So simple…

If you eat at the Malay stalls and shops, you may get this by the side of your plate of nasi lemak or whatever you are having like the one here, for instance…

Cucumber pickle by the side
*Archive photo*

– what they call the acar timun (pickled cucumber).

There are nice ones but at times, some may be somewhat disappointing while others may be too sour or the cucumber is sliced too thickly and when I googled to see the recipe, the one I found only had cucumber (skin removed), Bombay onions, vinegar and sugar. For one thing, this is definitely a whole lot easier to make than the nyonya version…

Nyonya acar timun with keropok
*Archive photo*

…which we always enjoy eating with keropok (prawn crackers) – I wouldn’t want to try making that! Shudders!!!

When I decided to make my own the other day, I had cucumber…


…sliced thinly but no, I did not peel off the skin and I also had pineapples…


I added some thinly sliced chilies


…and also some shallots…


– I reckoned that would be more fragrant and would taste nicer than Bombay onions.

I also had some Thai basil leaves…

Thai Basil leaves

…whole as well as chopped, from my garden for the added fragrance and taste. I guess it is up to you what you see fit and would like to add. If I remember correctly, I think I’ve had some with star anise even but I was too lazy to rummage through the pantry to search for that.

I took around half a cup of vinegar, or maybe a little less than that, and added two tablespoons of sugar to balance the sour taste with the sweetness and stirred well to dissolve the latter, as much as possible. Then, I poured the solution into the bowl and mixed everything together well…

Acar timun

Yes, it was very nice so I put everything in a glass jar for storage in the fridge.

Now I have this acar timun to enjoy with my meals and the best part, of course, was the fact that it was so simple to make and no, there is no oil, no salt (though some recipes may call of a pinch of it) and no msg. Ain’t that great?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “So simple…”

  1. For some reason, I love the ones that they would dish out with their plated meals at Sugar Bun. Thanks for teaching us how to make them so that I can have some acar timun with my meals 🙂

    Yes, the ones at the Sugar Bun are good, very little but good. I wonder why they cannot give a little bit more as it is not at all expensive to make.

  2. Yeah, I prepare this pickled cucumbers the same way as you did minus the basil leaves and instead of vinegar, I used limau kasturi juice. Never peel off the cucumber skin as I was told that it will give the cucumber its crunchines. Love this much.

    I think I did that once with calamansi lime juice – I may have blogged about it even but I’m too lazy to go and search for the post. Yes, I wonder why in that recipe, the lady suggested peeling the cucumber but I did use a fork to cakar the sides, she did that too.

  3. I love to eat this kind of acar. Very appetising and refreshing. But I can’t help feeling bad about consuming the sugar whenever the acar tasted more sweet than sour.

    Yet to come across any sweet ones, either just right or too sour and at times, the ingredients are not very thinly sliced. My usual disappointment – they give so very little of it.

  4. How nice, Arthur! I love salads. 🙂

    This is nice, salad Malaysian-style. You can try making your own, shouldn’t be a problem getting the ingredients there.

  5. I love this simple acar. It’s very appetizing especially so eaten with curries and sambal belacan. Your addition of Thai Basil leaves sure brings the taste to a whole new level.

    Yes, one can detect the nice fragrance of the leaves.

  6. oh i prefer this timun version over nyonya acar…

    Me too but this one is best eaten freshly-made whereas the nyonya one can be stored in the fridge for a long long time and it will still taste as great.

  7. My girl asked for cucumber cooked with vinegar.. I still have two cucumbers in my fridge… looking at your post reminded me that I have yet to cook them. 🙂 Good idea to add in pineapples too.. !

    Two cucumbers? That’s a lot!!! I just had one, not big and half a pineapple. small…and I got one big bowl of the acar! And no cooking involved! Just toss like a salad.

  8. that looks very perky … it would definitely wake up the taste buds very quickly! 😀

    Seems to work that way – sour things somehow will whet one’s appetite.

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