Do you like it…

I have not had canned sardines for a long time now as it has tomato sauce in it. I did not have a closer look at the ingredients but if it is the bottled tomato sauce, there is wheat in it and so it is not gluten-free. Besides, we’re just okay with it, will eat but no, we’re not all that crazy about it and the same goes to the grilled ones…

Sardin panggang
*Archive photo*

…that they sell at the roadside stalls at the kampung…and so far, I’ve never ordered those roti (canai)/murtabak sardin that they would have on their menu at most, if not all, of the shops and stalls.

I did blog about having it straight from the can with sliced shallots and chilies added and a squeeze of calamansi lime, no cooking required, but my missus would cook it sometimes…and that was exactly what I did that day.

This is my favourite brand…

My favourite

…when it comes to canned sardines but my missus will always buy Ayam – maybe she likes it better, I wouldn’t know. Yes, to cook it, one would need one Bombay onion, peeled and sliced and chilies.

I fried the onions in a little bit of oil in the pan…


…just enough to do the job so I did not really need that much. Once the layers had been loosened, I added the chilies…


…before I poured in the sauce from inside the can…


It would be good to turn down the heat as once the sauce gets into contact with the aforementioned oil, it would splutter and you may make a horrible mess all over your cooker top.

I added a bit of tomato sauce and a sprinkling of sugar…

Tomato sauce & sugar

…for a thicker and stronger sweet and sour sauce. If I am not wrong, my missus would add a bit of soy sauce too and some garlic as well perhaps but I did not do that.

Lastly, I put the sardines in and brought everything back to boil before dishing it all out…

Sardines, cooked 1

Yes, that was our dinner…

Sardines, cooked 2

…that evening and I would say that I enjoyed it and no, we did not finish all the sardines in the big-sized can so the rest went into the fridge to be eaten another day.

So, tell me – how do you want your sardines done? Do you like it this way too?


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Do you like it…”

  1. Noted with thanks. Hope everything is fine. God Bless.

    That is how I cook my sardines too. Usually I buy the small tin for the 2 of us.

    I’d buy the big, put in the fridge if not finished, eat the next day. I think the small tin is more expensive, if one calculates based on net weight.

  2. Very long time I didn’t buy can sardines.. never thought of it… last time my ex-colleague put in boiled potatoes to make it like curry sardine.. add in some red curry powder as well.. 🙂

    Indian-style, I think. Melissa loves it that way – she used to buy from the Indian uncle at the stall across the road from her college in Sg Petani.

  3. Take care…

    I still have a canned of sardine laying there and have not eaten it…

    Thanks. I always keep one in the pantry too. When there’s nothing toeat, just open – very handy and easy as well.

  4. Have you seen how they grill sardines (espeto) in the south of Spain? I think you’d enjoy it. Worth googling some images of “espeto.” Hope you’re okay.

    There was a place here selling those, Spanish grilled sardines – very nice but I wouldn’t know if it was just the name or they did it that same way. Place closed down already. 😦

  5. Not a big fan of canned sardines but yes for fresh ones. Grilled Sardines good too, with some lemon/ lime juice over it, would be just nice

    Fresh sardines also have that same smell of the fish, can;t say we’re all that fond of it and would usually just go for the canned ones more for convenience sake.

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