I loved you once…

This used to be our favourite…

Soon Hock Cafe & Restaurant

…when it came to kampua noodles here in Sibu. In fact, I held it in such high esteem that when my blogger friends came over for a visit sometime ago, I even brought them here. It was already very popular then and the crowd that you could see eating there would be testament to the fact.

I did hear some ex-colleagues saying that they would never go there to eat as the lady boss had waist-length hair and it might get into the food. That, of course, was absolutely nonsense. We ate there so often and we never did see a single strand of hair in the noodles. As a matter of fact, she hardly ever did the cooking herself; she had a couple of Foochow-speaking Indonesian helpers and they could do it really well so she left everything to them. We did not mind, of course, until those girls left and she had some new ones and we did not like what they dished out so we stopped going.

It seems that the husband does all the cooking these days assisted by some Indonesian helpers…

Soon Hock boss at work

…and yes, they do it well and the place would be as crowded as ever all the time unlike the other coffee shop that I went to the other day at the end of that very same block of shops.

However, I don’t know if business was too good or what but the guy seemed to get my orders messed up more than once. I went and tapao-ed home some pian sip kampua mee once and when I got home, I found that there was only pian sip, no mee.

The other morning when I dropped by for breakfast, I asked for pian sip kampua again but I got what-we-call-mee pok instead…

Soon Hock mee pok

…It did not really matter as our mee pok is actually the same as kampua mee, except that it is flat and if you are wondering why I always ordered piansip

Soon Hock pian sip

…our version of the wanton (meat dumplings), it’s just that I would rather have those than the few very thin slices of boiled meat, coloured red to make it look like char siew which it most definitely isn’t though I am quite positive that I used to get more, not just three…

Soon Hock pian sip mee pok

…For one thing, the price here has gone up to RM3.20 a plate while elsewhere, one can easily get some decently good kampua mee for RM2.50-3.00 or less.

Yes, it is still very nice like before but at that price, I think I would much sooner go elsewhere even though it sure does not stop all the people, their regular customers probably, from coming every day.

SOON HOCK CAFE & RESTAURANT (2.312434, 111.845917) is located in the Delta Mall, Jalan Pedada area of shops, facing the church along Lorong Taman Seduan 8, off Jalan Gambir.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “I loved you once…”

  1. I don’t even remember the last time I had dumplings! It has been decades.

    I guess you can get wantons there? Not exactly the same but it’s a distant cousin, so to speak.

  2. Wow! Waist-length hair!! I would not want extra in my noodle. ^^

    I like the mee pok with pian sip. I would order that.

    It was ok. I did not mind it at all as she tied it all up neatly in a long ponytail at the back of her head. There is a greater chance of getting hair in your food if the lady cooking lets her hair hang loose or does not wear a cap or head scarf.

    I don’t mind mee pok, just as good except that it was not what I ordered.

  3. I will never get tired of eating pian sip…

    According to my friend, the Singapore ones are not as nice – the skin is not the same as they just use those wanton skin sold at the supermarkets.

  4. I like that plate of mee pok with piansip. Looks lovely.

    Consistently good, there is quality control…just that it is a lot more expensive now and also in comparison with the rest around town.

  5. Food looks good! But I want to see a photo of the lady with the waist-length hair too (I wonder how many years that took to grow, and how long it takes to wash!) 😉

    There you are! The lady in black at the mee stall:
    Lady boss
    It was not that long when the photo was taken a long time ago but it grew and grew…and one fine day, she cut it short. Dunno if she got tired of it or she heard what people were saying about her hair.

  6. haha, I was wondering as I read whether there’d be a photo of the lady with long hair. My patience paid off with the comment above.

    That’s a very old photograph. I was still using my cheap handphone camera, no cheap digicam yet at the time.

  7. I’m happy to say I can officially now say I’ve tasted Kampua Noodles thanks to Mian Noodle House in KL. 😉

    Oh? I did comment on that post but somehow I don’t recall seeing it. Sighhhh!!!! Old age. 😀

    If it’s anything like Sitiawan’s, then it is not quite the same as the ones we have here – the same thing with their kompia, our so-called Foochow bagels…but I did hear that theirs are more authentic, more like the ones in China.

    The ones you had sure looked more like ours here – I’ve seen friends’ photos of the one in Sitiawan and it had a lot of black sauce, looking something like wanton mee, dunno if it tasted anything like it or not.

  8. Kampua and the long hair lady.. good for you to capture that picture… normally those manning the food are supposed to wear the white cap though I don’t know how it serves any purpose… anyway, if the hair is kept neat and tidy, shouldn’t feel the geli-ness… as long as the food is good, just keep one eye close.. hahaha

    You remember you ate the kampua mee here? I linked to that post in your blog – that was so many years ago.

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