Back on top…

We went back here again, on top of the Rejang Park wet market in search of the kacang ma at the chap fan (mixed rice) place there. We heard that she would have it on alternate Thursdays but we did not know exactly which Thursday that would be…and it turned out to be this coming Thursday this week.

Never mind! I did mention in my post that I would like to go back and try the stewed pork ribs noodles (RM5.00)…

Stewed pork rib noodles 1

…at Stall No. 7 and I did!

It was very nice, very tasty – I was pretty sure I could taste a bit of black vinegar and they certainly were very generous with the meat…

Stewed pork rib noodles 2

…but by the time we got there, they had run out of noodles so I had to settle for kway teow (flat rice noodles) instead.

Yes, it was good but at RM5.00 a plate, if it is just for breakfast or for brunch, I would much sooner settle for something that is cheaper but nice as well, like their Foochow fried noodles that my missus had that day, for instance…and may go for this again once in a long while for a change. At times like this, with the escalating prices of anything and everything, it would be best to be a little prudent and try and stretch the ringgit as best we can.

My missus wanted the fried tang hoon, the glass noodles (RM3.80)…

Fried tang hoon 1

…that she saw somebody eating the other day and yes, it was very good and she sure enjoyed it a lot.

One thing I’ve noticed is that generally, tang hoon is more expensive than the regular freshly-made noodles or bihun

Fried tang hoon 2

I guess since it is manufactured elsewhere and sent here, it is priced a little higher than the rest.

Hopefully, we would be able to drop by again this Thursday to give the lady’s kacang ma a try. The guy at Stall No. 7 said I would not need to ask if she is cooking it – I would be able to smell it from afar…and if that is how fragrant it is, I bet it is going to be good, fingers crossed.

STALL NO. 7 is located among THE REJANG PARK HAWKER STALLS, right on top of the (wet) market on the upper floor. The market is located among the shops in the commercial centre at that housing estate, along Jalan Teruntum.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Back on top…”

  1. The glass noodles dish looks tasty. The kway teow on your plate looks nice and thick. I would like to try both dishes. From the way the person at stall 7 described the kacang ma dish, I would look forward to eating that too.

    All good, except that RM5 is a pit pricey but of course, pork is expensive these days – chicken is cheaper. Therefore, if it’s just breakfast or brunch on an ordinary day, I would much sooner go for one of the cheaper selections. It is nice but not so very nice that I would be dying to go back for more. Hope to go and try the kacang ma this coming Thursday.

  2. Both looks good. I like the stewed pork as it looks so lean. Over here, most would cost RM5 & above, so to me the price is reasonable. Somemore they are generous with the meat.

    Yes, that’s quite a lot of meat but it does not change the fact that it is RM5 a plate, will not have that on a regular basis.

  3. Hope you get to try the kacangma soon.

    This stall 7 sure serves good dishes. Like your missus’ tang hoon. Long time I did not have fried tang hoon.

    Hope I can drop by this Thursday, otherwise I would have to wait for another two weeks. 😦 I’m sure they have fried tang hoon in Kuching, but maybe not fried mee sua. Not so common here too except in the bigger restaurants.

  4. Those flat noodles look perfect for holding the sauce of the stewed pork ribs.

    I wonder what it would taste like if they had used those yellow noodles. Normally they would use those but that day, they had run out.

  5. I like fried tang hoon too but i prefer those with chewier texture

    Like the Korean ones, you mean? You probably would love potato noodles then.

  6. i had kacang ma recently at aunty christina’s sarawak laksa in pj … it was quite well done, but i must admit it’s an acquired taste for me, and i don’t think i’ve acquired it yet! 🙂

    LOL!!! The first time I had it in Kuching in the 70’s, my landlady’s daughter was in confinement…and no, I did not like it at all! That one was worse, no salt and no msg. I can’t remember when I started to like it…and there has been no looking back since.

  7. Both noodle dishes look good to me especially the one with stewed pork!

    Both good, loved the pork, just that RM5 is a bit on the high side. Wouldn’t mind a bit of greens by the side.

  8. I have yet to try the kacang ma chicken or any meat cooked with it… over here in Ipoh, not a stall is selling it otherwise I would have try and see how it taste like. The tang hoon looks good too, my girl loves to eat any vege cooked that goes with this type of noodle..

    Try Auntie Christina’s if you go to KL – she’s in PJ now though, not at Bangsar anymore.

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