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As far as I know, there is just one place in town where lei cha (擂茶) is available and that is only on Friday, lunchtime. I gathered that it is good for detoxification and so far, I’ve had it twice only, the one here, the first time in March and once again, the second time, later that same month.

I’ve been wanting to go back for it again but being caught up with all the things going on in my life these past few months, I never got down to it.

Much to my surprise, the other day, I got a call from my friend, Robert, asking me if I was home and of course, I was. I hardly go anywhere every day except to spend some time with my mum in the morning and stopping for brunch along the way before we come back to the house (and of course, on Sundays, I would be sending my girl to her school in the jungle).

In no time at all, he and his wife, Angela, were at my house to give me some lei cha that the latter cooked herself. No, she did not have brown rice but instead, there was this very special one…


– I don’t know exactly what it was, whether it was fried or what, but there did seem to be some fragrant ingredients such as leek in it.

There were the added toppings, of course, all the vegetables and the beans, the peanuts and the chai po (preserved turnip)…


…and of course, there was the very bitter green herbal soup…

Angela's lei cha

…that one pours over everything before mixing it all well and eating.

I sure enjoyed it but not my missus – she has yet to acquire the taste and did not like it so bitter.

Thank you so much, Robert & Angela, for the lei cha treat and for sending it all the way to my hose. Much appreciated and I must say thank you also to the Youngs, Stephanie‘s parents, for these XL beauties…

XL mangoes

…the size of papayas, the big ones! I have never seen any this huge and what’s special about them is the fact that no pesticides are used in the growing. That is why there may be some “unwelcome guests” when one cuts into them but no worries! If they are not badly infested, one can just slice away those parts and enjoy the rest of the fruit…

Cut mangoes

…like this one that I cut to enjoy – very sweet with a very light hint of the sourish mango taste, very very nice. Hmmmm….I think I will get some glutinous/sticky rice and coconut cream ready so when the other one ripens, I can make my own Thai dessert, my favourite!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Send it…”

  1. Those mangoes are such beauties. It’s time that I go eat some lei cha. The lei cha your friend gave you sure looks delicious! I would enjoy eating it very much.

    Yes, it was good – bitter but not too bitter. I enjoyed it and the mangoes were awesome!

  2. My family is not used to eating lei cha. I ate it once in a restaurant serving organic vegetarian food. It smells nice but we do not really enjoy it.

    It’s an acquired taste – first time I had it was in Kuching. My friend insisted I went and tried. So many people, so crowded. I did not like it at all, and I asked, “What is this? Makanan kuda ke?” Now I quite enjoy it but I prefer it semi-vegetarian – add fried ikan bilis or udang kering.

  3. I love mangoes, and the rice and vegetables look delicious!

    Lovely, the mango that I cut. One not ripe yet – maybe I can try making Thai mango salad. The rice is vegetarian, it detoxifies – good for health.

  4. Huge mangoes. Oh yes. Can make your own sticky rice mango dessert.

    And very thoughtful of Robert to send the lei cha over. Special delivery!! ^^ They must be missing you since it has been a while.

    Yes, the Youngs also sent the mangoes to my house but they live pretty close by unlike Robert and Angela, the other part of town, towards Lanang bridge, so far!

  5. I love lei cha provided the herbal soup aren’t that bitter. I like the one at Green Road area whereby one can choose to have light bitter, bitter or very bitter soup. The mangoes looks huge. Would be nice to make salad mango or eat on its own.

    I think I’d pass on the mango salad. Can get nice papaya salad at the Thai place here and of course, the pomelo salad at Payung. Besides, I have a soft spot of my own sambal bual emplam, simply the best. Will just wait till it ripens and see if I can make my own sticky rice mango dessert.

    Chinese say what is bitter is good so you should go for the stronger one – I drink my bitter leaves tea every day so I am numb already, do not feel the bitterness so much.

  6. I love that there are a lot of colors in it esp green as i am into healthy stuffs today, I guess your country is so rich of healthy foods compare to ours here where fast food chains triumph to eating out.

    Lots of fast food chains here too, always packed to the brim. They’re the young people thing, a lifestyle trend. I never bother going for those…if I can help it.

  7. I like my mangoes with a hint of sourness too, not a fan of those saccharine sweet ones

    I don’t mind the sweet ones provided they are not over-ripe and mushy.

  8. Those are huge mangoes. Even if you’d have to discard part of it, there would still be plenty remaining.

    Yes, I did cut away three infested parts, just a bit each, and I still could fill one big tupperware with what was left of it – not including the ones that went straight into my mouth into my tummy. Hehehehehe!!!

  9. I have yet to try lei cha as might not be able to appreciate it….

    I would not say, wow…it is so very nice, something to die for. To me, it is something I would want to eat once in a while to detoxify.

  10. I prefer my fruits to be free of pesticides. Some unwelcome guests are still unwelcome but I prefer them than eating some chemicals that will harm my health and that of my loved ones.

    Indeed! Then there are those very expensive imported fruits – they spray chemicals on them to make sure they do not ripen and go bad along the way. Bad, very very bad. To be fair, I know we do the same with the fruits that we export overseas – seems like it is the standard practice. 😦

  11. I still haven’t tried lei cha. The ingredients are ok for me but I’m just afraid that I might not like the soup. Oh! I do love mangoes!

    Nothing much, the ingredients, all kind of mild or bland, nothing exciting. It’s the bitter soup that makes it what it is.

  12. i’m a fan of lei cha … it’s very comforting, unique in flavour, and guilt-free even in large portions! who could ask for more 🙂

    You are? One bowl is more than enough for the desired effects, so that would be all I need. I can’t say it is something that I really enjoy and would want to go for as often as I can.

  13. Long time didn’t eat mango, I like rich fruits so mango is one of my favourites

    I think I also won’t really like the taste of Lei Cha from the look of the ingredients

    I didn’t, initially. Now that I’ve acquired the taste, I will eat not because I enjoy it but for detoxification. It really works. You can see the results the next day…and for a few days after. Good to detox once in a while.

  14. Those mangoes look amazing, my favourite fruit specially the Filipino ones, they are so sweet I call it diabetes in a fruit

    I’ve had the Thai ones, don’t think we can get any from the Philippines here. Sweet potatoes, yes.

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