Bag full…

This bag…

Chiller bag 1

…came all the way from Australia from one of the supermarket chains…

Coles 1

…there. My cousin who is residing there in Melbourne gave that to us on one of her trips back to Sibu a long time ago, filled with all the goodies inside to give to us.

It has been really handy all this while – we use it to pack all the foodstuff from the fridge or the freezer to bring to my girl’s school in the jungle even though it is just a 1 1⁄2 or 2-hour drive away. However, just the other day, one of the handles broke but that did not stop me, not at all. I stapled it back and sewed it down with needle and thread and it was as good as new and we could go on using it.

Well, the other day, I got this pretty one…

Chiller bag 2

…also from that same supermarket chain…

Coles 2

My aforementioned cousin was back in town on a flying visit to settle some business here and she brought that this time around and as always, it was filled with all kinds of things for us.

There was this shirt – 4XL…

Shirt & soap

…so that should fit me very nicely and the very special and fragrant soap. Hmmm…Mr Big indeed! I bet that brand made her think of me when she was out shopping. Hehehehehe!!!! Wait a minute!!! That sure looks like me…

Mr Big tag

…in the photograph in the tag, right down to the double/triple chin. LOL!!!

There were also all these gluten-free stuff…


…for my girl and needless to say, she was thrilled to receive all those. We have that Australian Butterfingers pure butter shortbread at a supermarket here but not the gluten-free ones and she tried it for breakfast the very next morning and loved it to bits!

I did not try it myself as I can always enjoy these Scottish ones…

For me

…that were in the bag as well, along with the brand new line of Tim Tam…

Tim Tam

I’ve tried it already and yes, it was very nice, whatever that gelato messina may be. I so loved the caramel and vanilla in it but yes, it was very sweet so I just had one and nibbled little by little and will go for another one another day. Incidentally, that’s REAL milk in the toothpaste tube, not the palm oil sweetened creamer that they are selling at the shops and supermarkets here.

Going back to the bag, no, I would keep this precious brand new one and still go on using the old one till it is beyond redemption and cannot be used anymore.

Thank you so so so much to my thoughtful and most generous cousin for all the above and for carting the whole lot all the way from the Land Down Under.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Bag full…”

  1. Very nice bags, Arthur! And I love Scottish shortbread and Goat Milk soap!

    Yet to try the soap but Scottish shortbread has always been my favourite.

  2. Both bags looks very handy. That’s alot of goodies from your cousins. Guess that will last you for quite sometimes.

    Been “busy”, yet to try most. All the cookies, finished though.

  3. 4XL ?! Seriously? I needed to wear 2XL last time…. my waist was 42 inches….

    In my case, it followed my age when I was in my 40’s. Thankfully it stopped when it reached 50 or else I would be 65 now.

  4. Your cousin is certainly very thoughtful.. all the goodies inside the bag are all to your likings!

    Yes, and having to carry all of them all the way from there, much appreciated indeed.

  5. a bag of genuine goodies! the shirt looks snazzy, and the cookies look like a treat! 🙂 p.s. i hope your situation at home will improve soon. take care.

    Thanks, Sean.

  6. I had a chiller bag that I had to throw away because it was all worn out. Luckily I have one spare and bought another one. Very useful when buying chilled goods to keep fresh.

    Yes, they do come in handy. I even took it travelling when I had to carry frozen stuff but I think it is not allowed now, carrying anything frozen on board a plane. Last time, they would not allow check-ins only.

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