I was here…

Wan Sen Corner

sometime ago in January but I had the fried kampua noodles from this stall…

Wan Sen Corner kampua stall

…in front.

Yes, I had heard of their kampua noodles, just RM2.00 a bowl…

Wan Sen Corner kampua mee 1

…which would make it one of the cheapest, if not THE cheapest in town.

I was told by one guy at a shop down the road that the serving was smaller than the usual but that was not exactly true. It was as substantial as any other but I did not notice that the strands of noodles were very much smaller than most of the rest…

Wan Sen Corner kampua mee 2

Well, to me, size does not matter and it was as good as many of the nice ones around town and in fact, I would say it was nicer than some that I’ve had…

Wan Sen Corner kampua mee 3

Honestly, why would anyone go and pay RM3.00 or more, up to RM3.50 even, for a bowl of the same? Perhaps they should boycott all those places to teach them a lesson for jacking up the prices. It sure does make a lot more sens (sense) to drop by here, don’t you think? If you have two bowls at the RM3.50 places, you can have three bowls here plus RM1.00 change!

It sure comes as no surprise at all that this one here…

Wan Sen Corner kampua mee 4

…enjoys brisk business and I dare say that it is not only because it is cheap but it is nice as well. I certainly would not mind going back for more!

WAN SEN CORNER (2.295995, 111.840587) is located at Pusat Tanahwang, back to back with the tyre shop that faces Sacred Heart Secondary School, more or less directly opposite, on your right if you turn left into the lane to the right of the SHELL petrol station there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Cheap…”

  1. I agree. I can’t stand it when places overcharge, they are ripping people off.

    They will increase the price for whatever reason they can find. Petrol, cooking oil, flour, sugar prices up a bit, they increase by leaps and bounds.

  2. Count my blessing if I can get a plate of kampua for RM2. Just had it last few days ago at Foody Goody for a very small serving & it cost me RM3.50. Yours was cheap & nice, value for your money.

    Kuching city bah! Standard of living is higher, everything’s better there!

  3. To some, everything is BIG in Sibu. Haha. The food mostly big in portion. RM2 is cheap. Now hard to find RM2 kolo mee. If got, maybe in Kenyalang hawker market or maybe has increased in price since then.

    Yes, I do agree that even it is cheap, it must be good too.

    Foochow size, BIG is beautiful. LOL!!! Ya, if it is cheap and not nice, then there’s no point going for it. On the other hand, if it is expensive and not nice or just ok, nothing special, that’s bad too. If they want to jack up the prices, they should make theirs extra special, value for money!

  4. If here, i can find $2, either the portion will be small or not much ingredients…

    This is around 60 cents in your currency. Bet you cannot find anything this cheap over there.

  5. The noodles and charsiew do look nice. Good to find at a cheap price.

    Glad that there are some not all that anxious to jump on the bandwagon to fleece the customers…just because the price of something has increased.

  6. A meal for $2 let alone RM2 is unheard of in Australia.

    That’s what people keep telling me. Thankful that it is still quite affordable, living here in our simple little town.

  7. That is so BIG portion. Tummy satisfied, wallet still can smile. 😂

    Yes, no need to burn a hole in one’s pocket just for a simple breakfast to start the day.

  8. ooo, it looks like a lot of noodles, but not very much meat toppings? is that the usual proportion though?

    Yes, typical Foochow fare – they worked very hard in the old days so they needed a lot of carbs, not so particular about the meat…nor the taste. The steamed buns would be all skin, very little filling. That was why those days way back when, people used to frown on Foochow food, not nice, so bland, quantity not quality. Not so bad these days, they have tweaked the recipes a bit to keep up with the times.

    Anyway, for RM2.00 these days, one should be glad there is any meat at all, really!

  9. actually the portion just nice..look super tempting too

    Yes, definitely not less that the regulars. Newbie here, I see. Welcome, selamat datang. Thanks for commenting and do drop by again. Cheers!!!

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