Pata pata…

During my growing up years, the only pata that I knew was the name of this song…

…by one South African singer and in the spoken part in English in the middle of the song, the singer says it’s the name of a dance but according to Wiki, the song’s title means “touch touch” in the Xhosa language.

More recently, I came to know about another pata – the crispy pata except that the people around here call it the Philippine pork leg, pata being tagalog for pork knuckles.

This place was probably the first or one of the first, at least, to come out with this dish…

Hong Fu crispy pata
*Archive photo*

…and anyone dropping by to eat there would definitely order that. My cousin’s hubby who was posted here from Kuching would buy a few home to stock up in their freezer to take out and enjoy whenever they felt like it.

I’ve also tried the one here

Formerly Sweet Family crispy pata
*Archive photo*

…and it was pretty good as well but the restaurant has since moved here, the chu char place at the back, no longer where it was way back then and I think they were some place else before they moved to their present location. I have not had theirs for a long long time now so I wouldn’t know if they are still serving that and if I do, I don’t know if it is still good or not.

We did not think the one we had here

Sheraton crispy pata
*Archive photo*

…was all that great but I thought the one here

Tung Seng crispy pata
*Archive photo*

…was not bad.

The ones I had in Bintulu

Mandarin Restaurant, Bintulu crispy pata
*Archive photo*

…and Miri

Lutong Cafe, Miri crispy pata
*Archive photo*

…were quite different but they were nice too which was more than what I would say about the one I had at that full-fledged Filipino restaurant in Kuching but then again, that was a long long time ago, before I started blogging even, and considering it is still open to this very day and doing well, they must be doing something right. Perhaps they have something better now but I have not been there since so I am in no position to comment on that.

I do not recall having any others but this one from this restaurant

Beijing 2008 Restaurant crispy pata 1

…that I had the other day was really so very good that it left me craving for more!

No, the skin is not crispy but what won me over was how it was bursting with flavours and with the very nice sauce provided by the side…

Beijing 2008 Restaurant crispy pata 2

…it absolutely swept me off my feet. The meat inside was moist and tender and it wasn’t too fat (not like the one I had in Kuching and that was what put me off). Still, I’ve already had three over the last two weeks so I guess I’d wait a while before I have another go at it.

BEIJING 2008 RESTAURANT (2.291109, 111.827983) is located along Jalan Kampung Nyabor Road around the corner of this road and Brooke Drive. It is located at the block of shops, where a Malayan Banking branch is, to the left of the entrance into Hua Kiew Road, somewhere opposite the Sibu General Post Office.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Pata pata…”

  1. All the pork knuckles looks so good. Even though the skin looks nice & cripsy, I will never touch it. I only go for the lean meat.

    Skin is fine, and I would not want too much fat either like the one I had at the Filipino restaurant in Kuching, a lot of fat, very little lean. We did not enjoy it at all. Maybe they have improved on it, I wouldn’t know. I never went back.

  2. The food looks very nice, Arthur! A friend of mine kindly went and purchased a WHOLE flat chicken for me, and this will do me for several meals. I had some of it tonight and am keeping the rest in the fridge, to be reheated for the new few meals. It is tender, juicy and delicious! 🙂

    One chicken for so long. My! You’re a small eater. We can finish one in a day, two meals but that’s mainly because we would want to stretch it a little – otherwise, gone in one sitting! 😀

  3. My girl would be drooling looking at the pata. Wahahaha.

    Sometime if a staff of my dad goes back to Sibu, we would get her to buy for us. ^^

    Now I know what to get you from here should I happen to be flying over to Kuching!

  4. Oh yes, pata means paw or foot in Spanish. We were just talking about pork knuckles yesterday! The best place in KL for them is Weissbrau – a beer and pork place.

    Name sounds German. Had a good one a long time ago at Modestos and another good one was at Gunter’s Gasthaus, German guy married to a local, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We had it at one place here but I never got round to trying – I think it has closed down now.. 😦

  5. I first learnt of the pata from your blog a year or two ago. I’ve had it once over here, from a Filipino place near my son’s house. It’s not bad, and I think I should have another one soon.

    Once in a long while should be fine. I had it three times over the last couple of weeks so I guess I should refrain from going for more for the time being, never mind how nice it may be.

  6. wah, look at all the flesh on the patas you’ve highlighted here – you could throw it to a tiger and it would happily devour it … i generally can only eat a portion of the knuckle before i feel like i’ve had too much meat! 🙂 the pata i knew first was the pacific asia tourism association 😀

    Yes, can’t have it on your own, too much to handle. I saw it on the menu at the German stall at Lot 10 Hutong but of course, I did not order it no matter how tempted I was – will not be able to finish, that’s for sure.

  7. Same with Irene, i go for the lean meat…

    You go zumba all the time, not a problem. Can stay fit and slim.

  8. Look at all those pata! I love these but can only order it if I have a big group eating with me. The husband is not a fan so he wont be able to help me finish whatever I am having 😦

    He’s not a fan? Aiyorrrrr!!! If bring on sambal belacan along, sure I cannot control dy.

  9. Yummy! Yummy! I had something like that once at a restaurant during CNY a while back. But sadly, there were so many of us and only one pork leg….so I could taste only a little. Sobs! LOL!

    If it is this good, you will have to fight tooth and claw for it. We had three or four, buffet dinner after the final night of the 7-day prayers for my dad’s demise…and in minutes, only the bones were left!

  10. Now youre talking, this thing is dangerous in a good way. I bet you cant stop eating them

    Indeed! Would keep going back for more. 😀

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