen? Here, they’re gone past way over RM10, some over the RM20 mark already. Up, up and away!!!

  11. Melissa is such a sweet girl. You are so blessed to have her.

    I love Tiger biscuits though I find them a tad too sweet. I’ve not eaten any of those imported ones shown in your posts.

    Dip in fresh milk and eat, that will tone down the sweetness a bit. I like the ones with milk, those Tiger biscuits – the white packets.

    Indeed, we are blessed in so many ways.

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