I have waited so long…

This place

Kampung Grandma

…is brand new, officially opened last Saturday but we dropped by to check it out a few days before that.

There is the air-conditioned section and the decor…

Kampung Grandma decor 1

…was somewhat minimal, non-obtrusive, with a little bit here…

Kampung Grandma, decor 2

…and there. Probably in line with the theme of the place, that morning when we were there, they were playing Mandarin oldies from a few decades ago, not my favourites, and I wouldn’t mind if they do not play anything at all or perhaps they could, at least, turn down the volume. Maybe if I had sat outside…

Kampung Grandma, open air area

…the music might have been more bearable and I would not be leaving the place with all those songs ringing in my ears.

There wasn’t much on their menu…

Kampung Grandma, menu

…but I was told that these were just what they were starting off with at that point in time and there would be more once they had gone full swing.

I did not know what mee sian was and the waiter said that it was something like bihun (rice vermicelli), the bigger version. I did hear that they use some special ingredients imported from Hong Kong or Taiwan so my guess was they got the noodles from there.

I was thinking whether I should go for the longevity noodles and I asked the guy why it was so expensive – he replied that it was meant for two persons and since my missus was not keen on that, I had to give it a miss. In the end, I picked the first one, the Grandma’s fish head mee sian while my missus opted for Grandma’s Signature Noodle and we sat back to wait…


…for our orders.

It was quite long before my missus’ noodles appeared (RM6.00)…

Grandma's Signature noodle 1

…and even so, our drinks were nowhere to be seen. I asked the waiter and told him to hurry as we had been waiting for a long time…and finally they came. My missus hot coffee, black and the one I had, iced, both cost the same, RM3.00 each. Of course, it is more expensive here – after all, this is no regular coffee shop and is a cut above those.

As for the noodles, yes, it tasted great but that is to be expected seeing that there were prawns and sotong (squid)…

Grandma's signature noodles 2

…and chicken. This is one of those pork-free places, by the way. After sometime, the waiter came to inform me that they were out of fish head and asked me to order something else. I requested for their salted fish fried rice and sat there and waited…and waited…and waited.

By then, there were a few other customers already – we were the first that morning – and I noticed that they were all having what my missus had. After what seemed like forever, I saw a plate of fried rice coming out of the kitchen. The waiter seemed a little lost like he was not sure whose that was so I gestured to him…only to see him serve it to a guy at another table. He came later but perhaps he had ordered that earlier, before I made my alternative order…but then again, it really was not my fault. Tsk! Tsk!

Needless to say, my patience was running out and when my missus had finished eating her noodles, I went to the counter to cancel my order and pay the bill. They said that it was in the process of being cooked already – well, too late! I did not want it anymore. They tried asking me if I would like it packed for me to take away. No, thank you very very much and I did not care that I did not have anything for breakfast that morning, other than my glass of iced black coffee. I had waited so long and was absolutely pissed off by it all.

I certainly hope that it was because they were newbies, still getting the feel of it and hence, there were all these teething problems…and to give credit where credit is due, what my missus had was quite good and so was the coffee that we had plus service was great, with all those eager beavers going all out to please.

KAMPUNG GRANDMA (2.297349, 111.824644) is located among the shops opposite Kin Orient Plaza (where the “old’ Sing Kwong Supermarket is) along Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg, further in from the Coffee Code, right beside Bateras Food Court.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “I have waited so long…”

  1. Poor thing you. If I drink coffee on an empty stomach, I’ll get stomach upset. A friend of mine in KL recently went home empty tummy too when the coffee shop forgotten his order. I’d walk away too if it ever happen to me. I’d rather drop by a petrol station to grab a bun than wait and wait again.

    A friend went yesterday – he shared the photos on Facebook and he said he waited for over an hour for their orders – two plates of noodles.

  2. Please try the cheese seafood noodles next time, curious to see how it looks like

    That was the one that when I saw, I decided it would be the last thing I would want to order.

  3. You waited so long then only they tell you the fish head is unavailable & you were their 1st customer. I won’t even want to drop by since their service sucks…1 hour for a plate of fried rice!

  4. I don’t blame you for getting annoyed. Not good service at all.

    Terrible! Everybody thinks they can just go into the food business – they do not know that they’ve got lots to learn.

  5. I will be annoyed too if I have to wait for too long for a plate of fried noodles or rice. Like over here the Noodle Descendants, long queue, waited for hours, and the taukenio very grumpy I would just give up no matter how nice the food is.

    I waited for around 45 minutes at Noodle Descendants but at least, I did get my orders in the end. Yes, the people there are not very friendly.

  6. I cannot believe you waited that long! That is ridiculous! They should have either offered something for free or given you a voucher for a free meal on your next visit.

    Yes, they should at least apologise…and offer to let me take home my order, on the house. Newbies, all those people, dunno how to do business.

  7. Oh dear, that is very disappointing especially it is in the morning when our stomach is growling… I experienced this before.. if it is crowded, then it is justified if we were to wait longer than usual..

    It wasn’t even crowded, maybe two other tables besides the two of us and another group came in later, just before we walked out.

  8. ooo … hopefully your second visit will be a good one … and you’ll get a nice plate of what you order within 10 mins! 🙂

    Dunno when that will be but definitely, it will not be all that soon.

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